The ship was provided with boat accommodation for 2,605 persons. The number of persons on board on the voyage in question was 1,959.

The number of boats was 48. Twenty-two of these were ordinary lifeboats hanging from davits-eleven on each side of the boat deck. These had a total carrying capacity of 1,323. The remainder (26) were collapsible boats, with a total carrying capacity of 1,282. Eighteen of the collapsible boats were stowed under eighteen of the lifeboats. The remaining eight were stowed four on each side abaft the lifeboats.

In addition the ship was provided with 2,325 life-jackets (125 of which were for children) and 35 lifebuoys. All these were conveniently distributed on board.

The boats, the life-jackets and the lifebuoys were inspected at Liverpool on the 17th of March, 1915, by the resident Board of Trade Surveyor, and again on the 15th of April, 1915, by the Board of Trade Emigration Officer. Both these gentlemen were called before me and satisfied me that the condition of the different appliances was in every way satisfactory.

The boats were also examined by the ship's carpenter at New York on the commencement of the homeward voyage on the 1st of May and found to be in good order.