Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry




coal passer, Storstad,




By Mr. Haight:


5156. Were you a coal passer on the Storstad on the night of the collision?
- Yes, sir.

5157. How long had you been on the steamer?
- Twenty-seven months.

5158. Was it your watch below?
- Yes, sir.

5159. Were you awakened before the collision?
- Yes.

5160. What wakened you?
- When the Storstad commenced to go astern.

5161. Why did that wake you up?
- The vibration woke me up.

5162. Well, what did you do after you felt the vibration and woke up?
- I went on deck.

5163. Did you get on deck before you felt the jar of the collision?
- No.

5164. Where were you when you felt the jar?
- On the way to the deck.

5165. On what were you, on the way to the deck?
- On the companion-way.

5166. On the ladder?
- Yes, on the ladder.

5167. And when you got on deck, which side did you go to?
- To the starboard side.

5168. When you got up on to the starboard side, did you see anything then of the other steamer?
- I saw a light on the starboard side.

5169. Could you see the outline of the ship or just see the white light?
- Only the light.

5170. Could you tell whether you saw the whole of the other ship or any part of it?
- I could just see the loom of the hull.

5171. How much of the ship do you think was then to the starboard of your bow?
- I can’t say that.

5172. What did you do after you looked forward and saw the vessel?
- I went to the boat deck.

5173. What did you do there?
- Helped to get the boats out.

5174. And what was the last you saw of the other steamer?
- I saw it disappear on the starboard side.

5175. How many trips did you make in the boat?
- I made two trips in one of the Empress boats.

5176. Did you give up any of your clothes to the survivors?
- No.

Mr. Haight:
That is all.

Mr. Aspinall:
No questions.