TAYLOR, JAMES, Fireman on S.S. “Titanic” 12008-304:

Boat 1 (emergency):

Complement considered possible for. 12116, 12117.
Condition of sea when rowing to S.S. “Carpathia.” 12245.
Crew, composition of. 12221-3.
Passengers in:

Number. 12020-2.
Objections of, to going back to save life. 12057-65, 12138-62, 12253, 12269-97.
Positions in. 12023-40, 12264-8.

Proposal to return for rescues. 12051-75.
Rowing in. 12044-50, 12067-115.
Rowing orders to. 12041-4.

Money received by Witness for statement on behalf of Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon. 12122-35.
Present of money received by Witness. 12242-4.
Statement given by, to a person on behalf of Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon. 12118-21; 12163-70.

Action of Witness after collision of. 12171-7.
Boats, starboard, order of going. 12198-201.
Boat station of Witness. 12182.
Orders to:

To go on boat deck. 12175.
To prepare Boat 1. 12198-201.

References to Witness in Other evidence. C. Hendrickson. 5060, 11160, 11174, 11175, 11178, 11295. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12743-54. F. Sheath. 13068.


As affected by ice. C. Lightoller, 13597-606.

In conjunction with dead calm, indication of. Sir E. Shackleton. 25060-3, 25112-4.
Experience as to. H. Young. 25238-40.
Ice not indicated by. R. Jones. 23707. G. Apfeld. 25610.

Terrell, George, M.P., suggestion of, in debate in the House of Commons as to launching of lifeboats, referred to. H. Sanderson. 19492, 19493.

Tessenger, Bedroom Steward in Boat 11, reference. C. Mackay. 10784, 10786.

Thayer, Mrs., referred to. J. B. Ismay. 18357.

THEARLE S. J. P., of Lloyd's Register:

Co-option of, to Life-saving Appliances Sub-Committee, 1911. Sir. N. Hill. 24634.
Member of the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1912, reference. Sir W. Howell. 22252.

Thompson, Storekeeper, orders given by, to fetch biscuits. F. Morris. 5450-3.

Thornton, Captain, Assistant Mail Superintendent to White Star Line at Liverpool, referred to. G. Bartlett. 21577, 21580.

Tillar, William, Principal Officer of the Board of Trade in Ireland, certificate of S.S. “Titanic” signed by. H. Sanderson. 19101.

The Times, Letter in, proposing continuous service of, liners crews. J. B. Ismay. 18744-7.


Anchor, testing of. C. Lightoller. 14629.
Anticipated time of arrival at New York J. B. Ismay. 18392, 18651-4.
Arrival at and departure from Cherbourg C. Lightoller. 13437-9.
Arrival at, and departure from Queenstown. C. Lightoller. 13440-2.
Bakers, staff. C. Joughin. 5907-9.

Evidence re. A. Jewell. 70-83, 246-64. J. Scarrott. 502-20. W. Lucas. 1655-68, 1709-11, 1822-34. J. Poingdestre. 3262-8. C. Lightoller. 14452-5. B. Steel. 21946-60.
Witnesses not attending. G. Beauchamp. 785-8. R. Hichens. 1058. J. Wheat. 13249-63.


By whom drawn up. C. Lightoller. 14801.
Description. J. Johnson. 3681-6.
In forecastle. A, Jewell. 69. G. Symons. 11328-33.
Posting of, time. G. Beauchamp 687A-700. W. Lucas. 1443-56. R. Lee. 2497­509. J. Poingdestre. 3274. A. Shiers. 4509-15, 4791-3. C. Hendrickson. 5221-7. F. Morris. 5291-3. C. Joughin. 6013-9. S. Rule. 6423-30, 9743-5.
Stewards, posting of. J. Johnson. 3415-21. F. Morris. 5291-3. S. Rule. 6423-30, 9743-5. E. Brown. 10609.

Boat practice during voyage not held. A. Jewell. 272-81. F. Barrett. 2222-41.


Basis of. J. B. Ismay. 18841-8.
Discussion of, by the Board of Trade. Sir W. Howell. 22776-9.
In excess of requirements. J. B. Ismay. 18987-91. H. Sanderson. 19123-9, 19196-205.
No indication as to capacity on, question re. G. Bartlett. 21592-604.
Possible full complement of. E. Wilding. 20494-505.
Proportion, to actual number carried on ship. J. B. Ismay. 19055-8.
Scale for, according to minute of Witness. W. Archer. 24259-68.

Carrying of, system. C. Lightoller. 14744.
Compliance of, with requirements. Sir W. Howell. 22405.
Construction, quotation as to. E. Wilding. 20490-505.
Crews, exercise of, on day of sailing. M. H. Clarke. 24101-3.
Cubic capacity. A. Young. 23169-71.
Designing of, questions re. E. Wilding. 20749-56.

Capacity. H. Sanderson. 19120.
Lamps of, lit each evening. J. Boxhall. 15467.
Number. Sanderson. 19115-8.

Engelhardt or collapsibles:

Capacity. H. Sanderson. 19121. A. Peacock, 24078, 24082.
Construction. J. Scarrott. 446-9.
Number. J. Poingdestre. 3278-80. H. Sanderson. 19115.
No practice with. A. Jewell. 328.
Survey of, by Witness. A. Peacock. 24074-7.


Checking of, by officers. C. Lightoller. 14827-30.
Compasses fitted to four only, reason. Sir W. Howell. 22821. W. Archer. 24482-9.
Description of. R. Hichens. 1245.
Masts and sails fitted in four only, reason. W. Archer. 24484-9.
Questions. E. Wilding. 20580-4.
Responsibility for. A. Jewell. 120. J. Scarrott. 544-7. C. Lightoller. 14704-9.
Seen by Witness. C. Steel. 21955-8.
Testing of. C. Lightoller. 14632.
Where kept. A. Jewell. 304-18, 330. C. Lightoller. 14466-75, 14475-7, 14473-80, 14636.

Floating of, system. G. Symons. 11915.
Inspection after sailing, description. C. Lightoller. 14657-62.
Insufficiency of. R. Hichens. 1281. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21324-37, 21486-97.
Number, total. J. Poingdestre. 3275-80. H. Sanderson. 19115-8.

Inspection of. H. Lowe. 15776.
Inventory of equipment taken. H. Pitman. 15287-95.

Proportion Of seamen to each boat. G. Symons. 11332.
Provisioning of, questions re. H. Sanderson. 19507-10.
Sketch of, made by Witness. M. H. Clarke. 24092.
Starboard, inspection of. H. Lowe. 15771-5.
Statutory number to be lowered in. W. Chantler. 24047.
Sufficiency of crew to launch. H. Sanderson. 19183-6.
Survey of, on day of sailing. C. Lightoller. 14615-38. W. Chantler. 24032, 24040-58, 24064-7. M. H. Clarke. 24096-100.

Boat 13, practice in, prior to departure. J. Scarrott. 505-40.
Boat winches, electric driven, position and utility. E. Wilding. 19833-6.
Boatswain, see Nichols.

1, number of boilers in, unlit. T. Dillon. 3944.
2, main boilers lit in. F. Barrett. 2224-33.
5, coal-bunker:

Door not watertight. F. Barrett. 2343.
Fire in, damage done by. F. Barrett. 2296-2308.


Advantageous position of, for observation. C. Lightoller. 14284-8.
Binoculars, number of pairs on. C. Lightoller. 14325-8.
Messages sent to, duty of attending to. J. Boxhall. 16936.
Message from S.S. “Californian” delivered on. H. Bride. 16711-26.
Watertight doors operating from. T. Dillon. 3976.

Builders, staff of, on board, number. E. Wilding. 20925-8.
Builder's designs and plans submitted to Witness. J. B. Ismay. 18656-72.

Collision bulkhead fitted during. F. Carruthers. 23970-4.
Design for davits submitted during. J. B. Ismay. 18656-71. E. Wilding. 20757­72. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21267, 21270-308.
Double bottom tested during. F. Carruthers. 23969.
Inspection by Witness during. W. Archer. 24480, 24481.
Instructions given by Witness for. J. B. Ismay. 18748-53.
Supervision of. E. Wilding. 20648-59.
Surveyors' duty during. F. Carruthers. 23855-70.
Testing of watertight bulkheads during. F. Carruthers. 23948-78.
Time occupied. F. Carruthers. 23855-7, 23864.
Visited by Board of Trade surveyors. E. Wilding, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21422-6.

Bulkhead door drill. J. Johnson. 3608, 3609, 3704-7. J. Wheat. 13264-6. C. Lightoller. 14808.
Bulkhead inspection, doors closed at time of. J. Hart 10305-8.
Cargo, assumption as to, with regard to flooding. E. Wilding. 20299-309.
Certificate of clearance given to, at Queenstown. E. Sharpe. 24535-7.

Ice message chit on table in, evidence re, quoted. C. Lightoller. 16879, 16807-13.
Marconigrams as to ice posted in. H. Pitman. 14923-7, 15107-50. J. Boxhall. 15731. H. Lowe. 15780-7, 15984-8. C. Lightoller. 16868-85, 17018-40.
Night order book, note in, as to ice. C. Lightoller. 13700.
Notice Board:

Ice messages on, number of. H. Pitman. 17018-40.
Navigation matters posted on. C. Lightoller. 13534, 14279.


Ice region marked in, by Witnesses. H. Pitman. 15123. J. Boxhall. 15318-30, 15526-34, 16989-90.
Marking of, system. H. Pitman. 15119. J. Boxhall. 15719-27.

Charts and sailing directions supplied to, handed in. G. Bartlett. 21787-9.
Clearance survey of, by Witness. M. H. Clarke. 24087-91.
Clocks, when altered. H. Pitman. 15299.
Coal bunker, fire in, questions re. H. Sanderson. 19630-5.

Alarm signal bell sounded. P. Mauge. 20086-92, 20095.
Appearance of carpenter after. A. Robinson. 13297-300.
Atmospheric conditions on night of. J. Poingdestre. 2788-91.
Baggage room, water entering into. J. Johnson. 3384-3402.
Band, playing of, questions re. T. Ranger. 4167. E. Brown. 10589-93.
Barriers separating classes, removal of, questions re. J. Hart. 10151-76.
Blow struck on, place located. F. Fleet. 17471.
Boat muster of bakers, called by Witness. C. Joughin. 6151-4.
Boat 1 (emergency):

Clearing and filling. C. Hendrickson. 4994-5004. G. Symons. 11445-8.
Falls of, used for another boat. H. Lowe. 15955.
Filling, reasons for small number. H. Lowe. 15894-915.
Lowering of. H. Lowe. 15820-2. S. Rule. 6486.
Orders to get into. J. Taylor. 12013-6.
Rowing orders to. S. Rule. 6451-63.
Witness assisting at. E. Brown. 10514.
See also under Collins. S.; Duff-Gordon. Sir Cosmo, and Duff-Gordon, Lady; Hendrickson. C.; Horswell. A. B. J.; Taylor. J.; and Symons. G.

Boat 2 (emergency):

Assistance at. W. Lucas. 1456-67.
Complement of. G. Symons. 11775.
Position of. G. Symons. 11917-22.
Witness sent away in. J. Boxhall. 15421-3.
See also under Boxhall. J. and under Johnson. J.

Boat 3:

Lowering of. H. Lowe. 15818.
Passengers in, sex. C. Mackay. 10709-20. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12484-6.
Witness assisting at. E. Brown. 10512.
See also under Seward. W., and under Shiers. A.

Boat 4:

Loading at A. Deck. C. Lightoller. 13844.
Stripping of. C. Lightoller. 13807-9.
Swinging out. C. Lightoller. 13831-4.
Witness rescued by. S. Hemming. 17767-9.
Women and children put into. C. Lightoller. 13835.
See also under Dillon. T. D., Hemming. S., and under Ranger. T.

Boat 5:

Assistance at. S. Rule. 6474-9. E. Brown. 10509-11. H. Lowe. 15812-7.
Lowering of. H. Lowe. 15812-7. A. Crawford. 17909-15.
Passengers put into, questions as to sex. C. Mackay. 10732-8. J. Taylor. 12185-8.
See also under Pitman. H. J., and under Shiers. A.

Boat 6:

Women and children put into, estimated number. C. Lightoller. 13835, 13841, 13876-83.
See also under Fleet. F., and under Hichens. R.

Boat 7:

Filling and lowering of. A. Jewell. 89-128. 131-59. A. Shiers. 4609-16. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12475-80. H. Pitman. 15042-8. H. Lowe. 15800-11.
Passengers put into, sex. C. Mackay. 10725-9.
Passengers transferred to. H. Pitman. 15083-5.
See also under Jewell. A.

Boat 8:

Lowering of. C. Lightoller. 13925-9.
Women and children put into. J. Hart. 9954. C. Lightoller. 18442.
See also under Crawford. A.

Boat 9:

Filling of. J. Wheat. 13187-9.
Passengers put into, sex. C. Mackay. 10738-41.
See also under Wynn. W.

Boat 10:

Women passengers ordered into. A. Crawford. 17920-3, 18020, 18076-84.
See also under Buley. E. J., and under Joughin. C.

Boat 11:

Complement of, when lowered. E. Wilding. 20505.
Crew, number of. J. Wheat. 13209.
Lowered empty to A Deck. C. Mackay. 10753-6.
Passengers in:

Male, number. J. Wheat. 13210-2.
Total number of persons in. C. Mackay. 10768-71.
Women and children, number of. J. Wheat. 13209.

See also under Wheat. J. T.

Boat 12:

Preparing of. C. Hendrickson, 4968-73.
See also under Poingdestre. J.

Boat 13:

Rowing orders given. G. Beauchamp, 839-42.
Seen in water from deck of ship. G. Rowe. 17614-24.
See also under Barrett. F., Beauchamp. G. W., and under Lee. R. R.

Boat 14:

Filling and lowering. J. Poingdestre. 2932-43. H. Lowe. 15828-58, 15840-51.
Women and children in, number. J. Poingdestre. 2940.
See also under Brown. E., Morris. F., and under Scarrott. J.

Boat 15:

Danger of swamping by, of another boat. F. Barrett. 2170-4.
Irish girls in. G. Cavell. 4371.
Loading of, place of, questions re. Hart. 9972, 9985-10010.
See also under Cavell. G.; Hart. J. E.; and under Rule. S.

Boat 16:

Disinclination of women to go in. F. Morris. 5306.
See also under Archer. E.


Actual number saved in. J. B. Ismay. 18672-5. H. Sanderson. 19119, 19163, 19170.
Clearing away:

Orders re. A. Jewell. 88, 89. J. Boxhall. 15384, 15385, 15592-9.
Time of order. R. Hichens. 1041.

Collapsibles (Engelhardt):

Clearing of. W. Lucas. 1790-9.
Condition of, when picked up by S.S. “Carpathia.” J. Scarrott. 635-49. A. Pearcey. 10496. H. Lowe. 15885-7.
Dead bodies left on. H. Lowe. 16001-4.
Equipment of. W. Lucas. 1686-1704, 1712-23. H. Pitman. 15301, 15302.
Found with dead bodies, cause of death, opinion re. R. S. French. 25152-67.
Launching and manning of. W. Lucas. 1518-44. E. Brown. 10530, 10598-601.
Men standing on side of. C. Joughin. 6085-93.
Number of, accounted for. H. Lowe. 15890.
on Officers' quarters (port-side):

Floating off of. H. Bride. 16576-601.
Freeing of, from the ship. C. Lightoller. 14035-46.
Persons rescued from. H. Lowe. 15995-6000.
Persons saved on, number. C. Lightoller. 14102-9.
Preparing of. E. Brown. 10621-51.


Difficulty in filling. C. Lightoller. 13996-4008.
Lowering, drop of. C. Lightoller. 14018-22.
Men foreigners stowed away in. C. Lightoller. 14001, 14030-2.
Men giving up places in. C. Lightoller. 13996-4008.
Preparing of. C. Lightoller. 13980-95.

Rescues effected by. F. Morris, 5345­51, 5361-3. E. Brown. 10566-72. C. Lightoller. 14112-33.
Seamen transferred from, to Boat 12. J. Poingdestre. 2979-87.
Starboard side:

Chinamen saved in. J. B. Ismay. 18563, 18564.
Condition of vessel at time of launching. G. Rowe. 17686-8.
Crew in, number. A. Pearcey. 10413, 10479-82. J. B. Ismay. 18779-53.
Efforts to free from ship. E. Brown. 10526-33, 10540-7.
Lowering and filling of, questions re. J. B. Ismay. 18550-65.
Passengers in, number and sex. A. Pearcey. 10411-9.
Witness entering last into. J. B. Ismay. 18931-6.
Witness in charge of. G. Rowe. 17627-56.

Total number of. W. Lucas. 1603.
See also under Lucas. W.

Condition of boats when picked up. H. Sanderson. 19350.
Condition of ship at time of departure of.
Disinclination of passengers to board. A. Jewell. 99.
Engelhardt, see Collapsible boats above, and also under Boats under S.S. “Titanic.”
Equipment. R. Hichens. 1293, 1317-20. W. Lucas. 1812-6. J. Poingdestre. 3329-34.
Falls, working of. C. Lightoller. 14601-9. H. Lowe. 15844-50.
Fear of buckling if filled to full complement. A. Crawford. 17900-6.
Filling of:

Difficulty re. W. Lucas. 1474-83, 1727-33. H. Pitman. 15193-208.
System of, questions re. C. Lightoller. 14222-36.

Hailing back of, by Captain. C. Lightoller. 14180-9.
Lamps lit in. H. Pitman. 15243.
Lamp-trimmer ordered to put lamps in. J. Boxhall. 15446.
Last to leave. T. Dillon. 3829-47.

Number seen by Witness. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12778.
Satisfactoriness of. C. Lightoller. 14486-90.
Sufficiency of crew for. H. Lowe. 15933-7. H. Sanderson. 19183-6, 19206.

Lowering of:

Complement considered safe for. C. Lightoller. 14490-9.
Difficulties re. J. Poingdestre. 3289-95.
Number of seamen assisting at. W, Lucas. 1777-83.
Order of leaving. S. Rule. 9720-7.
Patent dropping gear. W. Lucas. 1505-6.
Time Occupied. W. Lucas. 1775-8. C. Lightoller. 14498, 14710-9.
Without full complement, reason. H. Lowe. 15906-15.
Witness assisting at. J. B. Ismay. 18527-9, 18542.

Manning of. A. Jewell. 95-8.
Picked up by S.S. “Carpathia.” see under S.S. “Carpathia.”
Port side:

Clearing of. H. Lowe. 15794-8.
Last to leave. C. Lightoller. 14009-17.
Order of lowering. H. Lowe. 15832-5.

Provisioning of. C. Joughin. 5917-27.
Seamen placed in. G. Symons. 11444.
Starboard side:

Leaving, order of. J. Taylor. 12202-15.
Lowering, order of. C. Mackay. 10743-51. G. Symons. 11433-5, 11449-51. H. Pitman. 15042-8.
Provisioning of. S. Rule. 6475-83.
Swinging out, order of. A. Horswell. 12430-4.

Stripping of. C. Lightoller. 13800-19.
Swinging out of:

Before filling. W. Lucas. 1472-3.
Orders re. G. Symons. 11433-5.

Tackle overhauled on account of flat sea. C. Lightoller. 13577.
Total number saved in. H. Sanderson. 19163, 19170.
Women and children first in, order re. W. Lucas. 1478-82. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12602-9. J. B. Ismay. 18523, 18533.


Condition of, after collision. F. Barrett. 2008-12.
Explosions, (alleged), questions re. E. Wilding. 20914-7.
Not in use, questions re. C. Lightoller. 14585-9.
Number of, in use at time of collision. F. Barrett. 2202-5. J. B. Ismay. 18398-9.
Revolutions on April 14th, number. F. Barrett. 2206-16, 2358.
Steam for electric dynamos at time of sinking. E. Wilding. 20918.


Flooding of, according to evidence. E. Wilding. 20313.
Passage from one to another, after striking. T. Dillon. 3950-76.

Boiler section 1:

After-stokehold, no boilers lit in. T. Dillon. 3746-50, 3778.
Watertight door leading to, from engine room, opened. T. Dillon. 3742-5.
To 2, water making into firemen's quarters. R. Lee. 2452-85.

Boiler section 2, extra main boilers lit in, on Sunday. F. Barrett. 2217-33. T. Dillon. 3763, 3779. J. B. Ismay. 18398-9, 18871-6.
Boiler section 3, fires lit in. T. Dillon. 3782.
Boiler section 4:

Coal bunker, effect of shock in. G. Cavell. 4194-204.
Description of. G. Cavell. 4187-9.
External injury to. E. Wilding, 20957, 20997.
Extra pipe carried into, probable reason. E. Wilding. 20683-6.
Firemen, drawing of fires by. G. Cavell. 4255-67.

Order to draw. G. Cavell. 4248-56.
When lit. G. Cavell. 4192.

Flooding of, evidence read re. E. Wilding. 20341-53.
Lights going out in, and relit. G. Cavell. 4215-8, 4243-5.
Pressure of steam. G. Cavell. 4383-99.
Signal for “stop” in. G. Cavell. 4210.
Steam escaping in. G. Cavell. 4275, 4279.
Water coming into, described. T. Dillon. 3817-25, 3913-7. G. Cavell. 4257-65.
Watertight doors, signal to close. G. Cavell. 4219-21.
Referred to. T. Dillon, 3784.

Boiler room 5:

Aperture in, possible stemming of, question re. E. Wilding. 20737-9.
Flooding of. E. Wilding, 20340.
Orders to draw fires in. C. Hendrickson, 4905-7.
Reason for not opening watertight door of. T. Dillon. 3971-80.
and 6, Water coming into. F. Barrett. 2309.

Boiler section 6:

Aperture in, difficulty of stemming. E. Wilding. 20737-42.
Flooding of. E. Wilding. 20334.
Question as to. C. Lightoller. 14870-81.
Stokehold 10, see under Beauchamp, George William.
Stokehold 11, water coming into. C. Hendrickson. 4854­95.
Water high up in. C. Hendrickson. 4903.
See also under Barrett. F.


Appearance of sea from. C. Lightoller. 13572-7.
Persons on, at time of collision. C. Lightoller. 13516-8.
Stairway to, awash. C. Lightoller. 14023-7.

Bugle calls not given. J. Johnson. 3633. F. Morris. 5444-7.
Bulkhead, wooden, breaking of, estimated time. J. Poingdestre. 2855-72, 3177-9.
Carpenter, message to during the evening as to change in temperature. R. Hichens. 913-24, 1294. J. Poingdestre. 2817-25. C. Lightoller. 13595-7.
C.Q.D. marconigrams sent out, and replies to. J. Durrant. 9431-548, 9474-6, 9540-5, 9548-50. H. Bride. 16495-571, 16503-39. H. Cottam. 17102, 17125-40, 17181-201. A. H. Rostron. 25382-99.
Chief Electrician's orders on striking of vessel. T. Ranger. 4004-25.
Collision bulkheads, closing of. J. Boxhall. 15569-72, 15589.
Condition of ship at time of departure of boats. R. Hichens. 1334. R. Lee. 2541-8. J. Johnson 3555-63. T. Ranger. 4056-62. G. Symons. 11490-8. H. Pitman. 15039. J. B. Ismay. 18543-9. 18571, 18849.
Cooks, no passage allowed to, to boat deck. P. Maugé. 20128-49.

Change in, when noticed. F. Fleet. 17292-9, 17472-4.
How ascertained. R. Hichens. 937. J. Boxhall. 15659-80.


Muster of. J. Poingdestre. 3268-74.
Ordered to put on lifebelts. A. Shiers. 4590.
Sufficiency of, to launch boats. H. Lowe. 15933-7. H. Sanderson. 19183-6.


Estimation as to. J. Boxhall. 15368-70.
Extent of, conversation re, quoted. J. B. Ismay. 18679.
Inspection made as to. J. Boxhall. 15581-7. S. Hemming. 17734-7.
Model marked approximately as to. E. Wilding. 25299-306.
Position and depth. E. Wilding. 20024-8.
Reported to Witness. H. Bride. 16533.
See also Wound, below

Deck barriers removed. J. Scarrott. 600.

Boat deck:

Clearing of boats on. J. Poingdestre. 2830-40.
Crews ordered up to. A. Shiers. 4673-88.
Discipline on. J. Hart. 10065-8.
Filling and lowering of boats on. C. Hendrickson. 4957-5004.
Guiding of third class women and children to. J. Hart. 9931-53, 9965-75.
Passengers on. C. Hendrickson. 5101-26.
Port-side, boats uncovered. H. Pitman. 14990-6.
Women on:

Taken to A Deck. C. Mackay. 10758-65.
With husbands, refusing to go in boats. J. Hart. 10062-8, 10076-9.

Deck A:

Boat loaded from. C. Lightoller. 13936-41, 13949-55. H. Lowe. 15901.
Men only left on. J. Hart. 10069-75.
Sides of, questions re. S. Rule. 9701-16.
Stewards' duties on, in filling of boats. J. Wheat. 13191-204.
Windows of, closed. C. Lightoller. 13834-40.

Deck B, passengers cleared out of, and cabin doors shut. A. Crawford. 18070-5.
Deck E:

Emergency doors, when seen open. W. Seward. 17817.
Gangway doors opening out of. C. Lightoller. 13902.
Portholes, closing of, questions re. C. Joughin. 6310-5.
Water running off, to F Deck. J. Wheat. 10958-11054.
Water seen coming up to, time of. A. Robinson. 13277-81.
Water seen in room on, described. C. Joughin. 6290-334.
Watertight door closed on. C. Joughin. 6226-30, 6298-304, 6335-49. J. Boxhall. 15373.

Deck F:

No damage seen on. J. Boxhall. 15358-67, 15766.
Water running down to, from Deck E. J. Wheat. 10958-11054.
Watertight Doors on:

Closing of, described. J. Wheat. 10922-41.
Orders to close, after collision. A. Pearcey. 10339-45. E. Brown. 10669-72.
Person in charge of. J. Wheat. 13230-4.
Reopening of. J. Boxhall. 15754-60.

Deck. G, water coming up to. J. Wheat. 10910-21. G. Symons. 11359-416. C. Lightoller. 14675-7.
Fore-well deck:

Ice on. W. Wynn. 13394. F. Fleet. 17302. E. Buley. 18109-11.
Port-side, passengers coming to. J. Poingdestre. 2875-904. T. Dillon. 3828.

Disadvantageous conditions on night of, sighting icebergs. C. Lightoller. 14330.
Distress rockets:

Assistance in firing of. G. Rowe. 17683-5.
Before and after leaving vessel. R. Lee. 2582-5.
Colours. R. Hichens. 1195-9, 1203-8.
Description. C. Lightoller. 14150-5. J. Boxhall. 15394-400.
No reply to. R. Lee. 2732.
Number sent up and intervals of. G. Symons. 11468. C. Lightoller. 14160. A. Crawford. 17972-8.
Object of. R. Hichens. 1275-7.
Observed by S.S. “Californian.” J. Hart. 10103. E. Gill. 18157. J. B. Ismay. 18943-6.
Opinion as to. S. Lord. 6983-7.
Seen from boats. J. B. Ismay. 18572.
When first seen. C. Hendrickson. 4997, 5006. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12496.
Referred to. J. Poingdestre. 3099.

See also Morse lamp signalling.

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