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YOUNG, ALFRED, Professional Member of the Marine Department of the Board of Trade. 23139-587:

Binoculars for look-out men, disapproved. 23454-9.

Delay in dealing with boat scale at, reason for, statement re. 23587.
Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee:

Letter to, on amendment of rules as to boats. 23298, 23384-6, 23460-71.
Report. 1911:

Delay in dealing with, cause. 23290-8.
Opinion of Witness re. 23151-8.

Principal officers, boat tests by, reports re. 23298.
Position of Witness at the Board of Trade. 23504, 23533-45.

As to emergency doors and exits. 23565-7.
As to life-saving appliances, alterations in, as to form of lifeboats recommended. 23298.


Additional, method proposed for carrying. 23357.
Basis of. 23565.
Increase in, considered practicable. 23511-3.
Modified table of, laid before the Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee. 23567-84.
Opinion held by Witness as to, embodied in a report sent to the Board of Trade. 23153-63, 23290, 23300-43.
Report of Mr. Harris, Principal Officer, Glasgow, as to revision of. 23388-402, 23460-71.
Revision of scale, opinion of Witness re. 23157-99, 23344-71.
For ships over 45,000 tons, increase in, proposal re. 23363-74, 23408-32.


Berthon, description. 23264-8.
Under davits, capacity in cubic feet, recommendation re. 23271A-89.
Engelhardt, description. 23267-71.
Experiments with, where and when made. 23292-8.
Form, deterioration in, enquiry re. 23291-8.
Inboard, opinion re. 23239-46.
Proper deck to carry, questions re. 23515­33.
Utility of, in rough sea, opinion of Witness re. 23231-51.

Certificate held by Witness. 23141.
Davits to carry four boats, practicability. 23252-6.
Experience of Witness at sea. 23142.
Firemen, training of, opinion of Witness re. 23224-8.
International regulations, as to speed in fog or rain. 23347-52.
Look-out men, sight test of, advocated. 23453.
Manning scale for emigrant ships, extension proposed. 23433-46.

Boat drills, method of training proposed for. 23200-22.
Deck hands, training, proposals re. 23187­222, 23212-22.

Passenger steamers, boat accommodation on, for all (proposed), opinion of Witness re. 23176-97.

Boat accommodation, question as to practicability of providing for all on board, opinion re. 23229-52.
Disaster, modifications proposed in the light of. 23474-503.

Watertight bulkheads, longitudinal, opinion re. 23491-503.
Watertight compartments, effective subdivision of, as a main factor of safety. 23357.

Consideration by, of a letter of 1st February. Sir W. Howell. 22517-27.
Letter of, dated 28th March, reference. Sir W. Howell. 22499.
Report of the Sub-Committee, July, 1911, considered by, and experiments made in consequence. Sir W. Howell. 22454-65.
References. Sir W. Howell. 22119, 22689, 22726. Sir A. Chalmers. 22866.

YOUNG, HUGH, formerly Commander in Anchor Liners. 25220-53:

Certificates held by Witness. 25221.
Experience of Witness at sea. 25220-3.
Ice reports, action taken by Witness in cases of. 25230-7.
S.S. “City of Rome.” commanded by Witness, speed of. 23229.
Temperature, fall of, indication. 25238-40.

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