United States Senate Inquiry

Day 15

(Testimony takes before Senator William Alden Smith, chairman of the subcommittee, sitting separately.)


Maurice Farrell  –  Dow, Jones & Co.

Senator SMITH.
We will take a recess until 4 o'clock this afternoon.

(At 1.05 o'clock p. m., a recess was taken until 4 o'clock p. m.)



Maurice Farrell  –  Resumed.


Maurice Farrell  –  Additional Statement.

Senator SMITH.
I wish to insert in the record a telegram sent on May 8, 1912, to Mr. P. A. S. Franklin, vice president of the White Star Line, New York City, and his reply, which are as follows:

P. A. S. Franklin  –  Telegrams Exchanged with.

I desire also printed in the record an affidavit from James A. Hosey, received by me in Washington, D. C., on May 7, 1912.

James Hosey  –  Telegraph Operator - Taunton, Massachussetts.

Senator SMITH.
I have received also a letter from the vice consul at Toronto, Canada, addressed to me, inclosing an affidavit made by Dr. F. C. Quitzrau, which I wish printed in the record.

F. C. Quitzrau  –  Passenger, SS Mount Temple.

Senator SMITH.
I also received the following affidavit made by A. H. Weikman, who was a barber on the Titanic, which covers his observations:

A. H. Weikman  –  Barber, SS Titanic.
Affidavit - Biography

Senator SMITH.
I have also a statement from Officer Lowe, of the Titanic, which I have been requested to put into the record. This comes to me through the Italian ambassador and contains an explanation by Mr. Lowe of the testimony which he gave that he fired his gun, as his boat was being lowered into the water, because of the glaring eyes of Italian immigrants, who he was afraid menaced his safety in lowering the lifeboat. Mr. Lowe wants this statement to go into the record, and the Italian ambassador wants it to go in.

Harold Godfrey Lowe  –  Fifth Officer, SS Titanic.
Correspondence - Biography

Senator SMITH.
I have also an affidavit, filed at my request, of Mrs. Mahala D. Douglas, of Minneapolis, Minn. I interrogated Mrs. Douglas in New York after the arrival of the Carpathia. Her grief was so great over the loss of her husband that I concluded not to attempt to take her testimony at that time. On the 2nd day of May at my request, she made an affidavit, and I present it for the record.

Mahala Douglas  –  First Class Passenger, SS Titanic.
Affidavit - Biography

(At 5.50 o'clock p. m. the taking of testimony before Senator Smith was adjourned.)