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Nieuw Amsterdam

Holland-America Line

Image of ss Nieuw Amsterdam (Holland-America Line)

Length: 600.3 ft.
Breadth: 68.9 ft.
Draft (or Depth): 35.6 ft.
Tonnage: 17,149 tons (gross), 10,830 (net)
Engines: Quadruple expansion 8cyl. (2) 29", (2) 42", (2) 61", (2) 87" x 60" stroke
Speed: Speed
Builder: Harland and Wolff, Belfast (Yard No. 366)
Launched: September 28, 1905
Maiden Voyage: April 7, 1906
Disposition: 1932 (scrapped).

Port of Registry: Rotterdam
Flag of Registry: Dutch
Funnel color: Yellow (buff); green-white-green bands of equal width below yellow (buff) top; on the white (middle) stripe in black block letters, N A S M
Company flag: Green-white-green horizontal stripes of equal width; on the white (middle) stripe in black block letters, N A S M
Signal Letters: N A S M
Wireless call letters: M H B
Details: Steel hull, one funnel, four masts, twin screws, three decks, electric lights, wireless.


Relationship to Titanic disaster / inquiries.

April 9, 1912 - Eastbound, New York to Rotterdam, transmitted an ice warning to Californian describing ice seen on April 4 at 43° 29' N., 49° W.


September 28, 1905

Launched by Harland and Wolff, Ltd., Belfast (Yard No. 366) for the Holland-America Line.

February 22, 1906

Sea trials.

April 7, 1906

Maiden voyage, Rotterdam to New York and return.

December 21, 1918

First post-war voyage.

May, 1926

Refitted; First, second, tourist, third class.

February, 1928

Re-configured; First, tourist, third class.

October 2, 1931

Last voyage, Rotterdam - Boulogne - Southampton - New York and return.

February 26, 1932

Sailed Rotterdam - Cape of Good Hope - Osaka. Scrapped.


Courtesy: John P. Eaton. Used with permission.
Image Courtesy: Library of Congress.