(In Cases involving Death)

Blackwell, Henry C. (Stephen W. Blackwell)

Botsford, William R. (William H. Botsford)

Case, Elizabeth C. (Howard B. Case)

Chaffee, Carrie T., Reed, Walter and Reed, Robert (Herbert F. Chaffee)

Crafton, Sarah F. (John B. Crafton)

Crosby, Catherine E. (Edward G. Crosby)

Cumings, Florence (John Bradley Cumings)

Futrelle, May (Jaques Futrelle)

Gracie, Constance Shack (Wife of Archibald Gracie - who survived the sinking but his death later that year was attributed to the sinking.)

Harrington, Walter (Henry C. Harrington)

Hilliard, Sarah (Herbert Hilliard)

Holverson, Mary A. (Alexander O. Holverson)

Hughes, James A. (Lucian P. Smith)

Kenyon, Marion (Frederick R. Kenyon)

Keto, Frank (Maria Emilia Panula)

Keto, Frank (Eno William Panula)

Lane, Wolcott G., Marlin, Alfred E. and Spencer, Lorillard (William A. Spencer)

Levy, Sol (Jacob Birnbaum)

Lewy, Marks and Jay B. (Ervin G. Lewy)

Lind, Elsa Theresia and Akerlind, Eva (Erik Gustaf Lindberg-Lind)

Long Island Loan & Trust (Wyckoff Van Derhoef)

Maguire, John (John Edward Maguire)

McCarthy, Mary A. (Timothy J. McCarthy)

Moore, Mabelle Swift (Clarence Moore)

Navritil, Marcelle (wife of Michel Navritil - listed as passenger Louis Hoffman)

Newell, Mary E. (Arthur Newell)

Pavovic, Stefo

Porter, Mabel N. (Walter Porter)

Robins, Louise (Victor Robins)

Rothschild, Elizabeth (Martin Rothschild)

Shawah, Susian (wife of Youssif Ibrahim Shawah)

Silvey, Alice (William B. Silvey)

Vallado, Eva Lopez Del (Servando Ovies Y Rodriguez)

Walker, Frances M. (William A. Walker)

White, Zadoc L., Bartlett, Stephen L. and Clapp, Clift R. (Percival W. White)

Wick, Mary H. (George D. Wick)


(Cases involving loss of property and injury)


Daley, Eugene

Daniel, Robert W.


(Cases involving loss of property)


Bassani, Albina

Becker, Nellie, Ruth, Marion and Richard

Brown, Margaret

Brown, Margaret - Amended

Candee, Helen

Carter, William E.

Countess of Rothes (Lucy Noel Martha)

Frolicher, Marguerite

Frolicher-Stehli, Max

Frolicher-Stehli, Marguerite

Gibson, Dorothy

Gibson, Pauline

Maioni, Ruberta

Rosenbaum, Edith

Rosenbaum, Edith - Amended

Thayer, Marion L.

Vicario, Vincenzo