Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry




sailor on the Storstad,




The examination of this witness was resumed.


By Mr. Haight:


5121. Were you one of the sailors on the Storstad at the time of the collision with the Empress?
- I was fireman on board the Storstad at the time of the collision.

5122. Were you on duty at the time of the collision?
- I just came on deck.

5123. What had you been called for?
- To hoist ashes.

5124. Where did you come on deck? Forward or aft?
- Aft.

5125. Where are the crew’s quarters?
- Aft.

5126. Do you remember hearing any whistle from your boat or from any boat?
- No, sir.

5127. Were you on deck before the collision occurred?
- Yes.

5128. Did you feel the jar when the boats came together?
- A little bit.

5129. Did you see anything of the other steamer before you felt the jar?
- Yes.

5130. What did you see?
- I saw the lights.

5131. How many lights?
- I do not know, I cannot say that.

5132. Was anybody else on the deck aft with you?
- One by the name of Knute.

5133. Where were the lights of the other steamer that you saw?
- Right forward.

Lord Mersey:
I don’t know Mr. Haight what lights you are referring to.

Mr. Haight:
The lights of the other steamer.

Lord Mersey:
Yes, but I don’t know whether he understood you to be speaking of the lights generally or of any light in particular.

Mr. Haight:
Well perhaps I should make it more definite, my Lord.

5134. Well what kind of lights were they that you saw on the other steamer?
- White lights.

5135. But can’t you say more than that? Were they masthead lights or some other kind of lights?
- I can’t say. I only saw lights, and I can’t say what they were.

5136. Well did you see many or few?
- I saw a good deal.

5137. A good many?
- Yes, a good many.

5138. After you felt the jar of the collision, what became of the lights on the other steamer?
- They disappeared to the starboard.

Mr. Haight:
That is all, my Lord.

Mr. Aspinall:
No questions.