Best position on ship for sighting. G. Bartlett. 21723-5.
Conditions looked for, in neighbourhood of. C. Lightoller. 13569.
Currents as affecting. Sir E. Shackleton. 25057, 25110.

Danger of, to liners. Sir E. Shackleton. 25115-6.
Grinding noise made by, described. E. Gill. 18179-85.


Colour F. Passow. 21886-9.
Description and possible distance seen. C. Lightoller. 13560-7, 13648.
Speed in neighbourhood of, opinion re. J. Moore 9316.

Indications of, questions re. J. Moore 9310.
Interchange of information as to, between companies. J. B. Ismay. 18980-2.
Longitude of greater importance than latitude as regards. C. Lightoller. 13481-9.
Messages received by Captains re, notice considered proper to be taken. H. Sanderson. 19326-9.
In North Atlantic, see under North Atlantic.
Presence of, felt. R. Lee. 2662.
Temperature as affected by. C. Lightoller. 13597-606.
Unusual southerly position of. J. Moore. 9388.

Iceberg causing disaster to S.S. “TITANIC”:

Appearance of, descriptions. F. Fleet. 17274-7, 17383-9. B. Hayes. 21828-31.
Blow struck, lightness of. E. Wilding. 20266-9.

Appearance of, descriptions. J. Scarrott. 359-62. A. Shiers. 4694-700. C. Hendrickson. 4848. J. Boxhall. 15497-516. F. Fleet. 17314-7.
Position of. A. Shiers. 4531-48.

Distance of, when first sighted. R. Lee. 2447-9, 2708.
First indication. C. Lightoller. 14287.
Haze clearing after passage of. R. Lee. 2724­30.
Height of. R. Lee. 2433-51. F. Fleet. 17303-11, 17467-71.
Opinion as to possible distance seen. Sir E. Shackleton. 25122-38.
Position and distance when first seen. F. Fleet. 17279, 17290.


Black, Witnesses having no experience of. F. Passow. 21882, 21904. E. Cannons. 23762-4.

Appearance and height. E. Cannons. 23818-23.
Colour of. E. Cannons. 23806-13.

Circumstances making sighting difficult. E. Cannons. 23833-50.
Colour of, experiences re. F. Passow. 21882-5, 23797-813. Sir E. Shackleton. 25019-32.

On clear nights. B. Hayes. 21825. B. Steel. 21976. E. Cannons. 23737-43, 23754-61, 23834-50.
By day and night. Sir E. Shackleton. 25015, 25039.
Possible. C. Lightoller. 13649-52.

Effect on, of a swell. F. Passow. 21883, 21898-903.
Experience re. J. Pritchard. 25188-92.
Experience required in order to see. A. Rostron. 25437-49.
Extension of, below water line. Sir E. Shackleton. 25138-43.
Floe-bergs, description. Sir E. Shackleton. 25038.
Haze in proximity to, experience re. Sir E. Shackleton. 25073.
Marconigrams re, see under Marconigrams, and Marconigrams under special names of ships
Position best for sighting at night. Sir E. Shackleton. 25040-3.
Position of, when message sent to S.S. “Antillian.” S. Lord. 6692-7.
Seen at daybreak. C. Lightoller. 14173-9. A. Crawford. 17886-91.
Seen south of the iceberg line. J. B. Ismay. 19019.
Speed maintained when sighted. E. Cannons. 23733-7.
Speed of travelling, questions re. J. Boxhall. 16949-57.
Varieties of. C. Lightoller. 14203.
Visibility of, in clear weather at night. Sir E. Shackleton. 25015-8.
Water breaking on. E. Cannons. 23811.


Conditions contributing to. Sir E. Shackleton. 25069-72.
Description and cause. R. Jones. 23703-6.

Ice-field round S.S. “Californian,” see under S.S. “Californian.”


Desire to get through quickly. J. B. Ismay. 18438.
Look-out kept in. E. Cannons. 23745-52.
Precautionary measures proposed as to look­outs. Sir E. Shackleton. 25053-7.
Risks in going through. A. Rostron. 25454-67.
Slowing down in, advocated. Sir E. Shackleton. 25044-52.
Speed maintained in crossing. E. Cannons. 23744-52.
Speed reduced in. Sir E. Shackleton. 25044-52.

Ice reports:

Action in cases of. B. Hayes. 21806-45. H. Young. 25230-7.
Before introduction of Marconi system, practice re. E. Cannons. 23791.
Directions given to watch as to. E. Cannons. 23814.
Practice of Witness on receiving. A. Rostron. 25531-44.
Slowing down for (proposed), opinion re. Sir E. Shackleton. 25087-97.
Speed maintained in clear weather after receiving. F. Passow. 21873-6, 21880. B. Hayes. 21820-6. A. Tride. 25622. E. Cannons. 23793-7. W. Stewart. 25252-7. 25260-2, 25287-90.

Imperial Merchant Service Guild, representative of, on the Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee. Sir N. Hill. 24575.

Inglis, Dr., nominated by the Institution of Naval Architects, and representing shipbuilders on the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1909. Sir W. Howell. 22424-32.

Inman Line, see American-Inman Line.

Institute of London Underwriters, representative appointed by, as an extra member on the Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee. Sir N. Hill. 24587.

Institute of Marine Engineers, representative of, on the Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee. Sir N. Hill. 24575.

Institute of Naval Architects, representatives of, on the Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee. Sir N. Hill. 24575.

International Mercantile Marine Company:

Board of, composition. J. B. Ismay. 18276.
Business of, where transacted. J. B. Ismay. 18275-8.
Canadian Service, extract from instructions given to commanders in, with reference to field ice. J. B. Ismay. 18962.
Companies controlled by. J. B. Ismay. 18260-2. R. Jones. 23662.
Formation of, date. R. Jones. 23681-3.
Insurance of vessels owned by. J. B. Ismay. 18807-11.
Interest of, in Oceanic Steam Navigation Company. H. Sanderson. 19589-91, 19598­618.
Registration of ships owned by, in England, reason. J. B. Ismay. 18270-4, 18797-9.

For assisting vessels in distress, quotation of. H. Sanderson. 19626-8.
As to boat and fire drill, on boat badges, opinion of. H. Sanderson. 19636-40.
Book of, by whom drawn up, and application of. H. Sanderson. 19755-64.
Ships', and uniform regulations issued by, quoted. H. Sanderson. 19619-40.
113, Navigation of ships on routes. H. Sanderson. 19629.
248, Examination of coal bunkers, questions re. H. Sanderson. 19630-5.

Sailing directions as to navigation in ice region. R. Jones. 23663-78.
Tonnage represented by. J. B. Ismay. 18265-9.

International Navigation Company, Liverpool, steamships owned by. H. Sanderson. 19603-7.

International Radio-Telegraph Convention, 1906, principles laid down by, as to communication at sea. G. Marconi. 24865-80.

International Regulations:

Proposed inclusion in, of directions as to speed in ice regions. A. Young. 23447-52.
As to speed in fog or rainy weather. A. Young. 23447-52.
Reference to. Sir W. Howell. 22751.

Isaacs, Godfrey, managing director of the Marconi International Marine Communication Company, reference. G. Turnbull. 16024.

ISMAY, JOSEPH BRUCE, managing director of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, Limited. 18224-9070:

Evidence of Witness in America, quotation from, as to condition of ship. 18679-81.
Iceberg line, bergs seen south of. 19016-9.
Ice reports, interchange of, between shipping companies. 18980-2.

Business of, where transacted. 18275-8.
Canadian Service, instructions issued to Commanders as to field ice. 18962-71.
Companies controlled by, questions re, 18224-69.
Insurance of vessels owned by. 18807-11.
Non-registration of ships owned by. 18797-9.
Registration of ships of, in England, reason. 18270-4.

Latitude and longitude, meaning of, unknown to Witness. 18422, 18423.

Accommodation, reason for non-increase of, on the S.S. “Titanic” and S.S. “Olympic.” 18754-67.
Difficulty in launching in rough weather. 18768-72.


Relating to navigation, practice re. 18828­40.
S.S. “Carpathia” to S.S. “Olympic,'' explanation of. 18624.


Agreement signed by specified companies. 18977-9.
Alteration in, since S.S. “Titanic” disaster. 18631-9.
Canadian route, special instructions with regard to ice. 19005-14.
Mutual agreements as to. 18614-23.

Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, bonus offered by, to crew, to encourage continuous service. 18994-9.
Officers, junior, two-watch system, opinion re. 18878-84.
Rafts, supply of, to liners since disaster. 18992, 18993.
Speed should not exceed the possibility of clearing an object seen. 18717.
S.S. “Baltic,” Marconigram from, to SS. “Titanic.” 18828-40, 18912-27, 19027-47.
S.S. “Californian,” rockets seen by. 18943-6.

Action of Witness after collision of. 18505­29.
Boat deck, Witness assisting on. 18522-58.

Accommodation in, not in relation to size or unsinkability of ship. 18841-8.
Capacity of, and actual number saved, questions as to discrepancy. 18672-5.
Design submitted for forty lifeboats, Witness unaware of. 18656-71, 18983.
Starboard collapsible:

Crew in, number. 18779-83.
Complement of, composition. 18563.
Lowering and filling of, questions re. 18550-65.
Position in, of Witness. 18574-6.
Witness getting into. 18853-6, 18931-6.

Builders' designs and plans submitted to Witness. 18656-72.
Capacity in which Witness travelled in. 18291, 18311-23.
Collision with iceberg, awakening of Witness by. 18502-9.
Cost of. 18289.
Course of, information given to Witness as to. 18923-6.
Dinner with doctor on night of accident. 18304-8.
Distress rockets fired from. 18572.
Knowledge of, that ice-region was reached how obtained. 18422, 18461-93.
Lights seen, Witness's opinion as to. 18577-98, 18937-46.
List of ship, to port. 18539-41.
Marconigram from S.S. “Baltic”:

Attitude of Witness towards. 18400.
Captain's request for, inference. 18718-21.
Handed to Witness, time of. 18323-50.

Passengers left on ship, Witness unaware of. 18777, 19055-65.
Sinking condition of, noticed by Witness. 18543-9, 18849.
Speed of:

Conversation of Witness with the Chief Engineer at Queenstown, as to coal and speed. 19000-4.
Increase in revolutions. 18367-79.
Possible maximum. 19048-54.
Question of, not discussed with Captain. 18867-77.
Responsibility of Witness for, denied. 18784-92.

Suite occupied by Witness on. 18494-502.
Watertight compartments, flooded, opinion as to number. 19071-3.
Weather conditions on night of disaster. 18711-7.


Binoculars, supply of, system re. 18603-8, 18947-50.
Boat accommodation, increase since disaster. 18682-4.
Captains, general orders to. 18611-3, 18625­30.
Construction of ships, system of giving order for. 18281-9.
Crews, continuous service of, proposed, opinion re. 18738-47.
Mail contracts, speed mentioned in. 18295-303.
Management, under whose authority. 18897-901.
Rules issued to officers:

Handed in by Witness. 18821-4.
Ice not mentioned in. 18701-17, 18951-6.

Trial trips of vessels, number taken part in by Witness. 18890.


Agreement of Companies as to North Atlantic tracks. H. Sanderson. 19287-90.
Assistance given by, at boats. J. Johnson. 3585, 3659. S. Rule. 6444, 6462, 6464-6, 9597-601, 9613. E. Brown. 10520, 10524, 10525, 10626-30. G. Symons. 11930-2. H. Pitman. 14994-15007. H. Lowe. 15975-83.
Behaviour of. J. Johnson. 3700-3.
Evidence of:

As to builders' responsibility in provision of lifeboats, quoted. H. Sanderson. 19377.
As to calculated arrival of S.S. “Titanic” in New York H. Sanderson. 19284a.
As to conversation with the Chief Engineer as to pumping operations. E. Wilding. 20346.
Opinion on instructions to captains as to ice-reports, quoted. H. Sanderson. 19548-50.

Opinion given by, as to accommodation for more boats, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21402-7.
Orders of, as to Marconigram to S.S. “Olympic.” H. Cottam. 17158-66.
Plans and designs for double davits submitted to, by Witness, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21283-96, 21365-416.
Practice of, in travelling in White Star Liners. J. Ransom. 24992-7.
Questions as to. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12630-8. C. Lightoller. 14610-4.
Sailing of, on ships under command of Witness. B. Hayes. 21849-51.
In starboard collapsible boat. G. Rowe. 17631-6, 17652.
When seen on deck by Witness. J. Boxhall. 15601-6.
Witness known by sight. G. Symons. 11784-8.
Reference. C. Groves 8362.

Ismay, Thomas, Chairman of a Life-saving Appliances Committee. Sir W. Howell. 22257.

ISMAY, IMRIE AND COMPANY, Messrs., managers of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, Limited, and of the White Star Line:

Letter from, to Assistant Secretary of the Marine Department of the Board of Trade, as to North Atlantic tracks, read. J. B. Ismay. 18618.
S.S. “Titanic” owned by. J. B. Ismay. 18224.
References. H. Sanderson. 19074, 19595-7.

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