British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry

Day 19

[Counsel Present]

The Attorney-General:
My Lord, I propose to call a Witness and to interpose him because I do not want to keep him here unnecessarily. He is very short. He was on the ship.

The Commissioner:


Paul Mauge - Secretary to the chef - a la Carte Restaurant - ss "Titanic."
Testimony - Biography

Sir Robert Finlay:
My Lord, Mr. Sanderson would like to make a correction with regard to one thing he said yesterday, if your Lordship will let him.

The Commissioner:
You need not go into the box, Mr. Sanderson, if you tell us what it was.

Mr. Sanderson:
Thank you, My Lord. In the report of my evidence in regard to the boating of the "Olympic" there is a possibility that I would be misunderstood in the record as it now is. I would like to say that after the accident to the "Titanic" we started out with the intention of boating the "Olympic" to the full extent of her capacity for passengers, that is to say, for about 3,500 people, 60 odd boats; and we found we were getting into such a ridiculous position, we were crowding the ship so with boats, that we modified those instructions and directed them to only boat the ship for the actual number of passengers and crew she was carrying at the time, and that is now the policy we are carrying out, which is a considerable reduction from the original intention.

The Commissioner:
Very well.


Edward Wilding - Naval Architect - Harland & Wolff, Ltd.

(Adjourned to Monday next, at 11 o'clock.)