Limitation of Liability Hearings


State of New York : ss.
County of New York

Edith  L. Rosenbaum, being duly sworn, deposes and says, I am the claimant in the above-entitled claim. The above claim is true to my own knowledge except as to the matters stated to be alleged upon information and belief, and as to those matters I believe it to be true.

Sworn to before me this 28th   Edith L. Rosenbaum (sig.)
  Day of July  , 1913.

Isabel W. Bonner (sig.)  Notary Public  #309
  New York County.


Southern District of New York, ss.

being duly sworn, says that he is one of the proctors for the  above-named claimant; that the said claimant is absent from this district and more than a hundred miles from the City of New York, and deponent is authorized to act for said claimant herein; that he has read the foregoing claim and knows the contents thereof, and the matters therein stated are true to the best of his knowledge, information and belief; that deponent's means of information are letters in his possession which he believes to be true. 

Sworn to before me this
  day of  1912.