British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry

Day 28

[Counsel Present]

The Attorney-General:
My Lord, we have had the analysis made of the number of Irish emigrants so far as we are able to distinguish them taking those who shipped at Queenstown, third-class, as Irish emigrants; they numbered 113. There were 57 males and 56 females. It is rather difficult to distinguish children, but it makes altogether 113, and there were 7 men saved and 33 women, making 40 altogether saved out of 113, of which a very large proportion is women. That is the substance of the analysis, and I think that answers the question which your Lordship asked. So that it leaves us of the 113, 7 men saved and 33 women; the others were lost.

The Commissioner:
About 35 percent of the whole.

The Attorney-General:


Arthur Henry Rostron - Captain - ss "Carpathia."
Testimony - Biography

Gerhard Christofer Apfeld - Marine Superintendent - Red Star Line.

The Attorney-General:
May I just remind you of this. I only want to do it, so that my friends, particularly Sir Robert Finlay, may know. Sir Ernest Shackleton said this in dealing with the temperature point: "If there was no wind and the temperature fell abnormally for the time of year, I would consider I was approaching an area that might have ice in it." If there was no wind, that is the point. Then he explained it more in detail. It is page 720.

We are calling these Witnesses at the request of my friend, my Lord.

The Commissioner:
I was under the impression that the evidence was finished.

The Attorney-General:
Yes, so were we.


Arthur Ernest Tride - Captain - ss "Manitou" - Red Star Line.


Final Arguments

(Adjourned to Monday next at 11 o’clock.)