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United States Revenue Service

Image of USRS Gresham (United States Revenue Service)

Length: 206 ft.
Breadth: 32 ft.
Draft (or Depth): 12 ft.
Tonnage: 1,090
Engines: Triple-expansion steam engine
Speed: 18 knots
Builder: Globe Iron Works Company of Cleveland, Ohio
Launched: September 12, 1896
Maiden Voyage: May 30, 1897 (commissioned)

Port of Registry:
Flag of Registry: U.S. Flag
Funnel color:
Company flag: U. S. Flag
Signal Letters:
Wireless call letters: R C G
Details: Steel hull; one funnel; two masts.


Relationship to Titanic disaster / inquiries.

Mentioned during the course of Jack Binns testimony of his evacuation from the sinking White Star liner Republic.

Also referred to during the deposition of U.S. Revenue Cutter Service Captain Charles Johnson at the Limitation of Liability hearings.


September 12, 1896

Launched by the Globe Iron Works Company of Cleveland, Ohio, for the U.S. Revenue Service.

January 23-4, 1909

One of the vessels to assist during the sinking of the White Star liner Republic, following her collision with the Lloyd Italiano liner Florida in heavy fog. Jack Binns discussed mentioned Gresham during his testimony at the U.S. Inquiry.

April 6, 1917

With the U.S. entry into World War I, Gresham was transferred to the Navy performing patrol and escort duty in the North Atlantic for the duration of the conflict.

August 28, 1919

Returned to the Treasury Department following the end of the war.


Sold for scrap.

March 1943

The Gresham was reacquired, and recommissioned as a Coast Guard cutter, and fitted out as an escort for coastal convoys. She proved to be too slow for this service and was decommissioned once again, before the war ended.

May 17, 1947

After being bought and renamed Hatikva to sail Jewish refugees to Palestine the vessel was intercepted and rammed by HMS Venus. Towed into the port of Haifa the crew and passengers were detained.