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White Star Line

Image of ss Majestic (White Star Line)

Length: 582 ft.
Breadth: 57.7 ft.
Draft (or Depth):
Tonnage: 9,965 (gross)
Engines: Two triple-expansion steam engines, powering two propellers
Speed: 20 knots
Builder: Harland and Wolff, Ltd, Belfast, Ireland
Launched: June 29, 1889
Maiden Voyage: April 2, 1890
Disposition: May 5, 1914 - Sold for scrap.

Port of Registry: Liverpool, England
Flag of Registry: British
Funnel color: Buff; black top
Company flag: Red swallow-tail pennant with white star
Signal Letters:
Wireless call letters: M M C
Details: Steel; twin funnel; triple mast; capacity: 1,490 passengers


Relationship to Titanic disaster / inquiries.

Mentioned during inquiries. Captain Smith, and other members of Titanic's crew, had served on Majestic at various times in their careers.


June 29, 1889

Launched by Harland and Wolff, Ltd, Belfast, Ireland, for the White Star Line.

April 2, 1890

Maiden voyage: Liverpool - New York.

August 5, 1891

Captured the west bound blue riband for the fastest crossing, with an average speed of 20.1 knots. She only held the record for two weeks, being bested by her running mate, Teutonic.


Captain Edward Smith, later of Titanic, was appointed as commander.

December 1899 - February 1900

Transported troops during the Boer War.

October 17, 1913

Rescued the crew of the Garonne, which had wrecked.

January 14, 1914

Made her last Atlantic crossing.

May 5, 1914

Sold to Thomas Ward's shipbreakers.


Image Courtesy: Jeff Newman and greatships.net