Labrador Current:

Ice affected by. Sir E. Shackleton. 25057, 25110.
Reference to. J. Boxhall. 16962.

Laing, Andrew, member of the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1912, reference. Sir W. Howell. 22252.

Laing, James, member of the Committee of the Board of Trade, 1891, to report upon watertight bulkheads. Sir W. Howell. 22255.

Latimer, Chief Steward, referred to. J. Johnson. 3409, 3432. J. Wheat. 11070, 11071.

Lawrence, Captain. Assistant Marine Superintendent to White Star Line at Liverpool, referred to. G. Bartlett. 21577.

Laws, Cuthbert, representative of the Shipowners' Parliamentary Committee on the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1909. Sir W. Howell. 22423-32.

LEATHER, ELIZABETH, First Class stewardess on the S.S. “Titanic.” 13156-85:


Action of Witness after ship struck. 13157-65.
Put into Boat 16. 13174.
Stewardesses, conduct of. 13166-9, 13183.

LEE, REGINALD ROBINSON, A.B., look-out the S.S. “Titanic.” 2362-2761:

Binoculars at night, value of. 2370-7.
BOAT 13:

Crew. 2533-8.
Difficulty in launching. 2594, 2595.
Passengers in:

Class and sex. 2586-93.
Number. 2539.

Experience of Witness as a look-out. 2686.
Eye-sight of Witness, questions as to. 2689­707.
Ice, proximity of, felt, 2662.
Medical examination of Witness. 2689-707, 2749.
Previous experience of Witness at sea. 2365, 2681-5.

Binoculars not supplied on. 2380-6.
Boats, orders to clear. 2488a-92, 2514-24.
Boat station of Witness. 2497-509, 2524.
Condition of, at time of leaving. 2541-8.
Crow's nest, height of. 2614-6.
Hatch 1, water coming into, description. 2452-85, 2734-48.
Haze noticed by Witness. 2401-8.
Iceberg causing accident to, distance of, when first sighted. 2433-49, 2708.
Lights seen from, description and estimated distance. 2565-81, 2716-33.
Look-out duty of Witness on. 2392-7.
Orders to look-outs on night of collision. 2398, 2416-8.
Striking of iceberg, effect of, 2751-61.
Weather conditions on night of collision. 2401-8.


Evidence of, as to Haze, read. C. Lightoller. 14285, 14901. F. Fleet. 17271, 17272.
Eye test of, question re. C. Lightoller. 14445.
Watch of, relieved by Witness. G. Hogg. 17528, 17533, 17540.
Referred to. G. Symons. 11345. F. Fleet. 17232, 17241.

Leyland Line, controlling interest in, held by American Shipping Trust. J. B. Ismay. 18258-64.

Lifeboats, see Boats.

Life-saving Appliances:

Boats, See that title.
Holmes lights lifebuoys supplied to S.S. “Titanic.” F. Carruthers. 24028.
International agreement as to. Sir W. Howell. 22103-9.
Lifebelts, effect of, on swimming. C. Lightoller. 14064-7.
Rafts, supplied to liners since disaster to S.S. “Titanic.” J. B. Ismay. 18992, 18993.

LIGHTOLLER, CHARLES HERBERT, Second Officer on the SS. Titanic,” Sub-lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve. 13408-4910:

Binoculars, utility of, opinion re : 14288-329, 14720-9.

Danger in filling from boat deck. 14231-3.
Drills, desirability of, questions re. 14456-64.
Proper number to man. 14255-69.
In rough weather, questions re. 14234-66.

Captain's duties on a liner. 14524-6.
Certificates of Witness. 13410-3.
Distress signals, recognition of. 14168-72.

Quoted. 14273, 14274, 14385.
On speed of S.S. “Titanic.” 14904.

Experiences of Witness in the water. 14054­119.
Eye examination for certificate. 14755.
Gangway doors, filling boats from, manner of. 14222-36.
Haze, danger increased by. 13641-7.

Bergs seen by daylight, description. 14173-9.
Growlers, description. 13560-7.
Indications of. 13569, 13616-22, 14351.
Possible distance seen. 13648-52.
Speed of liners not slackened on account of. 13726.
Temperature as affected by. 13597-606.

Ice-region, precautions taken by Witness in. 14337-9.
Lifebelts, effect of, on swimming. 14064-7.

On bows, extra number of, question as to advisability. 14426-30.
Duties of, questions re. 14576-84.
Eye tests, explanation of practice re. 14431-50.
Pay of. 14429.

Rescue of Witness by a, boat (number unknown). 14111-23.
Speed reduced on mail boats. 14736-41.

Lifeboats taken on board, number. 14863.
Rockets sent up by, number. 14848-55.


Alleged breaking of, negatived. 14907-10.
Binoculars on:

Number of pairs on the bridge. 14325-8.
Used by Witness during watch. 13682­95.

Board of Trade surveys of. 14615-38, 14645-62.
Boat falls, satisfactory working of. 14601-9.
Boat list, questions re. 14801-4.
Boat 4:

Loading of, at Deck A. 13936-41, 13949­55.
Stripping of. 13807-9, 13829.
Swinging out. 13831-4.
Women and children put into. 13835, 13841.

Boat 6, filling of, judgment used as to. 13876-92.
Boat 8, lowering of. 13925-9.

Drills held. 14452-5.

Checking of, by officers. 14704-9, 14827-30.
Where kept. 14466-82.

Inspection of, on the S.S. “Carpathia,” as to equipment. 14861-9.

Boiler section 6, question as to. 14870-81.

Advantageous position of, for observation. 14284-8.
Appearance of the sea from. 13572-7.

Bulkhead door drill. 14808.
Collision and after:

Action of Witness. 13747-96, 14549.

Collapsible (port side):

Difficulty of filling with women. 13996-4008.
Freeing of, from ship. 14035-46.
Lowering, drop of. 14018-22.
Persons on, number. 14102-9.
Preparing of. 13980-95.
Witness saved by. 14068-109.

Hailed back by captain. 14180-9.
Stripping of. 13800-19.
Swinging out of, time taken. 13820-34.
Tackles overhauled on account of flat sea. 13577.

Course of, at beginning of 6 o'clock watch. 13498-501.
Duties of officers. 14759-65.
Information to Witness as to height of water in ship. 14675-7.
Last minutes on, described. 14047-52, 14074-101.
Launching, satisfactoriness of. 14486-90.
Lowering of:

Complement considered safe for. 14490-9.
Time occupied. 14710-9.

Lights seen:

Bearings and distance. 14138-40.
When first observed. 14144-8.


To port, explanation of. 14684-95.
To starboard, when first noticed. 13852-65.

Morse signals, use made of. 14162-7.
Orders given, questions re. 14559-66.

Arrival of, on deck, time of. 13822.
Discipline maintained by. 13932-5, 14005-7, 14028.
Ordered to starboard side to correct list. 13837, 13930, 13943.
Third class, chances of being saved. 14135.
Women and children ordered into boats. 13870-5.

Perpendicular position of, before sinking. 14084a, 14097.
Position of Witness at time of. 13554.
Rousing of Witness. 13785-90.
Rumbling sound heard before sinking, cause. 14097-101.
Sensation and sound of, described. 13731-42.
Speed of:

Questions and opinion re. 14359-61, 14395-425.
Remark of Commander as to. 14191.
At six p.m., April 14th. 13508-11.

Steam roaring off, after striking 13796-9.
Temperature, drop in, on night of April 14th. 13578, 13489-615, 13702-6.
Watertight bulkheads, opened and not closed again. 14543-9.
Weather conditions on night of. 13629-55, 14193-202, 14421, 14280-6.

Crew, rating and number. 14500-5.
Dinner hour of. 13582-6.
Distress signals:

Description. 14150-5.
Number of, and intervals of sending up. 14160.

Duties of Witness after watch. 13728.
Duties of, on April 14th. 16810-8.

Boilers not in use, questions re. 14585-9.
Stoppage of, noticed. 13743-58.

Gangway doors, opening of, ordered, questions re. 13896-914, 13957-70, 14678-82, 14777-92.
Iceberg causing collision, first indication. 14287.
Icebergs, disadvantageous conditions for sighting. 14330-5.
Ice-region near:

Position of, worked out. 13491-4, 13531, 13582, 14592-7.
Meridians. 13456.

Ice reports to:

First mention of. 16841.
Known to Witness. 16897-906.
Unknown to Witness. 16835-906.

Information given by, to Chief Officer, as to ice. 14270-8.
Instructions of, to Mr. Moody as to ice calculations. 16823-906.
Look-out men:

On change in course, before warning sent. 14394.
During watch of Witness, orders to. 13656-701.

Marconigrams to:

Course pursued as to delivery of. 16802-18.
Ice warning shown to Witness. 13454-70.
From S.S. “Californian,” unknown to Witness. 16835-906.
From S.S. “Caronia,” time received. 13466, 16820-48.

Message sent by, to carpenter as to fresh water. 13595-7.
Officers' watch, arrangements re. 13443-6, 13516-8.
Position of Witness in. 13431.
Report of, to next officer of the watch. 13707-24.
Route of ship. 14506-8.
Speed of:

Average. 13435, 13436.
Greatest number of revolutions. 13511-4.

Stellar observation taken. 14831-3.
Trials of, questions re. 13432, 14509-22.
Watches of, description. 13447-52.
Watertight bulkheads, closing and opening of, system. 14528-42.


Boat drills and training, questions re. 14451-5.
Look-out men, eyesight test, questions re. 14696-701.
Position of Witness in. 13430.
Regulations, questions re. 14377-85.
Service of Witness in, duration. 13414-6.


Boat, taken in charge by. C. Joughin. 6117, 6121-3.
Bridge in charge of, during watch of Witness. H. Pitman. 15190.
Certificate held by. G. Bartlett. 21636.
Conversation of, with Witness after striking iceberg. H. Pitman. 14941.
Evidence of:

On abnormal weather conditions on night of disaster, quoted. J. B. Ismay. 18712-7.
As to boats pulled round to fill with passengers. G. Bartlett. 21703-7.
As to bridge being awash before sinking. E. Wilding. 20993.
As to conversation with Witness on the S.S. “Carpathia.” F. Fleet. 17475-8.
As to distance at which iceberg was first seen. B. Steel. 21977-9.
As to launching of collapsible boat (port side). H. Bride. 16603.
As to officers' watches. H. Sanderson. 19114.
As to passengers moved to correct list of ship. E. Wilding. 20932-5.

Orders of:

As to boat equipment. R. Hichens. 1232.
To boat 6. R. Hichens. 1089-97, 1118.
In boat 8. W. Lucas. 1511, 1517, 1625, 1629.
To boat 12. J. Poingdestre. 2961, 2975.
As to fresh water tanks. R. Hichens. 913-24. J. Poingdestre. 2812-6.
To help at collapsible boat (port). S. Hemming. 17757-60.
To lookouts. R. Hichens. 925, 927, 931, 933, 960. R. Lee. 2399, 2416-8.
To lower Boat 12. J. Poingdestre. 3307-23.
To Major Peuchen. F. Fleet. 17458-62.
As to opening of gangway doors. E. Wilding. 20475.
As to rowing. F. Fleet. 17363-6.
To witness to get out of boat. J. Poingdestre. 3203-5.
To women to get into Boat 6. F. Fleet. 17349.

Period of service in White Star Line. G. Bartlett. 21631.
Request made to, for binoculars by Witness. G. Symons. 11324. G. Hogg. 17509, 17510.
Rousing of. J. Boxhall. 15378.
Standing on upturned collapsible boat. C. Joughin. 6085-8.
Stellar observations taken by. J. Boxhall. 15626-8.
Reference. W. Lucas. 1817. J. Poingdestre. 2915, 2925, 2947, 2960, 2969, 3123, 3269.

Lights seen:

Bearings of. C. Lightoller. 14138.
Before leaving S.S. “Titanic.” C. Hendrickson. 11073-6. A. Horswell. 12379-84.
Colour of. J. Johnson. 3504-5.
Description. R. Hichens. 1161-9, 1180-8. W. Lucas.1566-87, 1800-7. R. Lee. 2716-33. J. Hart. 10264-74. C. Mackay. 10801-10. W. Wynn. 13336-51. J. Boxhall. 15385-94, 15400-19. H. Lowe. 15825, 15826. F. Fleet. 17432-6, 17453-6. A. Crawford. 17870-84, 18014-6, 18060-5.
Distance of (estimated). C. Lightoller. 14140. H. Pitman. 15061-5. J. Boxhall. 15408, 15409. A. Crawford. 17847-55, 17996, 18014-8, 18052-7.
Morse signals to, before leaving ship. G. Rowe. 17657-61.
Number of. A. Crawford. 17995.
Opinions as to. J. B. Ismay. 18577-98, 18937­46.
Orders to row to. J. Johnson. 3494-508. A. Horswell. 12363. A. Crawford. 17960-7, 18066-9.
Port side, attention directed to. A. Crawford. 17969-71.
Position. J. Poingdestre. 3076-95. J. Johnson. 3472, 3481-9. G. Symons. 11468-87. G. Rowe. 17657-74.
Questions re. R. Hichens. 1338-40.
Shown to passengers C. Lightoller. 13894.
From S.S. “Californian,” see under S.S. “Californian.”
Turning round and going away. J. Boxhall. 15409-18.
When first observed. R. Lee. 2565-81. G. Symons. 11479-85. C. Lightoller. 14144-8. F. Fleet. 17428-11.

Liners (general):

Boat musters, experience re. C. Mackay. 10828-31.
Crews, proper boat training, how to effect. H. Sanderson. 19403-21.
Duties of captain in. C. Lightoller. 14524-6.
Firemen of, refusing boat muster, proper authority to deal with. H. Sanderson. 19532-5.
Lifeboats, object of carrying. H. Sanderson. 19560-2.
Passengers' tickets, boat station on, proposal re. H. Sanderson. 19523-6.
Lookouts on, usual practice in thick weather. R. Hichens. 1296-9, 1300-7. R. Lee. 2596­600, 2607-13.
Stewardesses, boat stations allotted to. E. Leather. 13177-82.
See also Atlantic Liners and names of particular lines.

Liverpool Steamship Owners' Association, Secretary, see Hill. Sir Norman

Liverpool Underwriters' Association, representative appointed by, to Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee. Sir N. Hill. 24575.


Classification at, effect of, on the public. H. Sanderson. 19493-6.
Designs of Cunard liners submitted to. L. Peskett. 21226-8.
Opinion of, as to standard laid down by. Sir Edward Harland's Committee, 1890 Sir N. Hill. 24724.
Representatives appointed by, to the Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee. Sir N. Hill. 24575, 24587.

As to bulkheads, affecting ship construction. Sir W. Howell. 22225-7.
Differing from those of Sir Edward Harland's Committee. Sir N. Hill. 24734.
Limitation of, to ships below a certain size. E. Wilding. 20660-2.
Maximum length of vessels under. E. Wilding. 20910.
Non-applicability to ships of size of S.S. “Titanic.” J. B. Ismay. 18801.
Number of watertight bulkheads under. E. Wilding. 20911.
As to scantlings of vessels, used for calculations as to larger ships. W. Archer. 24324.
As to ship construction, questions re. H. Sanderson. 19564-87.
As to stiffening of bulkheads. E. Wilding. 20640-3, 20907.
As to testing of bulkheads. E. Wilding. 20597-660.
Watertight bulkheads, standard of efficiency laid down by. W. Archer. 24374

Longitude, “Paris,” explanation re. J. Boxhall. 15689-96. G. Turnbull. 16062.

London, Principal Officer for the Board of Trade at, report of, as to boat tests. A. Young. 23298.


Binoculars for, see under Binoculars.
Doubling of, practice re. S. Lord. 7100-2. J. Moore 9267-77. E. Cannons. 23765-78. S. Pritchard. 25178-85. A. Rostron. 25535-9.
Duty of. C. Lightoller. 14576-84. G. Bartlett. 21713-22. A. Young. 23453.

Advocated. A. Young. 23453.
Voluntary, approved. Sir A. Chalmers. 23028-35.

Pay of. C. Lightoller. 14429.

in Bows, opinions re. J. Poingdestre. 3158-60. W. Wynn. 13378-81. C. Lightoller. 14426-60. H. Sanderson. 19446-51. R. Jones. 23656. Sir E. Shackleton. 25040-3, 25053-6. J. Pritchard. 25178-87. J Fairfull. 25272-4.
In Crow's nest:

One only advocated. Sir E. Shackleton. 25053, 25145-7. W. Stewart. 25258.
Two, approved. H. Young. 25230-7.

Signing on, qualifications. C. Lightoller. 14437-9.

LORD, STANLEY, Master of the Leyland Line SS “Californian,” of Liverpool 6670-7411:

Evidence given by, at American Court of Enquiry. 7176, 7187-203, 7340.
Previous experience at sea. 7225.

Best position for look-outs. 7251-5.
Boat musters on. 7121-4, 7130.
Boats, number of, and number of lifeboats. 6685-9.
Carrying capacity. 7165-71.
Change of direction. 6709-11.
Crew, full complement. 6683.
Duty, on Sunday, April 14th. 7346-51.
Icebergs, position of, when wireless message was sent. 6692-7.
Icefield around, position of and shape. 7380-4.
Ice first seen from. 7137-9.

Equipment and provisioning. 7125-9.
Number of. 7165-71.

Light on night of April 14th, deceptiveness of. 7194.
Lights of, distance they could be seen. 7118-20.
Lights seen from:

Estimated distance of. 6760-2.
Number of. 6805-21.
Time of. 6715-36.

Marconi Operator:

Directions given to. 6721-48.
Duty of. 7080-99.
Message of S.S. “Titanic” to. 7204-22.
News received by, as to sinking of S.S. “Titanic.” 6968-73, 7373.

Morse signalling from, not replied to. 6755-8, 6852-4, 6915-29.
Passenger accommodation. 6679-82.
Precautions taken as to look-outs, etc. 7010-57.
Questions as to haze. 7103-5.
Rockets seen, questions re. 6790-7, 6880-944.
Search made by, for bodies or living persons. 7037.
Second Officer, orders to, to watch steamer. 6769-87.
Sketch showing position of ice and course taken by. 7385-99.
Speed of, highest. 6674.
Steering of, towards SS “Titanic.” 7004-13.
Stopping of. 6701-9, 6712-4, 7132.
Third officer, number of lights seen. 6806-21.
Tonnage, net and gross. 6672.
Wreckage seen by. 7028-36, 7260-7.


Information to, as to disappearance of steamer. H. Stone. 7976-82, 7998-8005.
Marconigram sent by, as to ice. C. Evans. 8937-50.
Messages sent to, as to rockets seen. G. Stewart. 8736.
Opinion given by, as to identity of steamer seen by daylight. C. Groves 8172-8, 8211-6, 8257, 8392, 8397. G. Stewart. 8623-51.
Orders of, to keep on Morse signalling J. Gibson. 7750.
Questions asked by, as to colours of rockets. J. Gibson. 7560-6, 7764.
Report to, as to rocket-firing steamer. G. Stewart. 8622-52.
Search ordered by, for survivors. C. Groves 8362-9.

LOWE, HAROLD GODFREY, Fifth Officer on the S.S. “Titanic.” 15767-6087:

BOAT 14:

Assistance of Witness at. 15828-33.
Crew of, number. 15872, 15873.
Danger of returning to scene of wreck. 15943-54.
Difficulty in lowering. 15840-51.
Distance rowed back to wreckage. 15938-41.

And crew, total number in. 15856, 16013, 16014.
Transferred from. 15864-6. 15875.

Rescues effected by, from collapsible boat. 15876-89, 15959, 15993-6000.
Return of, to scene of wreck, reason for delay in. 15869-75, 15943-54.
Sailing of. 15961-6, 15995-7.


Collapsible, dead bodies left on. 16001-4.
Danger of lowering when full. 16009-12.
Sails, suggestions for improvement. 15967, 15968.

Certificate of Witness. 15769.
Evidence of Witness in America as to intention to fill boats from gangway doors. 15892.
Junior officers' two-watch system, opinion re. 15971-4.

Awakening of Witness after collision. 15791.

Command of, taken by Witness. 15852-68.
Collapsibles, number accounted for. 15890.
Filling and lowering. 15800-18.
Lowered without full complement, reason. 15906-15.
Persons attempting to rush, description. 15989-92.
Port side, clearing of. 15794-8.
Starboard, inspection of, by Witness. 15771-5.

Boat 1 (Emergency):

Falls of, used for another boat. 15955.
Filling of, reasons for small number. 15894-915.
Lowering of. 15820-2.

Chart-room, ice information in. 15780-7, 17044-50, 17052.
Ice-report, notice taken of, by Witness. 15984-8, 17052.
Lights seen from, description. 15825, 15826.
Mr. Ismay seen by, on boat-deck. 15975-83.
Officers, sufficiency of, to control boats. 15916-30.
Order of Witness to boats to remain within hail. 15912.
Revolutions, highest number. 16005-8.
Revolver shots fired by, reason. 15855-7, 15989-92.
Seamen, sufficiency of, to launch boats. 15933-7.
Sinking of, manner of. 16015-9.
Watches of Witness on day of accident. 15777-9.


BOAT 14:

Charge of. J. Poingdestre. 3049-60.
Joined by Boat 10. E. Buley. 18101.
Lights of. J. Poingdestre. 3170.
Orders to. J. Scarrott, 387-405, 427-39. F. Morris. 5333-7, 5405.
Passengers transferred from. J. Poingdestre. 3051-9, 3120-4.
Search for persons in the water by. J. Poingdestre. 3054-7.
Witness in charge of. E. Brown. 10583.

Certificate held by Witness. G. Bartlett. 21637.
Desire of Witness to effect rescues. F. Morris. 5377, 5387.
Emergency boat 1 launched by orders of. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12618-21.
Evidence of:

As to dropping of boat into water. E. Wilding. 20523-6.
As to ice marconigram, posting of. C. Lightoller. 16866, 16878, 16879, 16886.
As to ice position, mental note of made. J. Boxhall. 17004.

Orders of:

To lower boat without full complement, referred to. E. Wilding. 20505.
To Witness. F. Morris. 5312-5.

Period of service in White Star Line. G. Bartlett. 21635.
Revolver shots fired by. J. Scarrott. 393, 583-7. F. Scott. 5658, 5788-93.
Referred to. S. Rule. 6446. C. Lightoller. 13425.

LUCAS, WILLIAM, A.B. on the S.S. “Titanic.” 1386-1834:

Boat drills on liners, usual procedure. 1753-60.
Boats, proper number to man. 1672-82, 1740-51.
Employment of Witness in White Star Line. 1788.
Previous experience of Witness at sea. 1744.


Difficulty of access to, from men's quarters. 1761-74.
Third-class, access to. 1484-98.

Boat drill at Southampton 1655-68, 1709-11, 1822-34.

Assisting in lowering of, time taken. 1456-1510, 1775-8.
Filling of, difficulty re. 1456-1510, 1727-33.

Clearing and lowering of. 1790-9.
Equipment. 1552-60, 1712-23.
Launching and manning. 1518-44.
Number of persons in. 1641-3.
Passengers in, sexes. 1538-44.
Plugging of. 1626-32, 1686-1704.
Rescuing of. 1614-8.
Steering of. 1719-23.
Women transferred out of. 1595-7.

Number of seamen lowering. 1777-83.
Orders to. 1428, 1439-43, 1458-80.


Equipment. 1812-6.
Lowering, number of persons in at time of. 1623-8.
Number rowing. 1623.
Persons rescued by, from an upturned boat. 1599-1607.
Seamen in, number. 1671.
Women transferred to. 1595-7.

BOAT 16:

Equipment. 1313.
Position of. 1514.
Witness taken off in. 1511-40.

Boat station of Witness, by list. 1443-56.

Duty of Witness before and after. 1394-9, 1416-21, 1428-36.
Ice on deck after. 1405-15.
Noise described. 1808-10.

Explosion on, before sinking. 1549.
Lights of a vessel seen from, description. 1566-87, 1800-7.
Passengers left on board. 1784-7.
Sinking of. 1561.
Upturned boat, number clinging to. 1599-1602.
Weather at time of striking. 1405-15.
Witness ordered out of a boat. 1511, 1588­92.


Evidence of, as to collapsible boat, port side, quoted. C. Lightoller. 14029.
Picked up out of a collapsible boat. F. Morris. 5490.
Statement of, as to transferred passengers in boats. J. Poingdestre. 3122.
On submerged collapsible, referred to. E. Brown. 10596.
Referred to. J. Poingdestre. 2950, 2987.

LUKE. W. J., of Messrs. John Brown and Company:

Co-option of, to the Life-saving Appliances Sub-Committee, 1911. Sir N. Hill. 24637.
Member of the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1912, reference. Sir W. Howell. 22252.

Lyons, Seaman, referred to. T. Dillon. 3933.

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