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Union Castle Line:

Badges of boat stations given by. G. Beauchamp. 828-30.
Boat drills in. A. Shiers. 4803-6, 4828-30. C. Mackay. 10821-8. J. Taylor. 12220.
Bulkhead drills in. A. Shiers. 4805, 4828-30.
Davits fitted on, to carry two boats each. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21275-9.
Look-out men, taking turns as. G. Hogg. 17488-93.

United States of America:


As to boat accommodation:

April 27th, 1912, provision under. E. Wilding. 20887-900. Sir W. Howell. 22528, 22619-21.
Basis of, on gross tonnage. Sir W. Howell. 22529.
Handed in. Sir W. Howell. 22496.
Recognition by, of British requirements. Sir A. Chalmers. 22967-72.

As to Immigration:

Compliance of, with Board of Trade. H. Sanderson. 19094-9.
Compliance of S.S. “Titanic” with. E. Wilding. 19814, 19819.

As to Life-saving appliances, non-recognition of, under Merchant Shipping Act. Sir W. Howell. 22107-9.

Survey of passenger steamers, actual agreement as to regulations re. Sir W. Howell. 22100-2.

“United States Pilot,” as to ice in the direct route, quotation from, and discussion. B. Harvey. 24549-63.

United Wireless Company of America, Marconi system used by. C. Evans. 9157-61.

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Virgin rocks, ice commonly seen in, route going close to. F. Passow. 21866-9.

Vulkan Company, Stettin, shipbuilders, referred to. E. Wilding. 20809.

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Warships, construction of, without doors in watertight bulkheads. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21465-70.

Washington, Hydrographic office, see Hydrographic Office, Washington.

Watt. J. B., late Commodore of the Cunard. Line, co-option of, to the Life-saving Appliances Sub-Committee, 1911. Sir N. Hill. 24640.

Watts, Mr., representative of the Shipowners' Parliamentary Committee on the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1909. Sir W. Howell. 22423-32.

Water, pressure of, on watertight doors. E. Wilding. 20663-881.

Welch, Professor John Joseph, member of the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1912, reference. Sir W. Howell. 22252.

WELIN, MR. (designer of davits):

Lecture delivered by, as to double acting davits, quotation re. H. Sanderson. 19393.
Sketch made by, for additional boats on liners. H. Sanderson. 19188-93.

Welin's davits (double acting):

Adoption of, by White Star Company. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21477-85.
Installation of, in S.S. “Titanic.” Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21281.
Interest of Witness in. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21496-500.
Plan of, submitted. E. Wilding. 20758, 20769.

Welin's Quadrant Davit Company, Witness's ideas as to davits submitted to. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21270-81.

WHEAT, JOSEPH THOMAS, assistant second steward on S.S. “Titanic.” 10868-11071:

BOAT 11:

Equipment. 13216-9.
Lowering of, empty, to A Deck. 13235-8.
Total number of persons in, and proportions of sex and crew. 13209-12.
Witness ordered into. 13206.
Women and children put into. 13199-213.


Boat 9, filling of. 13187-9.
Boat station of Witness. 13215.
Bulkhead door drill. 13264-6.
Collision, Witness's impression of. 10876- 90.
Deck A, duties of Witness on, in filling boat 11. 13191-204.
Deck E, water running off, to F Deck. 10958-11054.
Deck G, water coming over, time of. 10910­21.
Official position of Witness on. 10869-73.
Orders to stewards to go to boat stations. 10956.
Rousing of passengers and men, and getting lifebelts. 10942-53.
Stewards, organisation of, in case of danger. 13220-9.
Watertight doors, closed by Witness. 10922-41, 13230-4.


On boat 11. C. Mackay. 10757, 10784, 10785, 10787, 10811.
As to complement of Boat 9. E. Wilding. 20491.
As to water on E Deck referred to. A. Robinson. 13279.
Referred to. J. Johnson. 3397, 3399, 3613.

White, greaser on the S.S. “Titanic,” information from, as to extent of damage. J. Johnson. 3363-6.

Whiteman, G, [Weikman] first class barber on the S.S. “Titanic,” picked up out of collapsible boat. F. Morris. 5492. E. Brown. 10596.

White Star Company:

Canadian Line, regulations as to ice-lanes, referred to. R Jones 23630.
Control exercised by, over builders. H. Sanderson. 19204. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle 21321, 21345.
Diagram showing growth of. H. Sanderson. 19078-81.
Directors, plans for double davits submitted to and discussed. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21365-416, 21277-96.
Lines run by. J. B. Ismay. 18229-37.
Management of, in England, under whose authority. J. B. Ismay. 18897-901.
Manager, Southampton, telegram from, read, as to composition of lifeboats' crews. H. Sanderson. 19414.
Marconi agreement with. H. Sanderson. 19257. G. Marconi. 24951.

Consideration by, of difficulties as to boat drills. G. Bartlett. 21560-90.
Duties. G. Bartlett. 21533, 21541-44.
Southampton see Steel. B.

Responsibility for supply of lifeboats, questions re. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21315-49.
Statement as to number of passengers carried and total loss of life, 1901-12, handed in. H. Sanderson. 19732-42.

White Star Line:

Binoculars, supply of, practice re. G Hogg. 17513-6. J. B. Ismay. 18947-50. H. Sanderson. 19356-19357.
Boat-badges showing boat stations supplied to men. G. Bartlett. 21742-3.

Before the clearances, facilities for. G. Bartlett. 21551-5.
Difficulty in carrying out. H. Sanderson. 19238.
Evidence re. G. Beauchamp. 852-5. J. Johnson. 3599. G. Cavell. 4427-9. C. Mackay. 10822. C. Lightoller. 14451-5.
Firemen's reports of, discussions re. G. Bartlett. 21556-90, M. H. Clarke. 24151-63.
In harbour, frequency of. H. Sanderson. 19236.


Firemen as allocated in. H. Sanderson. 19456-62.
Handed in. H. Sanderson. 19716-23.
Mustering of crews in accordance with, practice re. H. Sanderson. 19224-8.

Boat musters held during passage. H. Sanderson. 19224-8, 19233-5.

Allocation of crew to. H. Sanderson. 19721.
Difficulty in supplying seamen for. H. Sanderson. 19422-41.
Equipment, inspection of, prior to giving certificate. B. Steel. 22012.
Extra provision of, since disaster. J. B. Ismay. 18682-4. H. Sanderson. 19131, 19149.
Notice on, as to capacity. G. Bartlett. 21590A-607.
Plans of, submitted, questions re. E. Wilding. 20755-72.


Binoculars supplied to look-outs if desired by. J. B. Ismay. 18947-50.
Discretionary powers of, to deviate from tracks. H. Sanderson. 19337, 19751-4, 19765-86.
Instructions to:

Ice not mentioned in. J. B. Ismay. 18611-3, 18625-30, 18701-17.
As to ice reports, questions re. H. Sanderson. 19548-52.
As to navigation. H. Sanderson. 19271.
Since disaster. H. Sanderson. 19334.

Letter given to, on appointment, handed in. J. B. Ismay. 18953.
Reports made by:

As to ice. H. Sanderson. 19303-9.
After passages, specimens read. H. Sanderson. 19231-3.

Chart-rooms notice handed in of instructions to officers. J. B. Ismay. 18954, 19073.

Boat training of. H. Sanderson. 19440.
Continuous service of, proposed, difficulties re. J. B. Ismay. 18738-47. H. Sanderson. 19536-47.
Deck hands, meaning of term. H. Sanderson. 19433.
Mustering on board before sailing, hour of. B. Steel. 21989-96.
Seamen, allocation of, to lifeboats, difficulty re. H. Sanderson. 19425-41.
Shore gangs from, proposal re. H. Sanderson. 19540.


Inducements offered to, to attend boat drill. H. Sanderson. 19418. G. Bartlett. 21560-78. B. Steel. 21965-8.
Refusals to attend boat drill. H. Sanderson. 19238-46, 19416-21, 19441, 19643-56, 19724-9. G. Bartlett. 21556-90, 21656-78, 21766-80. B. Steel. 21961-7, 21980-2008.


Directions to, on seeing an obstacle. J. B. Ismay. 18712.
Doubling of, at discretion of captains. J. B. Ismay. 18700-17.
Eye tests:

Difficulty in obtaining men with. H. Sanderson. 19453.
Explanation of practice re. C. Lightoller. 14431-50, 14696-701.

At forecastle head, practice re. J. Poingdestre. 3157, 3335-9.
Signing on of. F. Fleet. 17449-52. G. Hogg. 17493.


Contract for, speed mentioned. J. B. Ismay. 18295-303.
Delivery of, to postal authorities in New York, questions re. H. Sanderson. 19366-9.

Marconi operators, control of. H. Sanderson. 19257.
Night signal of, seen. A. Rostron. 25394, 25401.

Instructions to:

As to action in immediate danger. C. Lightoller. 14376-85.
Handed in. J. B. Ismay. 18821-4.
Ice not specifically mentioned in. J. B. Ismay. 18951-6.
As to precautionary measures to be taken. H. Sanderson. 19467-73.
Questions re. C. Lightoller. 14358.
Quotation from. C. Lightoller. 14841-3.

Nationality of. E. Wilding. 20418.

Passengers, third class, conducting of, to boat deck, questions re. Sir W. Howell. 22763-6.
Rafts, provision of, on liners since the disaster. H. Sanderson. 19176-82.
Regulations of, as to sight-tested men as look-outs. H. Sanderson. 19452-4.

Boats, increase of, and placing. H. Sanderson. 19481-8, 19519-22.
Examination of, for certification. H. Sanderson. 19497-9.
Navigation, Witness not interfering in. J. B. Ismay. 18904-7.
Non-classification of, by registration societies. J. B. Ismay. 18797-9.
Orders for construction, system. J. B. Ismay. 18281-9.
Passages, time occupied by, and estimations as to time of arrival. H. Sanderson. 19271-86.
Speed of:

Practice re. J. Poingdestre. 3335-9. C. Lightoller. 14362. H. Sanderson. 19317-39, 19694-703. J. Ranson. 24976-91.
Table re. H. Sanderson. 19078-81.

Southampton, telegram from, as to boat drills read. H. Sanderson. 19729.
Trial trips, records not attempted on. J. B. Ismay. 18891.

See also Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, Limited, and under Sanderson. H. A.

WILDE, Mr., Chief Officer on the S.S. “Titanic”:

Bulkhead door inspection held by. J. Hart. 10306.
Certificate held by. G. Bartlett. 21629.
Crew of boat mustered by. J. Johnson. 3430, 3433.
Experience of, referred to. C. Lightoller. 14742-3.
Joining of ship by, time of. C. Lightoller. 13433-4.
Information given to, as to wound in ship. S. Hemming. 17731.
At launching of boats. J. Poingdestre. 2936-43. C. Joughin. 5943-8.
Loading and manning by, of Boat 10. C. Joughin. 6278-82.
Non-supply of binoculars to look-outs reported to. C. Lightoller. 14485.

As to boats. C. Lightoller. 13820.
To boatman. J. Scarrott. 370, 373, 383, 489.
To emergency Boat 2. J. Boxhall. 15424.
As to equipment of boats. J. Boxhall. 15440-6.
Passengers to starboard. C. Lightoller. 13867.
Passengers to go to Boat 10. A. Crawford. 17910-8, 18020, 18076-84.

Period of service in White Star Line. G. Bartlett. 21629.
When last seen by Witness. C. Lightoller. 14766.
Women called for boats by. G. Rowe. 17630.
Watch of. C. Lightoller. 13496.
Referred to. C. Lightoller. 13419.

WILDING, EDWARD, Naval Architect, in the employment of Messrs. Harland and Wolff. 19789-20073, 20188-1038, 25291-352:


Inspections by, at building of S.S. “Titanic.” 20652, 20872-6.
Plans submitted to, and subsequent procedure. 21019-38.
Requirements of, complied with by builders of. S.S. “Titanic.” 25351, 25352.
Watertight Bulkheads Committee, 1891, report of, on longitudinal bulkheads, quoted. 20419-21.


Accommodation, British, American, and German law requirements as to, compared. 20887-900.

Construction. 20563-74.
Description of, and equipment. 20582-9.


Releasing gear of, description. 20506-22.
Testing and result. 20929-31.

Lowering appliances, simplification proposed. 20530-7.
Motor, opinion of Witness re. 20549-62.
Placing of. 20987, 20968.


Plans submitted by, to Board of Trade, handed in. 21019-38.
Staff of, on S.S. “Titanic,” number. 20925-8.

Information asked of, as to curves of buoyancy and load, etc., and reply. 25319­24.
Flotability, theory of. 20815-24.
Flotation, increase of, considered desirable. 20963-6, 20978-83.
Searchlights, disadvantages of. 20970-6, 20983-9.

Commercial requirements. 21013-5.
Double skin as a protection, questions re. 20056-63.
“Panting” of, definition. 20262.


Accommodation on. 20786-90.
Tonnage. 20779-81.

S.S. “ARIZONA,” iceberg struck by, stem on, result. 20275, 20284.

Calculations as to flooding of compartments, and memorandum re handed in. 25297-8.
Double bottoms, height as compared with those of S.S. “Titanic.” 20188-208.
Watertight doors:

Number of. 20943.
System explained. 20209-41.


Outer skin, thickness. 20840-51.
Turning circles and other tests of. 25292-6.

S.S. “President Lincoln” and S.S. “President Grant,” carrying capacities and boat accommodation. 20887-900.
S.S. “Teutonic” and S.S. “Majestic,” watertight bulkheads, longitudinal, alterations made later. 20877-81.


Construction. 20490-505.
Designing of, questions re. 20749-50.
Equipment. 20580-4.
Falls, type of. 20527-47.

Boiler room 4, flooding of, evidence read re. 20341-53.
Boiler section 6, thickness of bulkheads. 20630-43.
Cargo, assumption as to, when calculating watertight compartments flooding. 20199-209.
Coal bunker, fire in, possible damage to bulkhead. 20882-5.
Construction, checks of supervision on. 20648-59.
Davits, plans for two or more boats for, questions re. 20757-72.

Boat deck:

Access to. 19842-961.
Height and length. 19839-41.

Construction, etc. 19962-83.
Heights. 19801-11.

Descriptive statement of ship handed in. 19814.
Designing of, in office of Witness. 19792.
Distress signals, nature of. 20575-9.
Double bottom:

Construction. 20252-7.
Height as compared with Cunarders. 20188-208.

Electric plant. 19820-37.
Engine room, message as to flooding, opinion re. 20936-8.
Explosions (alleged) at time of sinking, opinion re. 20914-7.
Fracture (alleged), negatived. 20258-61.
Funnels, falling of, cause. 20919-21.
Inner skin, ice penetrating through. 20713-31.

Correction of, by moving passengers to other side. 20932-5.
To port, possible explanation. 20246-51.
To starboard, possible explanation. 20242-6.

Load draught, and displacement at. 19796­800.
Outer skin, thickness of. 20840-51.
Passenger certificate. 19812-3.
Passengers, first class, access to boat deck. 19871-918, 19930-42.
Plans of flooding, showing condition of ship after lapse of time. E. Wilding. 20325-8, 20370­84.
Probable saving of vessel if hit stem on. 20269-72.
Pumping system. 20465-9.
Side-doors, position and utility. 20478-81.
Speed, maximum considered possible. 20923.
Spiral staircase, proposed trunking of, higher, possible effect of. 25307-18.
Structure. 20041-73.
Third class accommodation, access from, to boat deck, time taken. 20940-1.
Turning-circles, diagrams re, handed in. 25291-6.
Volume of water coming into, calculation re. 20422.
Water ballast, total. 20994-9.
Watertight bulkheads:

A, stepping of, higher to meet requirements. 25325-7.
In excess of requirements, proportion. 20958-60.
Fore peak, testing of. 20612-7.
(between No. 5 and 6 boiler section), injury by fire, extent of. 20409-11.
Plating, stiffening of, in excess of requirements. 20618-22, 20640-3, 20906-9.
Resistibility, questions re. 20591-662.
Strength of. 20398-408.
Strength of, and riveting, questions re. 25328-50.

Watertight compartments:

Flooding, number possible without sinking. 20953-60.
System to permit of certain flooding. 20285-309.

Watertight deck, position and object. 19987-20005.
Watertight doors:

Action of, in closing. 20426-50.
Principle of, explanation. 20457-64.


Extent. 20336-9.
Length and average width in feet. E. Wilding. 20422-5.
Marked on model. 25299-306.
Plans made, to show, on evidence given. 20310-84.

Warships, skin of. 20064-7.

Heights. 20623-9.
Longitudinal flooding of, possible danger from. 20412-21.
Resistibility, construction as affecting. 20618-22.

Watertight compartments, coal bunkers as, practical objections. 20218-40.
Watertight decks (lateral), proposed, disadvantages. 21000-15.

Photograph put in showing working of. 20949-52.
Probable working. 20663-41.

United States of America, immigration laws, compliance of S.S. “Titanic” with. 19814, 19819.

Descriptive statement of, as to watertight doors, quoted. L. Peskett. 21127.
On difficulty in keeping hatchways on watertight decks watertight. L. Peskett. 21167­71.


Member of the Advisory Committee, and Life-saving Appliances (Board of Trade), report signed by, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21520-2.
Nominated by the National Sailors' and Firemen's Union and representing seamen on the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1909. Sir W. Howell. 22426-32.
Representing the Seamen's Union on the Life­saving Appliances Sub-Committee. 1911. Sir N. Hill. 24587.
Referred to. Sir W. Howell. 22594.

Wilson Line, agreement as to North Atlantic routes signed by. J. B. Ismay. 18978.

Wilson, William (steward), in boat 11, referred to. C. Mackay. 10758, 10782.

Wilson, second assistant engineer, in section 5, referred to. F. Barrett. 1960, 1984, 2246.

Wireless telegraphy:

De Forest system of, operators not permitted to communicate with. C. Evans. 9142-7.
Distress signals in, provision for systems other than Marconi. G. Marconi. 24862-4.

Regulations in:

As to obligation to accept distress messages. G. Marconi. 24922.
49, on priority of messages. G. Marconi. 24933-6.
73, as to distress signals. G. Marconi. 24922-7.

Marconi system, see that title, and under Marconi, Guglielmo.
Safety obtained by. Sir. W. Howell. 22415, 22421.
See also Marconi System.

WYNN, WALTER, Quartermaster on the S.S. “Titanic.” 13315-407:


Crew. 13332.
Equipment. 13353-7.
Man in charge of. 13328.
Persons in, sex and class. 13330-4.

Boats, proper number to man. 13368-73, 13382-7, 13401-6.
Look-out, in bows, practice re. 13378-81.
Previous experience of Witness in lifeboat rescues. 13364-8.
Quartermasters' duties on. 13352.

Boat station not known. 13388-93.
Conduct of Witness after collision. 13394-400.
Kitbag of, questions re. 13395-400.
Lights seen from, description. 13336-51.
Orders to Witness:

To assist at Boat 9. 13326-8.
To boat station. 13323-7.
To prepare accident boats. 13320.

Rousing of Witness after accident. 13317-9.

Referred to. G. Symons. 11445.

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