The Attorney-General ( The Right Hon. Sir EDWARD CARSON, K.C., M.P. ), The Solicitor-General ( The Right Hon. Sir F. E. SSMITH, K.C., M.P. ), Mr. P. J. BRANSON, and Mr. DUNLOP (instructed by Sir Ellis Cunliffe, Solicitor to the Board of Trade) appeared as Counsel on behalf of the Board of Trade.

Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL, K.C., Mr. LAING, K.C., and Mr. A. H. MAXWELL (instructed by Messrs. Hill, Dickinson and Co., of Liverpool ) appeared as Counsel for the Owners, the Cunard Company, and the Captain.

Mr. DONAL MACMASTER, K.C., M.P., appeared as Counsel for the Canadian Government.

Mr. G. A. SCOTT appeared on behalf of the representatives of the late Mr. Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, a passenger.

Mr. THOMAS SCANLAN, M.P. (instructed by Mr. H. Z. DEANE), appeared on behalf of Mrs. ELLEN Conghlan [sic], widow, and the representatives of between sixty and seventy, first, second and third class passengers.

Mr. ROSE-INNES, K.C., and Mr. WICKHAM appeared on behalf of Mr. Crichton and certain passengers (instructed by Messrs. THORNE and Co.).

Mr. A. M. LATTER (instructed by Mr. Thomas Priest) appeared for Mr. H. B. Lasseter and others.

Mr. COTTER appeared on behalf of certain representatives of the crew.

Mr. CLEM EDWARDS, M.P., appeared on behalf of the National Union of Sailors and Firemen.

Mr. W. L. MARSHALL (General Secretary), appeared on behalf of the Marine Engineers' Association.