Daily Mail,” interview in, with the late General Manager of Messrs. Harland and Wolff, quoted. J. B. Ismay. 18660. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21256-67.

Daily News,” article in, alleged to be written by Lady Duff-Gordon, question re. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12643-6. Lady Duff-Gordon. 12920-70.

Daniel, Mr., Acting Principal Ship Surveyor, Board of Trade, report of, on form of boats, quoted. A. Young. 23298.


Falls, testing of and result. E. Wilding. 20929-31.


Affecting stability of ship, possibility re, Rt. Hon. A.. M. Carlisle. 21426-56.
Practicability, agreed. A. Young. 23252-60.

Tubular, plans of, considered, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21476.
Welin double-acting, principle of. H. Sanderson. 19383, 21312.

Deck-hands, see under Crew.

Denny, Archibald, Chairman of Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1912, reference. Sir W. Howell. 22252.

Diamond, fireman on the S.S. “Titanic,” in charge of Boat 15, references to, Cavell. 4374-8, 4414-8. J. Hart. 10018-21.

DILLON, THOMAS PATRICK, Trimmer on the S.S. “Titanic.” 3708-980:

Boat 4, rescue of Witness by. 3875-8, 3886-90, 3931-5.
Previous experience at sea. 3922.

Boiler Section 1, fires not lit in. 3747-50, 3777, 3778, 3945.
Boiler Section 2, fires drawn. 3758-71.
Boiler Section 4, water coming into. 3816­25, 3913-7.
Duties of Witness. 3709-14.
Engine room:

Closing of watertight doors, time of. 3734-8.
Events in, after shock. 3712-37.
Orders to go on deck, time of. 3807-13.
Orders to keep steam up. 3755-7.
Pumps started in. 3732.
Shock felt in. 3715-9.
Telegraph message to stop, coming before shock. 3716-9.
Watertight doors, reopening of, by hand. 3739-45, 3777-805, 3897-3904.


Going astern, time of. 3722-5.
Stopping of, after shock. 3721.

Fire in coal bunker. 3936-43.
Passage of Witness from one boiler section to another, explanation re. 3950-76.
Sinking of:

Description. 3882-5.
Position of Witness at time of. 3816-72, 3848-57.
Time of waiting before. 3924.

Witness sucked down by. 3870-4, 3882-5.


Evidence of:

As to pumping. E. Wilding. 20683.
As to water rising in boiler rooms quoted. E. Wilding. 20342-6, 20370, 20960.
As to watertight doors being opened. C. Lightoller. 14547. E. Wilding. 20686.

Rescue of, Ranger. 4107.

Distress signals, see under S.S. “Titanic,” under Lightoller. C., and under Wilding. E.

DODD, Second Steward on the S.S. “TITANIC”:

Action of, on deck. J. Johnson. 3649-51.
Assistance given by, in closing watertight doors. J. Wheat. 10924.
Conversation with. J. Boxhall. 15377.
Orders given by, after collision. J. Johnson. 3615-9. F. Morris. 5440-3. C. Mackay. 10691-4, 10699-707.
References to. J. Johnson. 3397. S. Rule. 6419.


Nominated by the Institution of Naval Architects and representing shipbuilders on the Advisory Committee of the Board of Trade, 1909. Sir W. Howell. 22424-32.
Representative of the naval architects on the Life-saving Appliances Sub-Committee, 1911. Sir N. Hill. 24587.

DUFF-GORDON, Sir COSMO, Bart., passenger on the S.S. “Titanic.” 12448-68:

Article alleged to be written by Lady Duff-Gordon, questions re. 12642-6.

Conversation as to going in. 12499-501.

Photograph of, in a London paper. 12849-52.
Present of money to, incident related. 12584-7, 12660-8, 12844-7.

Cries heard in, after sinking of ship. 12530-2.
Danger in going back to save life, opinion re. 12559-61.
Distance of, from sinking ship. 12526-8.
Events in, after sinking of S.S. “Titanic.” 12647-9.
Filling of. 12501.
Going back to save life, questions as to Symons's evidence re. 12592-601.
Lowering of, comparatively empty, explanation re. 12519-25.
No notice taken in, of drowning people. 12535-58.
No rescues attempted, questions re. 12711-9.
Orders to, before lowering. 12501-5.
Passenger in, giving directions, as to rowing. 12686-706, 12853-7.
Position in, of Witness and others. 12506-9.
Room for more passengers in, opinion re. 12515-22.

Direction of, when cries were heard. 12537-46.
Towards lights. 12674-7.

Statement as to suggestion to go back, denied. 12568-70.
Symons put in charge of. 12501.
Tackle in, taking up room. 12518.
Witness's request to go in. 12610, 12612.

Boat 3, passengers in, sex. 12484-6.
Boat 7, filling and lowering of. 12475-80.
Conversation of Witness with Hendrickson. 12822-60.
Press reports in America, questions re. 12771-6.

Captain's orders as to lifebelts. 12469, 12470.
Lifeboats launched in presence of Witness, number. 12778.
List of ship. 12458-62.
Rousing of Witness at time of collision. 12449-53.
Women and children first, questions re order as to. 12602-9.

Symons's evidence, questions re. 12707-10.
Taylor 's evidence, questions re. 12743-54.

Approval by, of Lady Duff-Gordon's objections to going back. C. Hendrickson. 5065-70.
Behaviour of, opinion re. C. Hendrickson. 11193-8.
Conversations of:

with Lady Duff-Gordon. G. Symons. 11808, 11902-5.

Overheard by Witness. J. Taylor. 12228-39.
with Witness. C. Hendrickson. 11200-27.
Money given by, to boat's crew. C. Hendrickson. 5187-213.
Money promised by, first mention. C. Hendrickson. 5207-13, 5268-70.
Objections of, to attempting rescues. C. Hendrickson. 5047-57.
Position of, in Boat. 1. C. Hendrickson. 11295.
Protests of, against going back. C. Hendrickson. 5134, 5147, 11142.
Questions asked of on behalf of, questions re. G. Symons. 11584-682.
Witness's acquaintance with. G. Symons. 11740.

Reference. G. Symons. 11564.

DUFF-GORDON, Lady, passenger on the S.S. “Titanic.” 12869-970:

Articles published in newspapers repudiated by. 12920-70.

Cries heard after sinking of S.S. “Titanic.” 12906-11.
Conversation in. 12885-900.
Narration by Witness as to manner of going in. 12875.
Orders given to. 12877-84.
Rowing in. 12876.
S.S. “Titanic,” refusal by Witness of offers to go in boats. 12870-2.
Sinking of. 12901-13.


Article alleged to be written by, questions re, C: Hendrickson. 5182. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12643-6.
Autographs written on lifebelt of. G. Symons. 11869-71.
In boat 1, questions re. C. Hendrickson. 11101-8.
Disinclination of, to attempt rescues. 11237-52.
Evidence of, referred to. G. Symons. 11799.
Hendrickson's evidence as to, questions re. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12740-2.
Indisposition of. C. Hendrickson. 11236. J. Taylor. 12249-52.
Objections of:

To attempting rescues. C. Hendrickson. 5047-57, 5065.
To going back. J. Taylor. 12253, 12254, 12269-82, 12292-4.

Position of, in Boat 1. C. Hendrickson. 11298.
Putting of, into boat. H. Lowe. 15958.
Refusal of, to go in boats. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12487-90, 12779-85.
Remarks made by:

As to suction. 12894-7.
On seeing S.S. “Titanic” sink. R. Pusey. 13119.

Durrant, John, Marconi man on the “Mount Temple.” 9416-596:

Marconi Company, record of messages required by. 9428-30.
S.S. “Carpathia,” messages of, to SS. “Titanic” overheard by Witness. 9459-62.

Marconi apparatus, working of, system. 9551-8.

Ice message reported to Captain. 9448, 9456.
Ice messages received, date and time. 9438-49.
Procès-verbal kept by Witness. 9431-4.

Marconi installation on, range. 9423-5.
Working hours of Witness. 9419-22.


Distress messages of, overheard. 9451-548.
Evidence of Witness, quoted. H. Cottam. 17084, 17139, 17143.

Duscheck, reference. J. Johnson. 3378.

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