McELROY, Purser on the S.S. “Titanic”:


To rouse passengers and men and get lifebelts. J. Wheat. 10942-53, 13229.
Stewards to go to boat stations. J. Wheat. 10956.

References to. J. Johnson. 3409. S. Rule. 6419. A. Robinson, 13281.

McGough, lowering of boat fall by. J. Scarrott. 395, 597-9.

MACKAY, CHARLES DONALD, Bathroom Steward on the S.S. “Titanic.” 10673-867:

Boats 3, 5, 7, 9, sexes of passengers in. 10709-20, 10725-9, 10732-41.
Boat 11:

Crew, enumeration of. 10777-91.
Distance rowed. 10846.
Equipment, questions re. 10814-7a.
Handling of. 10812, 10813.
Launching, difficulty of. 10797-9.
Lowering of. 10753-6.
Number of persons in. 10768-71.
Passengers in:

Complaints of. 10859-62.
Sex and class. 10793-7.
Women, number. 10854-7.

Lifeboats, training in management of, experience re. 10820-31.
Previous experience of Witness at sea. 10818.

Boat station of Witness. 10710-2, 10833.
Boats, order of lowering. 10749-51, 10838­43.
Collision, shock of, felt by Witness. 10675-86.
Deck E, alleyway, crowd in, after collision. 10686-90.
Lights seen from, description. 10802-10.
Orders to, to assist passengers to boat deck and with lifebelts. 10699-707.
Women collected by Witness, orders re. 10863-7.
Women on boat deck taken to A deck. 10758-65.

McLaughlan, Dr.: [O'Loughlin]:

Dining with Mr. Ismay on night of accident. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12632-4.
Information given by, as to course of ship. J. B. Ismay. 18413-9, 18462, 18923-6.

McMicken, Steward, in Boat 11, referred to. C. Mackay. 10783.

MARCONI, GUGLIELMO, Inventor of the Marconi system of wireless telegraphy. 24850-956:

First Marconi installation in a liner, date, 24851.

Agreement of, with shipowners. 24854-6.
Communication diagrams circulated by, utility of. 24896-910, 24952.
Compliance of, with Radio-Telegraph Convention, 1906. 24865-80.
Licensing of, in each country. 24881-3.
Navigation messages, regulations re. 24933-43.

Messenger boys provided on ships to assist. 24950.
Regulations as to watches. 24895.
Ships having one only, proposals for reception of distress signals by. 24945-8.
Ships having two, watches kept. 24911-5.

Records kept by. 24943.

Circular 49, on priority of messages. 24933-6.
Circular 57, as to distress signals. 24856-61.
Circular 73, as to distress signals. 24922-7.
Circular 102, provision under, for ships fitted with other systems of wireless. 24862-4.
Circular 183, provisions in, as to hours of duty of one-man operators. 24917.

S.S. “Titanic's” Marconi installation, description of. 24884-94.


Accounts for private messages paid to. H. Bride. 16646.
Agreement of, with White Star Company, handed in. H. Sanderson. 19256.
Change to New York time, position for. C. Evans. 8930-2.

(Handed in) description. C. Evans. 9207-12.
Questions re. C. Evans. 9174-88.


As to messages received by S.S. “Titanic,” handed in. G. Turnbull. 16231.
With proces-verbal of S.S. “Carpathia,” read. H. Cottam. 17174.

Message sent through, payment for. G. Turnbull. 16301-5.

Control of. S. Lord. 7229-48. C. Evans. 9128-47. G. Turnbull. 16281-4.
Entered on ship's articles. H. Bride. 16655, 16659.
“Keep out” message, explanation. G. Turnbull. 16258.
System of payment. H. Bride. 16649-62.

See also under Marconi, Guglielmo.


Exchange of time-rushes by ships. C. Evans. 8962-5. G. Turnbull. 16247-55.
Master navigation message, prefix of. G. Turnbull. 16078, 16261.
Master's service messages, practice re. H. Bride. 16626-37, 16638-41. J. B. Ismay. 18828-40.
Passengers' private messages, system and payment. H. Bride. 16642-8.
Passing through ships, instructions as to. G. Turnbull. 16162-70.
Practice as to delivery of. H. Bride. 16416-27.
Procès-verbals , writing down of, in log. G. Turnbull. 16149-60.

Charge not made for. H. Bride. 16688, 16689.
Explanation. G. Turnbull. 16295-8.

See also under Special names of ships.


Range of. C. Evans. 9112-8.
Stoppage of, at night. C. Evans. 9108-11.
Storage batteries of, system. C. Evans. 9214-8. J. Durrant. 9552-8.

Marconi International Marine Communication Company, see under Turnbull, George Elliott, Deputy-Manager.

Marine Engineers' Association, representative of, on the Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee. Sir N. Hill. 24575.

Master-at-Arms, duties of. J. Poingdestre. 3325-8. Sir W. Howell. 22759.

MATTHEWS. R. W., Secretary of the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade:

Letter of, read, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle, 21358­61. Sir W. Howell. 22445.
Statement of, as to failure to meet requirements of Rule 12. Sir N. Hill. 24809-11.

MAUGE, PAUL, Secretary to the Chef of the restaurant à la carte on the S.S. “Titanic.” 20074-186:


Access of Witness to boat deck. 20128-34, 20183-7.
Boats, lowering of, seen by Witness. 20123, 20152-61.
Cabin of Witness, position. 20076-83, 20098-118.
Cooks, no passage allowed to, to deck. 20128-49.
Waking of Witness by alarm signal. 20084­92.
Witness jumping into boat. 20159-70.

MAYNARD, Cook on the S.S. “TITANIC”:

Assistance given by, to Witness. C. Joughin. 6099-106, 6125, 6126.
Referred to. E. Brown. 10584.

MELLER, Interpreter on the S.S. “TITANIC”:

Action of, after collision. S. Rule. 9771, 9781.
Referred to. J. Hart. 10285.


Boat drills, method of training proposed for. A. Young. 23200-22.
Deck hands, training of, proposals re. A. Young. 23187-222.
Search lights for use of (proposed), considered non-advisable, Captain Miller. 21932-4.

Mercantile Marine Service Association, representative of, on the Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee Sir N. Hill. 24575.

Merchant Service, comparison of, with the Navy, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21472-3a.

Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee, see under Marine Department of the Board of Trade.

Merchant Shipping Legislation:

Report of a conference on, 1907, quotation from. Sir W. Howell, 22600.
See also Merchant Shipping Acts, under Acts of Parliament.

Merrett, Mr., Editor of the “Sunday American,” references, Lady Duff-Gordon. 12949, 12962.

MILLER, FRANCIS SPURSTOW, Assistant Hydrographer at the Admiralty. 21906-42:


Advantages. 21908-15.
Disadvantages. 21917-21.
Fixed for use in special cases, utility of. 21935-42.

Mississippi and Dominion Line, control of, by American Shipping Trust. J. B. Ismay. 18238­43, 18247, 18248.

MOODY, Mr., Sixth Officer on the S.S. “TITANIC”:

Assistance of, at Boat 16. H. Lowe, 15832, 15837.
Boats inspected, by. H. Lowe. 15773.
Certificates held by. G. Bartlett.21636.
Conversation of Witness with. H. Pitman. 14954-6.
Ice calculation of, at variance with those of Witness. C. Lightoller. 13531-57, 13708­15, 14592-7, 16829-65.
Message given by, to lookouts as to ice. C. Lightoller. 13667-75.
Message received by, as to iceberg. R. Hichens. 980-5.
Orders given by at boats. W. Lucas. 1480, 1507. W Wynn. 13323-8.
Period of service of, in White Star Line. G. Bartlett. 21635.
Reply of, to lookout information, quoted. C. Lightoller. 14896.
Speed, revolutions taken by. J. Boxhall, 15656.
On watch at time of accident. J. Boxhall. 15557.
When last seen, question re. C. Lightoller. 14769. H. Lowe. 15969.
Referred to. R. Hichens. 926, 927, 932, 961, 1010, 1014. C. Lightoller. 13426.

MOORE, JAMES HENRY, Master of the S.S. “Mount Temple.” 9219-415:

Experience of Witness in North Atlantic trade. 9379, 9380.

Company instructions as to avoidance of. 9261-3.
Indications, questions re. 9310.

Lifeboats, proper crew to man. 9327-30, 9336-44, 9366.
Look-outs, doubling of, for certain occasions. 9267-77.

Boat drills on. 9365.
Bulkhead system. 9346, 9351-9.

On account of ice warning. 9226-32.
Towards S.S. “Titanic.” 9236-44.

Extra precautions taken on, in hazy and foggy weather. 9396-404.
Full complement of. 9348-50.

Southward position of. 9388.
When first sighted. 9386.


Accommodation. 9278-93.
Ready to lower, time taken. 9369-74.

Lights seen from, described. 9245-60.
Look-outs, eye tests. 9360-4.

Distress signals of S.S. “Titanic.” 9233-5.
Ice warnings. 9383.

Marconi operator, messages received by, time. 9233, 9312-6.
Number of A.B.'s on. 9368, 9375-8.
Officers, number of, and watches kept by. 9317-23.
Passengers and crew, total. 9279-82.
Position of, at time of news as to S.S. “Titanic.” 9414, 9415.
Speed of. 9265.
Survey of. 9333-5.
Weather conditions on passage. 9384.


As to lifeboats. C. Lightoller. 14220.
As to precautions taken in case of ice warnings. B. Hayes. 21840, 21841. J. B. Ismay. 18698-700.

MORRIS, FRANK HERBERT, First Class Bathroom Steward on the SS. Titanic.” 5275-505:

BOAT 14:

Collapsible boat taken in tow by. 5383-6.
Confusion caused by foreigners near. 5396.
Crew. 5313-20.
Difficulty in lowering. 5471-6.
Equipment. 5380-2.
Number of persons in, when picked up by S.S. “Carpathia.” 5351-74.
Passengers in:

Irish women. 5330-2.
Men, number. 5325-9.
Transferred from, to other boats. 5337.
Women and children in, number. 5321-3.
Rescues effected by, number. 5341-53, 5494-7.

Boat 16, disinclination of women to go in. 5306.
Previous experience of Witness in White Star liners. 5427.

Awakening of Witness after collision. 5277-80, 5436-9.
Boat-list, when posted. 5290-3.
Boat station of Witness. 5294-6, 5389-94.
Bulkhead doors, hand, position of. 5431-5.
Orders to Witness, after collision. 5280-3, 5286.
Third Class foreigners (men), trying to get into Boat 14. 5308-11.

MURDOCH, Mr., First Officer on the S.S. “TITANIC”:

Board of Trade representative accompanied by, during survey of vessel. C. Lightoller. 14648.
Certificate held by. G. Bartlett. 21636.
Collision bulkheads closed by, after collision. J. Boxhall. 15569-72, 15589.
Course of ship remarked on to, by Witness. J. Boxhall. 15673.
Dinner hour of. C. Lightoller. 13586.
Iceberg observed by. J. Boxhall. 15511-3.
Ice warning reported to. C. Lightoller. 13472, 14270-8.
Operations directed by. G. Symons. 11781.
Orders given by:

As to boat inspection. H. Lowe. 15771.
As to boat 1 (emergency): G. Symons. 11452-66, 11489, 11742-5. A. Horswell. 12322-6, 12383, 12400-3. S. Collins. 12976, 12979-85.
As to boat 5. H. Pitman. 14984-8, 15016-28.
As to boat 11. C. Mackay. 10757. J. Wheat. 13239-41.
As to boat 15. S. Rule. 6490-4, 6523, 6552, 6585, 6653, 6654, 6662, 9804.
To boats' crews. G. Symons. 11444. A. Horswell. 12403.
Boats to be cleared. C. Lightoller. 13800-2.
As to closing of fore-scuttle hatch. S. Hemming 17704-9, 17770-4.
As to filling of boats. J. T. Wheat. 13187-204.
As to manning of boats. J. Hart. 10023-7. A. Pearcey. 10393-6.
As to swinging out of boats. G. Symons. 11433, 11436.
Women and children first into boats. G. Symons. 11438.

Parting words of, to Witness. H. Pitman. 15034, 15035.
Period of service in White Star Line. G. Bartlett. 21630.

On giving up watch. C. Lightoller. 14595-600.
As to lights being placed, S, Hemming. 17704-6.
As to non-supply of binoculars for look-outs.

Roll called by, at muster at Southampton R. Hichens. 1364.
Starboard boat-deck in charge of. A. Pearcey. 10492. G. Symons. 11417-25, 11913, 11928, 11995-8. J. Wheat. 13187. H. Lowe. 15815.
Temperature commented on by. C. Lightoller. 13578, 13707.

On night of April 14th. C. Lightoller. 13450, 13701, 13707-14. J. Boxhall, 15555, 15634, 15650.
Relieved at meal time. C. Lightoller. 13454, 13471.

Watertight doors lever closed by. J. Boxhall. 15352-5.
When last seen by Witnesses. J. Hart. 10131. C. Lightoller. 14048-51, 14767, 14768.
Referred to. R. Lee. 2411. C. Lightoller. 13420, 14834.

Murray, Sir Digby, formerly Professional Member of the Marine Department of the Board of Trade, evidence of, before a Select Committee of the House of Commons on saving life at sea. Sir W. Howell. 22226, 22227.

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