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Guion Line

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Length: 450.2 ft.
Breadth: 45.4 ft.
Draft (or Depth):
Tonnage: 5,147 (gross)
Engines: Triple expansion, developing 6,400 h.p.
Speed: 15 knots
Builder: John Elder & Co, Govan, Scotland
Launched: March 10, 1879
Maiden Voyage: May 31, 1879
Disposition: 1926 - Scrapped.

Port of Registry:
Flag of Registry:
Funnel color: Black; red band.
Company flag:
Signal Letters:
Wireless call letters:
Details: Two funnels, four masts (rigged for sail), iron construction, single screw; accommodation for 140-1st, 70-intermediate, 140-3rd and 1,000-steerage class


Relationship to Titanic disaster / inquiries.

Mentioned several times during the course of the Wreck Commissioner's inquiry concerning her collision with an iceberg in 1879.


March 10, 1879

Launched by John Elder & Co, Govan, Scotland, for the Guion Line of Liverpool

May 31, 1879

Maiden voyage: Liverpool - Queenstown - New York.

July 1879

Made record eastbound passage between Sandy Hook and Queenstown of 7 days 8 hrs 11mins at an average speed of 15.96 knots.

November 7, 1879

Collided with an iceberg on an eastbound voyage to Liverpool. While the damage was severe, she remained afloat and was able to proceed to St. John's where she underwent temporary repairs before returning to Scotland. Guion advertised this near disaster as proof of the ship's strength.

May 12, 1894

Laid up in Gareloch until 1898 when she was rebuilt to 5,305 gross tons, one funnel, yards and rigging removed, fitted with triple-expansion engines and accommodation for 40-1st and 1,000-3rd class passengers. Placed on the San Francisco - Japan - China service.


Sold to the US Government and renamed HANCOCK.


Used as a receiving ship at Brooklyn Navy Yard.


Used as a troopship.




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