To the members of the team. Dedication knows no finer example than you ladies and gentlemen. When this project first began we didn't have an accurate idea the size it would be, or the effort it would require. Massive and problematic would be good descriptors. But dedication can overcome any problem there is, and this team went above and beyond to see this project completed.

The members of the TIP team are:

  • Bob Bonnell - CAN
  • Earl Chapman - CAN
  • Mike Disabato - US
  • Vera & John Gillespie - US
  • Linda Greaves - US
  • Jane Hilbert - US
  • Robert Ottmers - US
  • Stuart Partridge - UK
  • Marilyn Powell - US
  • Susie Powell - US
  • Parks Stephenson - US
  • Bruce Trinque - US
  • Bill Wormstedt - US

Equally important a thanks to Jo Ann Ottmers, my mom, who spent many hours and days assisting with the different portions of the project as well offering suggestions and providing me with reason when I forgot.

TIP would like to acknowledge the following people who, either actively or inspirationally, assisted with the creation and improvements of this website.

Walter Lord, Michael Hart and Project Gutenberg, Brian Ticehurst, Philip Hind, Heather Moore, Henry Loscher, Jeff Newman, Dave Gittins, John Feeney, Lester Mitcham, Geoff Whitfield, George Behe, Phil Gowan, Mike Herbold, Mike Tennaro, Erik Wood.

To those people who would so willingly share information they've learned about any aspect of this disaster; or any other disaster for that matter. Sometimes the reward might not seem worth the price but it is. Please continue sharing what you have. It's only through sharing that we can all hope to learn to the fullest what happened.

And to anyone missed - Thank you as well!