Limitation of Liability Hearings



Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


To John Maguire

Of Brockton in the County of Plymouth,
and Commonwealth aforesaid.

YOU are appointed administrator of the estate of John Edward Maguire
late of Brockton in said County of Plymouth,
deceased, intestate.

And you are required to make and return to said Probate Court, within three months from the date hereof, a true inventory of all the real and personal estate of said deceased which at the time of the making of such inventory shall have come to your possession or knowledge;

To administer according to law all the personal estate of said deceased which may come to your possession, or that of any person for you, and also the proceeds of any of the real estate of said deceased that may be sold or mortgaged by you;

To render, upon oath, a true account of your administration, at least once a year, until your trust is fulfilled, unless excused therefrom, in any year, by said Court;

To pay any balance remaining in your hands upon the settlement of your accounts, to such persons as said Court shall direct;

To deliver these letters of administration into said Court, in case any will of said deceased shall be hereafter duly proved and allowed;

And also, within three months, to cause notice of your appointment to be posted in two or more public places in the city or town in which said deceased last dwelt, or cause the same to be published once in each week for three successive weeks in the
a newspaper published in
and return your affidavit of having given such notice, with a copy thereof, to the Probate Court.

Witness, Loyed E. Chamberlain Judge of said Court, at Plymouth this eighth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twelve.

Summer A. Chapman (sig.) Register.