British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry

Day 4


Admiral Inglefield:
At any time on the forenoon of the 7th did you or your officers take any observation of the sun for fixing your position, either by latitude or longitude?
- No.

Captain Davies:
I should like to ask why you did not take the observation?
- Because the officers were more particularly looking out for submarines and periscopes.

But you could have got them?
- Yes, you could have got them, decidedly. The weather was quite clear.

The Commissioner:
Anyway, you did not?
- No, I did not, it is quite true.

The Commissioner:
Now, Mr. Solicitor, there is a gentleman outside who is very anxious, apparently, to add something to the evidence. I am not going to take the responsibility of sending him away. You have been told, I daresay, what he proposes to say.

The Solicitor-General:
Yes. What he proposes to say relates to the sounding of the siren during the fog, and I will ask Captain Turner about that, if you will allow me. (To the Witness): When you stopped because of the fog, did you sound your fog horn?
- Yes, certainly.

All the time?
- All the time, automatically, every minute.

Did it occur to you that that might be very dangerous, having regard to the submarines?
- No.

Would it not have been audible for a long way?
- No doubt.

How far were you away from the shore where you were, roughly?
- I should think pretty well over 20 miles from shore at that time, or more - 40 miles.

(The Witness withdrew.)