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Dominion Line

Image of ss Haverford (Dominion Line)

Length: 531 ft.
Breadth: 59.2 ft
Draft (or Depth): 39 ft
Tonnage: 11,635 (gross)
Engines: Engines
Speed: 14 knots
Builder: John Brown & Company, Ltd., of Clydebank, Scotland, (Yard No. 344)
Launched: May 4, 1901
Maiden Voyage: September 4, 1901
Disposition: January 2, 1925 - scrapped in Italy.

Port of Registry: Liverpool, England
Flag of Registry: British
Funnel color: Red; white band below black top.
Company flag: Red; blue ball in large white diamond
Signal Letters:
Wireless call letters: M J H
Details: Twin screw; one funnel; four masts; accommodations, 150-2nd and 1,700-3rd class passengers


Relationship to Titanic disaster / inquiries.

Mentioned during the testimony of Harold Bride (he formerly served on her), as well as during the testimony of Harold Sanderson.


May 4, 1901

Launched by John Brown & Company, Ltd., of Clydebank, Scotland, for the American Line. Vessel would pass between several of the IMM companies during her service life.

September 4, 1901

Maiden voyage: Southampton - Cherbourg - New York.

December 17, 1908

Chartered by the Dominion Line.


Chartered by the White Star Line.

June 26, 1917

Survived torpedo attack off the west coast of Scotland that caused 8 casualties. Vessel was successfully beached and later repaired.

April 17, 1918

Survived a second torpedo attack, this time in the North Atlantic.

January 2, 1925

Scrapped at La Spezia, Italy.


Image Courtesy: Jeff Newman and greatships.net