United States Senate Inquiry

Day 16

(Testimony taken before Senator William Alden Smith, chairman of the subcommittee, sitting separately.)


Benjamin Campbell  –  Vice President, New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Co.

Senator SMITH.
I desire to have printed in the record two telegrams, both dated New Haven, Conn., April 15, 1912, and signed by Mr. B. Campbell; and one telegram, dated New York, April 15, 1912, addressed to Mr. B. Campbell, vice president New Haven & Hartford Railroad Co., New Haven, Conn., signed by P. A. S. Franklin.


Benjamin Campbell  –  Correspondence, Wireless Messages.

Senator SMITH.
I desire printed in the record also an affidavit received by me made by Mrs. E. B. Ryerson, of Chicago, Ill.

Emily Ryerson  –  First Class Passenger, SS Titanic.
Affidavit - Biography

Senator SMITH.
I offer also to be printed in the record, an affidavit made by Daisy Minahan, and also a letter received from her by me.

Daisy Minahan  –  First Class Passenger, SS Titanic.
Affidavit - Biography

(At 10.50 o'clock a.m. the taking of testimony before Senator Smith was adjourned.)