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Leyland Line

Image of ss Bohemian (Leyland Line)

Length: 512 ft.
Breadth: 58.2 ft.
Draft (or Depth): 34.3 ft.
Tonnage: 8,548 (gross)
Engines: Steam, triple expansion, 807 n.h.p.
Speed: 13 knots
Builder: Alexander Stephen & Sons Glasgow, Scotland, (Yard No 386)
Launched: June 28, 1900
Maiden Voyage:
Disposition: March 1, 1920 - Ran aground. Total loss.

Port of Registry: Liverpool, England
Flag of Registry: British
Funnel color: Pink; black top
Company flag: Red
Signal Letters:
Wireless call letters: M E L


Relationship to Titanic disaster / inquiries.

Exchanged signals with ss Baltic following Titanic disaster. Named in Baltic's proces verbal, submitted on day 14 of the U. S. Inquiry.


June 28, 1900

Launched by Alexander Stephen & Sons Glasgow, Scotland, (Yard No 386) as Bohemian for the Leyland Line.

March 1, 1920

Grounded on a submerged object in a storm off Sambro Island, outside Halifax, N.S., and sank. Seven lives lost.