British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry

Day 1


Examined by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL.

24. Are you a Board of Trade Engineer and Ship Surveyor at Liverpool?
- I am.

25. Was the "Lusitania" as regards her machinery surveyed when she was built in 1907?
- She was.

26. Under the arrangement then made was a system of running surveys contemplated?
- It was.

27. Under this system is it a fact that only a six months' declaration could be issued at any time?
- Yes.

28. When was the "Lusitania" last inspected and surveyed?
- On the 17th March last.

29. Was that in Liverpool?
- Yes.

30. Had you anything to do with the survey?
- I had.

31. What have you to say as to the results of that survey as a general statement?
- I was perfectly satisfied.

32. In every respect?
- In every respect.

33. Are you able to give us information about the boats?
- I am.

34. Will you look at this plan (handing the same to the witness). Does that plan indicate the number and the position of the boats on the "Lusitania"?
- It does.

35. Can you tell me when the boats were last inspected?
- By me on March 17th last.

36. Were they then as shown in this plan?
- They were arranged as shown here.

37. What was the total boat accommodation?
- Of the boats which were capable of being accepted at that time for the whole period for which the vessel was then being passed, the total capacity was 1,950. There were other boats on board of a capacity of 657, but which would not have been passable for the whole of the period of the certificate.

38. That means that over a limited period you would have passed them, but not indefinitely?
- They were passable up to the 1st July next.

39. That is the July which is coming now?
- Yes.

40. That would make a total boat accommodation for how many?
- 2,607.

41. When were the lifeboats last examined?
- On that day.

42. Did you examine them?
- I did.

43. I think you turned over singly and examined the crew's belts when those had been stacked in the crew's quarters?
- I did.

44. Did you have the passengers' belts stacked in tiers of ten in the alleyways?
- Yes.

45. Then did you examine them?
- I did.

46. I think you found some 200 of them were short of tapes, and those you ordered to be replaced?
- I did.

47. On the 15th April last did you visit the vessel in the Mersey before her departure on the last outward voyage in connection with the emigration survey?
- I did.

48. Did you walk round the boat deck and make proper examinations on that occasion?
- I did.

49. And I think you signed the Survey 27 after making that inspection?
- I did.

The Attorney-General:
I think it would shorten matters to put in the surveys, because they give the particulars, and the certificate of what I stated, the number of passengers certified for, and the crew. Those are the figures, and I think that bundle shows that everything was complied with. (Handing in the same.)

(The witness withdrew.)