United States Senate Inquiry

Day 8

The subcommittee met at 10.55 o'clock a. m.

Present: Senators Smith (chairman), Newlands, and Fletcher.

Mr. Chairman; before we proceed I wish to state that when the various members of the crew were apportioned among the members of the subcommittee yesterday, with a view to their examination, I was approached by newspaper men regarding the report of the hearings. I told them the hearings would be executive, the testimony would be reported this morning, and that it would be necessary for them to attend. In order to fortify myself, I communicated with the other members of the subcommittee, with a view to having a general understanding upon the subject. I find that in the morning papers the statements of some of these witnesses appear, and I regret very much there was a misunderstanding, and wish to say to the newspaper men to whom I made that statement that I do regret the misunderstanding. It seems to have been an inadvertence, the cause of which I do not understand.

Senator SMITH.
I desire to say for my associates that we have taken the testimony of John Hardy, chief steward, second class; William Ward saloon steward; James Widgery second class, in charge of bath on F deck forward; and Edward John Buley, able seaman. This testimony was taken by Senator Fletcher. It has all been taken under oath and will be treated as a part of the official record.

Senator Bourne took the testimony under oath of George Frederick Crowe, steward; C. D. Andrews, officers steward; and John Collins, assistant cook.

Senator Newlands took under oath the testimony of Edward Wheelton, first class steward; W. H. Taylor, fireman; George Moore, able seaman; and Thomas Jones, seaman.

The same process was followed, under oath, by myself, and I examined last night Haynes, Hemming, and Evans. That testimony will be included as a part of the permanent record, and is accessible, as all other testimony, to the public.

I have, however, five of the crew whom I was unable to examine last night because of the lateness of the hour, and those men will be examined either in public session today or by the same arrangement that was followed last night. So far as the work of Senator Perkins and Senator Burton is concerned, they did not take the testimony of their witnesses under oath, and in all probability will desire to reexamine them or submit their statements to the committee, who will pass upon their importance.

I might add that by arrangement of the subcommittee all statements and testimony taken after the close of the public session yesterday were to be treated as executive until the next open session of the subcommittee, which would have been this morning, and so far as I know, none of the members of the subcommittee gave out any statement or statements containing this testimony.

I desire to have Mr. Franklin take the stand for a moment.


Philip A. S. Franklin  –  Recalled.

Senator SMITH.
I will ask Mr. Gill, of the Californian, to be sworn.


Ernest Gill  –  Donkeyman, SS Californian

I made a statement a little while ago, and received one from Mr. Franklin (Reading]:

LONDON, April 26, 1912 - Rp: 15.

Senator SMITH,
Chairman Titanic Inquiry, Washington:
Complaints here British subjects not receiving sufficient consideration in inquiry. Greatly appreciate assurance denying this.


I do not think this calls for any denial upon my part. The chief representative of the company whose officials and employees are the only British subjects here, has said more than it would be proper for any member of the subcommittee to say, and I rest upon that statement.

We will now take a recess until 3 o'clock.

(Thereupon, at 1.20 o'clock p. m., a recess was taken until 3 o'clock p. m.)


(The committee met at 3 o'clock p. m., pursuant to the taking of recess.)

Senator SMITH.
I want the reporter to put into the record the following note:

Note by the navy-yard operator.

Carpathia would at no time acknowledge receipt of a message from Navy ships or stations. This station called them, at 5.30 p. m., 4-18-12, when she was trying to get into communication with New York stations, but her operator refused to take any assistance from us. This was the only station she could work at that time, as no other station could hear her.

Operator, U. S. Wireless Station,
Navy Yard, New York.

Let that be marked for identification.

(The note referred to was marked "Exhibit H. H. P. No. 1, April 26, 1912.")


Stanley Lord  –  Captain, SS Californian
Testimony - Biography

Cyril Furmstone Evans  –  Marconi Operator, SS Californian
Testimony - Biography

Senator SMITH.
I would like to ask Mr. Evans, the able seaman, a few further questions. I examined this man in my room last evening, and there is one question I overlooked.


Frank Oliver Evans  –  Recalled.
Testimony - Biography

Senator SMITH.
I will ask the sergeant at arms if the captain of the Mount Temple is here?

We have not seen him. He has not reported to anybody.

Senator SMITH.
Then we will stand adjourned until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.

(At 6 o'clock the subcommittee adjourned until tomorrow, Saturday, April 27, 1912, at 10 o'clock a. m.)