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Anglo-American Telegraph Company


Image of ss Minia (Anglo-American Telegraph Company)

Length: 328.5 ft.
Breadth: 35.8 ft.
Draft (or Depth): 25.1 ft.
Tonnage: 2,061 (gross)
Engines: One two cylinder; single screw

London & Glasgow Eng. & Iron Shipbuilding Co, (Yard No. 116)

Launched: July 12, 1866
Maiden Voyage:
Disposition: 1922 - Sold for scrap.

Port of Registry: London, England
Flag of Registry: British
Funnel color:
Company flag:
Signal Letters:
Wireless call letters: A N M
Details: Single screw; one funnel; three masts.


Relationship to Titanic disaster / inquiries.

One of the ships chartered by White Star following the sinking of Titanic to search for and recover bodies of the victims of the disaster.


July 12, 1866

Launched by the London & Glasgow Eng. & Iron Shipbuilding Co, (Yard No. 116)


Chartered for three years by Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company and converted for cable work.


Sold to the Anglo American Telegraph Company and used for cable repair duties.


Leased to Western Union.

April 21, 1912

Chartered by the White Star Line to search for bodies of victims of the Titanic disaster. After a week of searching only 17 bodies were recovered. Two of these were buried at sea; 15 were taken to Halifax.


Sold for scrap.


Image Courtesy: Library of Congress.