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Lloyd Italiano Line

Image of ss Florida (Lloyd Italiano Line)

Length: 381.4 ft.
Breadth: 48.1 ft.
Draft (or Depth):
Tonnage: 5,018 (gross)
Speed: 14 knots
Builder: Societa Esercizio Bacini, Rive Trigoso, Italy
Launched: June 22, 1905
Maiden Voyage: September 18. 1905
Disposition: December 12, 1917 - Collided with another vessel and sank.

Port of Registry: Genoa, Italy
Flag of Registry: Italian
Funnel color: Yellow: two black bands
Company flag: Blue, white diamond center, yellow anchor surmounted by a blue circle bearing the yellow letters " L(reversed) I L".
Signal Letters:
Wireless call letters: M A V
Details: Two funnels, two masts, twin screw; accommodations, 25-1st, 1,600-3rd class


Relationship to Titanic disaster / inquiries.

Collided with, and sank, White Star liner Republic in 1909. This collision and it's aftermath, including the use or wireless was brought numerous times during testimony at the two inquiries.



June 22, 1905

Launched by Societa Esercizio Bacini, Rive Trigoso, Italy for Lloyd Italiano Line of Genoa, Italy.

September 18. 1905

Maiden voyage: Genoa - Naples - Buenos Aires.

January 23, 1909

Collided with and sank White Star steamer Republic in heavy fog off the east coast of the United States. Florida made her way to New York and was repaired. This marked the first use of wireless telegraphy to summon assistance to a vessel in distress.


Sold to Ligure Brasiliana of Genoa, Italy. Renamed Cavour.

December 12, 1917

Collided with Italian Auxiliary Cruiser Caprera near Armevilla, Italy and sank.


Image Courtesy: Old Ship Photo Galleries (www.photoship.co.uk) Used with permission.