Limitation of Liability Hearings




Southern District of
New York.

In the matter of the Petition
of the Oceanic Steam Navigation
Company, Limited, owner of the
Steamship, Titanic in a cause of
Limitation of Liability.

Proof of claim in estate of John Edward Maguire late of Brockton in the County of Plymouth and Commonwealth of Massachusetts .

I, John Maguire, No. 30, Spruce street in said Brockton on oath depose and say that I am the sole surviving parent and sole heir of said John Edward Maguire, that I was on July 8th, 1912 duly appointed administrator of the estate of John Edward Maguire, that in appearing and making my proof of loss hereinafter set forth I do not waive but expressly reserve any rights I may have either at law or in equity in any state or Federal Court of the United States of America or of any Court in Great Britain by virtue of Lord Campbell's Act, so called, passed in the year 1846 by the Parliament of Great Britain or any amendments thereof or additions thereto or by virtue of any other statute or law of said Great Britain or of any of the laws or statutes of any of the states of the United States of America or of any statutes of the Congress of the United States, against the International Mercantile Marine Company, the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, Limited, the owners and proprietors of the White Star Line, so called, operating steamships in the Atlantic Ocean or the directors of any of the above named corporations.

My claim of loss is as follows:

Value of baggage and personal effects owned
by said John Edward Maguire, and lost with
said Titanic.
Value of life of John Edward Maguire to me
his sole heir, based on his monthly contributions
to me, in need of the same, my age, and chances
of life.
Total claim

I further assert that I do not by my said appearance and proof admit any of the allegations set forth in said petition. I attach hereto my original letter of administration.

John Maguire (sig.)

Subscribed and sworn to this third (lay of January 1913, before me,

Albert M. Rollins (sig.)
Notary Public.