Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry







Mr. Haight:
My Lord, I am afraid this witness doesn’t speak very much English. We will have to avail ourselves of the service of the Interpreter.

Lord Mersey:
Very well.


By Mr. Haight:


5139. Were you one of the sailors on board the Storstad at the time of the collision?
- Fireman.

5140. Where were you when the collision happened?
- In bed.

5141. What aroused you?
- The jar.

5142. What did you do after you felt the jar of the collision?
- I ran up.

5143. Where are your quarters?
- Aft.

5144. And when you came on deck aft where did you go?
- Right outside the door.

5145. Well did you stand amidship or did you go to one side or the other?
- Right under the entrance down to the forecastle on the starboard side.

5146. Did you see anything at all of the steamer then, the other steamer?
- I could see the loom of the hull.

5147. Where was it?
- Just broadside on the bow, right across our bow.

5148. When you came up to the door and looked up, what did you do next?
- I jumped down into the forecastle again.

5149. What for?
- To put my coat on.

5150. And then where did you go?
- On deck.

5151. What did you do on deck?
- I went to the boat deck.

5152. Did you go to one of the boats?
- Yes.

5153. Which boat?
- No. 2 on the starboard side.

5154. When you got up on to the starboard side and at boat No. 2 on the starboard, where was the Empress?
- I don’t know, I couldn’t see her.

5155. Did you look to see her?
- No.

Mr. Haight:
That is all.

Mr. Aspinall:
No questions.