British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry


Report | Account of Ship's Journey across the Atlantic/Messages Received/Disaster
Speed of the Ship

The entire passage had been made at high speed, though not at the ship's maximum, and this speed was never reduced until the collision was unavoidable. At 10 p.m. the ship was registering 45 knots every two hours by the Cherub log. (Hichens, 965)

The quartermaster on watch aft, when the "Titanic" struck, states that the log, reset at noon, then registered 260 knots, (Rowe, 17608) and the fourth officer, when working up the position from 7.30 p.m. to the time of the collision, states he estimated the "Titanic's" speed as 22 knots, (Boxhall, 15645) and this is also borne out by evidence that the engines were running continuously at 75 revolutions.