SANDERSON, HAROLD ARTHUR, member of the firm of Messrs. Ismay, Imrie and Company, managers of the White Star Line, 19074- 788:

A.B.'s, shortage of. 19663.
Binoculars, utility of. 19347-52.

Boat drill, combination of, with company's drill. 19247.
Certificates of, supplied to S.S. “Titanic.” 19089-101.
Regulations, as to lifeboats, as compared with provision on the S.S. “Titanic.” 19122-9.
Requirements, as to construction of ships. 19582-8.

Boat stations, object of. 19405-7.
Harland and Wolff, Messrs., responsibility of, as to boating according to requirements. 19270-82.

Book of rules, by whom drawn up, and application of. 19755-64.
Interest of, in the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company. 19589-91, 19598-618.
Ships' rules and uniform regulations issued by, quoted. 19619-40.


Interest of, in Oceanic Steam Navigation Company. 19589-91.
Steamships owned by. 19603-7.

Ismay, Imrie and Co., Messrs., managers of Oceanic Steam Navigation Company. 19595-7.

Accommodation in:

For all, inexpediency of. 19131, 19171, 19487, 19553-63.
Proposed increase of, considered unwise. 19130-6.

Increased number, placing of, and probable number. 19151-69.
Launching of, difficulty re. 19488-93.
Manning of, proper number of A.B.'s required for. 19208-23, 19399-407.


Lifeboats, object in carrying. 19560-2.
Passengers' tickets to have boat station marked on, proposal re. 19523-6.

Lloyd's, classification at, effect of, on the public. 19493-6.
Marconi International Marine Communication Company, agreement of, with Oceanic Steam Navigation Company. 19256.
Merchant Shipping Act. 1894, Section 1, registration by ships under. 19613-5.

Agreement as to, object of. 19287-90.
Alteration since disaster, route agreed upon. 19287-96.
Avoidance of ice, in different months, questions re. 19297-316.
Vessels not observing agreement as to. 19745-50.


Mail contracts, speed minimum under. 19276, 19277.
White Star liners owned by. 19589-97.

Rafts, provision of, on liners. 19176-82.
Report of Captain Smith, before sailing. 19109-12.
Searchlights for liners (proposed), opinion of Witness re. 19353, 19511-4.
S.S. “Canopic,” deviation of, from track, on account of ice reports. 19779.
S.S. “Oceanic,” refusal of firemen for boat muster. 19532-5.

Highest speed and fastest passage. 19278­84.
Lifeboats, additional number supplied since disaster. 19679-93.

S.S. “Republic,” loss of life on, in collision with S.S. “Florida” 19735-8.


In excess of requirements, principle of. 19122-29, 19196-205.
Number, description and carrying capacity. 19115-22.
Provisioning of, questions re. 19507-10.

Certificates of. 19089-101.

In excess of Lloyd's requirements, questions re. 19564-87.
Special points of. 19103.

Course, alteration of, on account of ice report. 19329-34.
Crew, sufficiency of, to launch boats. 19183-6, 19206.
Davits, double acting, reason for provision of, questions re. 19383-94.
Engineers, loss of, reason. 19474-6.
Lifebelts and life-buoys, number provided. 19253, 19254.
Marconi installation, power of. 19103.

Efficiency of. 19104-8.
Watches, practice pursued. 19113.

Passengers, third class, access of, to boat deck. 19515-9.
Persons carried, total number, certificate for. 19085-92.
Trials, Witness representing the company on. 19500-3.
Watertight bulkheads, number and height. 19565-71.
Watertight compartments, doors in, effect of. 19504-6.


Association of Witness with. 19076.
Binoculars supplied by to look-outs since disaster. 19356, 19357.
Boat drills:

Difficulties of. 19643-56.
Telegram from Southampton as to, read. 19729.

Boat lists handed in. 19716-23.
Boat musters on each passage, requirements as to. 19224-8.

Difficulty in supplying seamen as crews for. 19422-41.
Extra provision of, already made. 19131, 19149.
Firemen as allocated in. 19456-62.
Placing of, proposals for. 19519-22.
Possible effect on stability of ship by extra provision of. 19481-8.


Discretionary powers of, as to alteration of course or track. 19337.
Deviations of, from routes, grounds for. 19751-4, 19765-86.
Instructions to, as to ice reports, questions re. 19548-52.
Reports made by, after passages, specimens read. 19231-8.


Continuous service of, possibility of, questions re. 19536-47.
Refusal of, to attend boat-drill. 19416-21.

Diagram showing growth of, handed in. 19078-81.
Examination of ships of, for certification. 19497-9.
Firemen, boat-drilling of, difficulties re. 19238-46, 19643-56, 19724-9.
Marconi operators, number in each vessel. 19259-65.
Passages, time occupied by, and estimations as to time of arrival. 19271-86.
Regulations to navigating officers as to precautionary measures to be taken. 19468-73.
Slowing down of liners in fogs. 19694-703.

Maintained in clear weather on account of ice reports. 19317-39.
Table as to. 19080-3.

Statement as to number of passengers carried and loss of life, 1901-1912, handed in. 19732-42.


Evidence of:

Difficulties in connection with boat drill. G. Bartlett. 21556.
As to placing of additional lifeboats. E. Wilding. 20855, 20961-7.
Plans and designs for double davits submitted to, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21283-96.
Presence of, at meetings of directors at which plans for double davits were submitted, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21365-416.

SCARROTT, JOSEPH, A. B. on the S.S. “Titanic” 332-651:

BOAT 14:

Condition of. 471-81, 486.
Course taken by. 396-412.
Crew. 559-68.
Difficulty in lowering. 395.
Engelhardt boat taken in tow by:

Condition. 635-49.
Questions re. 446-9, 453-7, 572-5.

Equipment. 520-43.
Filling. 377-83.
Icebergs seen at daylight from. 462-4, 569-72.
Lowering, time occupied. 393-5, 466-71.
Passengers and crew in. 383-93.
Procedure subsequent to sinking of S.S. “Titanic.” 427-45.
Rescues effected by. 441-3.


Boat-list, Witness's place in. 550-2.
Boat practice, prior to departure. 502-20.

Clearing of. 363-76, 588-95.
Difficulty in clearing. 374-6.
Falls, length of. 582, 596.
Women and children ordered into. 488.

Boatswain's orders. 348-50.
Iceberg seen after casualty. 350-5, 359-62.
Passengers, third class, access of, to boats. 603-17.
Revolver shots fired. 393, 583-7.
Sinking of, shock described. 339-43.
Watch duties of Witness. 333.
Weather conditions on April 14th. 650.

Evidence of Witness as to difficulty in lowering Boat 14. F. Morris. 5373, 5378. H. Lowe. 15943.

SCOTT, FREDERICK, Greaser on the S.S. “Titanic” 5506-906:


Rescue of Witness by. 5667-70, 5905-6.
Women and children in. 5672.


Boats, leaving of. 5891-903.
Breaking up of, description. 5674-84.
Duties of Witness in turbine department. 5511-20.
Engineers seen on deck by witness. 5794, 5831-6.
Engine room:

Order of events. 5836.
Telegraph orders to. 5523-38, 5607-34, 5803-18.

Lifebelts, where obtained. 5700, 5731-60.
Revolver fired by an officer. 5658, 5788-93.
Third class after-cabins, lifebelts fetched by crew from. 5732-61, 5844-91.
Time of going on deck. 5837.
Watertight doors:

Closing of, from the bridge. 5546-53.
Reopening of, by hand. 5570-606.

Evidence of Witness as to piping carried through watertight bulkheads, quoted. C. Lightoller. 14544-9.
Rescue of Witness in Boat 4, referred to. T. Ranger. 4054-89. C. Lightoller. 13949, 13956.

Seamanship, test of, considered impracticable. Sir A. Chalmers. 23013-21.

Seamen's and Firemen's Union:

Demand of, for a manning scale. Sir W. Howell. 22592-5.
Instructions of, as to look-out men in the bows. R. Hichens. 1305.
Representatives of, on the Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee, number, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21353. Sir N. Hill. 24575.


Advantages. F. Miller. 21908-15, 21935-42.
For detecting ice, disapproved. B. Steel. 21970-4.
Disadvantages. E. Wilding. 20970-6, 20983-9 F. Miller. 21917-21. Sir E. Shackleton. 25117-20.
Formerly fitted to a certain liner. E. Wilding. 20975.
Interference of, in navigation of other vessels. F. Miller. 21917-9.
On liners (proposed), disapproved. H. Sanderson. 19353, 19511-4.

Disapproved. G. Bartlett. 21626-8.
Stringent rules for use of, recommended. F. Miller. 21932-4.

In Navy, questions re. J. Boxhall. 15517-25.
Utility of, in ice regions, questions re. H. Pitman. 15099-102.

Seaton, Mr., Chief Examiner of Engineers, Marine Department, Board of Trade, referred to. Sir W. Howell. 22124.

Sedgmary, Mr., [Sedunary] Assistant to Chief Third Class steward, referred to. J. Hart. 9906, 9907, 9909, 9914.

SEWARD, WILFRED, Second Class Pantry Steward on the SS “Titanic” 17785-828:


Crew. 17801-5.
Men passengers, number. 17808.
Number of persons in. 17799.


Boat station of Witness. 17791-6, 17814.
Deck E, emergency door, when seen open. 17817.
Lifebelts put on passengers. 17790, 17816.
Order given to Witness by second steward. 17811.

Disinclination of, to get into boats. 17822.
Third class, seen going to emergency door. 17826, 17827.

SHACKLETON, Sir ERNEST, C. V. O. 25014-151:

Binoculars for look-out, disapproved. 25058.
Flat calm, unusual occurrence of. 25064.
Iceberg causing disaster, opinion as to possible distance seen. 25122-38.

Dark coloured, seen in North Atlantic 25019-32.
Distance seen, in clear weather by day or night. 25015-8, 25039.
Extension of, below water. 25138-43.
Floe-bergs, description. 25038.
Haze in proximity to, experience re. 25073.
Number seen (approximately) on each voyage. 25033-8.

Ice blink, conditions contributing to. 25069-72.

Experience of Witness as to. 25083.
Field ice, danger of, to liners. 25115, 25116.

Ice regions, precautionary measures proposed, as to look-out. 25053-7.
Ice reports, slowing down for (proposed), opinion re. 25087-97.
Labrador current, ice affected by. 25057, 25110.

In bow, approved. 25040-3, 25053-6.
In crow's nest, one man only advocated. 25053, 25145-7.



Height of, from waterline. 25078.
Look-out man placed in. 25040-3, 25053-6, 25078.

Speed and steering of, in ice region. 25080-5.

North Atlantic liners, competition affecting navigation of. 25098-109.
Searchlights, blinding effect of. 25117-20.
Speed, reduction of, in ice zone. 25044-52.
Temperature, fall in, indication of. 25060-3, 25112-4.

SHARPE, EBER, Emigration Officer of the Board of Trade at Queenstown 24533-43:

SS “Titanic”:

Certificate of clearance given by Witness. 24535-7.
Passengers and crew, total number. 24538­42.

Sheares, Mr., nominated by the Institute of Marine Engineers, and representing the Engineer Officers on the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1909. Sir W. Howell. 22426-32.

SHEATH, FREDERICK, Trimmer on the S.S. “Titanic” 13054-92:


Cries heard after sinking of S.S. “Titanic.” 13081-92.
Positions in. 13060-70.
Rowed back after sinking of S.S. “Titanic.” 13079.

Witness in Boat 1, referred to. C. Hendrickson. 5060.

SHEPHERD, Engineer in the S.S. “TITANIC”:

Accident to, in stokehold. F. Barrett. 2030-6, 2242-5.
Orders of, to Witness in Section 5, C Hendrickson. 4905.
Referred to. F. Barrett. 1853, 1891, 1926, 1931, 1956, 1957, 1984, 2316, 2345.

SHIERS, ALFRED, Fireman on the S.S. “Titanic” 4502-830:


Cries heard when in. 4760, 4769-71.
Equipment. 4702-8.
Filling and lowering. 4609-16, 4627, 4653, 4816-8.
Manning of. 4654, 4701.
Number of oars in use. 4665.
Position of, at time of sinking of S.S. “Titanic.” 4659-61.
Provisions in. 4823-5.
Rescues not effected by. 4759-78, 4797-800.
Rowing orders to. 4819-21.
Women passengers in:

Estimated number. 4655, 4667-72.
Refusal to attempt rescues. 4759-78, 4797-800.

Previous experience of Witness at sea. 4801.
SS “Titanic”:

Boat deck:

Crew ordered up to. 4673-88.
Orders to go to. 4602, 4733.

Boat list seen by Witness. 4505-15, 4791­95.
Boat station of Witness. 4604-52.
Hatch 1, water coming up through. 4570-6.
Iceberg after collision:

Appearance of. 4694-700.
Position. 4531-48.

Lifebelt of Witness missing. 4592-9.
Shock felt by Witness, description. 4518-21.
Sinking of. 4756.

Evidence of Witness as to Boat 5, quoted. H. Pitman. 14918.



At discretion of, approved. Sir A. Chalmers. 23081-7. A. Young. 23176, 23229.
Exceeding of, reason. Sir W. Howell. 22627-9. Sir A Chalmers 22887-96.

Conferences of, with the President of the Board of Trade as to lifeboat accommodation. Sir W. Howell. 22622-5.
Crews, scale of, should be at discretion of. Sir A. Chalmers. 23087.

Shipowners' Parliamentary Committee, see under Hill. Sir Norman.


Ballasting of, to counteract top hamper. Rt. Hon A. M. Carlisle. 21450-3.
Boat accommodation for all, necessity for, in case of fire. Sir W. Howell. 22784-6.

Abolition of, proposed, opinion. A. Young. 23515-23.
Construction of, with regard to weight of boats. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21438-48.
Loading of, with boats, affecting stability of ship. A. Young. 23193-9.
Overcrowding of, with boats, to be avoided. H. Sanderson. 19132-45.


Control of, over Marconi operators. 9135-9.
Discretionary powers of, as to speed. A. Young. 23448.

Commercial requirements. E. Wilding. 21013-5.

Collision mats, handling of, difficulty re. E. Wilding. 20733-42.
Curves of buoyancy and load, information re. E. Wilding. 25319-24.
Double skin:

Danger of corrosion. E. Wilding. 20063, 20067-9.
As a protection, questions re. E. Wilding. 20056-63.


Building on the basis of. E. Wilding. 20815-24.
Increase of, considered desirable. E. Wilding. 20978-83.

Freeboard, standard of. Sir A. Chalmers. 23112-4.
Hatchways, watertightness of. W. Archer. 24389, 24406-23.
Modifications proposed in the light of the S.S. “Titanic” disaster. A. Young. 23474-503.
“Panting” of ships, explanation re. E. Wilding. 20262.
Watertight bulkheads:

Doors in:

Automatic float for closing of:

Photograph handed in, showing working of. E. Wilding. 20949-52.
Probable working of. E. Wilding. 20663-81.

Closing of, system. J. Johnson. 3604-9. C. Lightoller. 14528-36.
On lower decks:

Absence of, in warships. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21463-72.
Necessity for, in merchant ships. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21463-73.

Minimum number of, considered desirable. E. Wilding. 20692.
Opening of, system. C. Lightoller. 14537-42.
Stone-Lloyd principle. L. Peskett. 21091-104.

Longitudinal, opinions re. E. Wilding. 20412-21, 20694. L. Peskett. 21061-71. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21458. A. Young. 23491-503.
Requirements as to, exceeded by shipowners. Sir A. Chalmers. 23103-25.
Resistibility of, depending on construction. E. Wilding. 20618-22.
Sluice-valves between, impracticability. E. Wilding. 20375-9.
Spraying test of. E. Wilding. 20609.
Transverse, proper height for. E. Wilding. 21016-9. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle 21460.

Watertight compartments:

Coal bunkers as, objections to. E. Wilding. 20218-40.
Doors in, effect of. H. Sanderson. 19504-6.
Effective subdivision into, as a main factor of safety. A. Young. 23357, 23375-8.
Longitudinal, list caused by, how to counteract. L. Peskett. 21085-9.

Watertight decks:

Above waterline, advantages of. W. Archer. 24404-31.
Advantages. L. Peskett. 21139-44.
Below waterline, objections to. W. Archer. 24426-31.
Continuous, practical difficulties. L. Peskett. 21183-6.
Disadvantages. E. Wilding. 21000-15.
Impracticability. W. Archer. 24381-97.

See also under Wilding. E.

Crow's nest, box in, reason for provision of. G. Bartlett. 21715-22.
Emigrant, see Emigrant Ships.
OVER 45,000 TONS:

Boat accommodation:

For all, desirability, question re. A. Young. 23184-97, 23229-52, 23261-4.
Existing, enforcement of proposed extended boat-scale on, disapproved, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle.
Increase of, considered desirable. E. Wilding. 20978-83.
Increased scale, proposal re. A. Young. 23164-97, 23367-9, 23408-32.
Proper scale of, questions re. W. Archer. 24252, 24274-80.

Boats, under davits, number and capacity, proposal re. A. Young. 23363-74.

Gangway doors, filling of lifeboats from, questions as to practicability. C. Lightoller. 14222-36.
Seaworthiness of, requirements as to. Sir A. Chalmers. 23096-125.
Sidelights of, ordinary range of. C. Groves 8419-21.
Size of, in relation to safety. W. Archer. 24313.

Advantageous position for look-out. E. Cannons. 23778.
For sighting ice, opinions re. G. Bartlett. 21723-5. Sir E. Shackleton. 25040-3.

Stranded, utility of searchlights in cases of. F. Miller. 21914, 21915.
Strength, requirements as to. E. Wilding. 20729. Sir A. Chalmers. 23109-38.
Tenderness of, due to increasing boats, correction of. W. Archer. 24460.
Tonnage, carrying the greatest number of passengers. A. Young. 23356A, 23357.
See also Liners, Atlantic Liners, Passenger Ships, etc.

Smith, Sir Hubert Llewellyn, letter signed by, as to revision of boating scale. A. Young. 23386.

SMITH, CAPTAIN, of the S.S. “Titanic,” formerly Commander of the S.S. “Olympic”:

Action of, after receipts of ice reports, questions re. J. Ranson. 25000-6. J. B. Ismay. 18435-60, 18470, 19027-47.
Appearances of, on the bridge before accident. C. Lightoller. 13629-55, 16894. J. Boxhall. 16924-8.

Assistance of, at Boat 8. A. Crawford. 17840, 17926.
Boats hailed back by. C. Lightoller. 14180-9.
Condition of vessel reported by, to Witness. H. Bride. 16533.
Conversation of, with First Officer, after striking. J. Boxhall. 15352-5.
Damage inspected by. J. Johnson. 3367-75. A. Robinson. 13282. J. Boxhall. 15610. J. B. Ismay. 18510-3.
In engine room. P. Maugé. 20092.
Iceberg observed by. 15511-3.
Last words of, to crew. E. Brown. 10585-7.
Lights of steamer watched by. J. Boxhall. 15403, 15413.
Marconigrams sent by, and reported to. H. Bride. 16500-10, 16523-7, 16795-8. C. Lightoller. 16808.
Orders of:

To close watertight doors. R. Hichens. 1025-30.
To serve out lifebelts. R. Hichens. 1041. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12469, 12470.
To prepare emergency boats. W. Wynn. 13320. J. Ismay. 18519, 18526.
To quit duty. H. Bride. 16554-60.
As to rowing of boats. J. Johnson. 3507, 3508. A. Crawford. 17847-52, 17960-8, 17970, 18025-7, 18048, 18092.
To swing out boats, time of. C. Lightoller. 13820-34.
As to women and children in boats. H. Pitman. 4990, 15001-4. C. Lightoller. 13870-5.

Position of ship taken to, by Witness. J. Boxhall. 15391, 15492.
Questions of, as to warning bell for closing of collision bulkheads. J. Boxhall. 15571-3.
Seen by Witness on the working staircase. C. Mackay. 10696-8.
Superintendence by, of lifeboats. H. Bride. 16526, 16527.

Conversation of Witness with, as to weather conditions, quoted. C. Lightoller. 13611-22, 14385-91, 14421.
Dining of, on night of accident. J. B. Ismay. 18309.
Ice position marked by, on chart. J. Boxhall. 15530-4, 15629.

Handed by to Witness. J. B. Ismay. 18323-50, 18451-60, 18718-21, 18835.
Shown to Witness. C. Lightoller. 13454-70, 16819-23.

Marconigrams addressed to, delivery of. H. Bride. 16423-5.
Personal character of. J. B. Ismay. 18959-61. A. Rostron. 25547-9.
Position of room of, on the bridge. J. Ranson. 25002.
Remark of, as to speed. C. Lightoller. 14191.
Report of, before sailing from Southampton, handed in. H. Sanderson. 19109-12.
Reports of, on completion of passages, read. H. Sanderson. 19233-8.
Speed question not discussed with. J. B. Ismay. 18869-77.
Standing of, in the service. H. Sanderson. 19105.
Stellar position marked by, on chart. J. Boxhall. 15545-54, 16927-35.
System of orders of, as to marking of chart. J. Boxhall. 15719-26.
Term of service and command. J. B. Ismay. 18957-60.
References. R. Hichens. 963. C. Lightoller. 13417.

Smith, Mr., Mail Clerk, information of, as to damage. J. Boxhall. 15371.

Solomon, Mr., in. Boat 1, referred to, Lady Duff-Gordon. 12939.


Board of Trade Surveyor at, see Clarke. M.
Firemen at, willingness for boat drills since S.S. “Titanic” disaster. M. Clarke. 24151-63, 24211.


In relation to ice, see under Ice, Icebergs, Ice Regions, and Ice Reports.
Should not exceed possibility of clearing an object seen. J. B. Ismay. 18717.
See also under special names of ships.

Spencer, Mr.:

Motion for adoption of recommendations of Sub-Committee seconded by. Sir N. Hill. 24797.
Nominated by the Marine Engineers' Association and representing the engineer officers on the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1909. Sir W. Howell. 22426-32.
Representing the marine engineers on the Life-saving Appliances Sub-Committee, 1911. Sir N. Hill. 24587.

Sphere,” illustrated newspaper, photograph in, of crew and passengers of boat 1. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12852.


Cargo ships in North Atlantic, casualties. Sir N. Hill. 24656-9.
Number of vessels applying for exemption under Rule 12 of the Board of Trade. Sir N. Hill. 24845-9.
Passenger ships in North Atlantic, casualties. Sir N. Hill. 24653-6.

S.S. “Adriatic ” (White Star Line):

Binoculars used in crow's nest of. G. Hogg. 17515-7.
Referred to. G. Cavell. 4425. E. Brown. 10500. G. Hogg. 17487.

S.S. “Amerika” (Hamburg-Amerika Line):



Giving ice position. J. Boxhall. 15706-11, 15731, 15746.
Time when sent. G. Turnbull. 16271-6.
Unknown to officers on the “Titanic.” C. Lightoller. 16802-18. J. Boxhall. 16914-7. H. Pitman. 17020. H. Lowe. 17042.

To Washington, transmitted through S.S. “Titanic.” G. Turnbull. 16073-86, 16111-70. C. Lightoller. 16842-4.

Passenger accommodation on. E. Wilding. 20786-90.
Tonnage of. E. Wilding. 20779-81.

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