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Norddeutscher Lloyd Line

Image of ss Frankfurt (Norddeutscher Lloyd Line)

Length: 430.3 ft.
Breadth: 54.3 ft.
Draft (or Depth): 39.4 ft.
Tonnage: 7,341 tons (gross), 7,251 (underdeck), 4,739 (net)
Engines: Triple expansion, 6 cyl. (2 each) 22.4", 38.2", 62.2", 43.3" stroke
Speed: 12.5 knots
Builder: J[ohn] C. Tecklenborg Actien Gesselschaft, Geestemunde, Germany (Yard No. 169)
Launched: December 17, 1899
Maiden Voyage: March 31, 1900
Disposition: 1931 (scrapped in Japan)

Port of Registry: Bremen, Germany
Flag of Registry: German
Funnel color: Buff; black top

Company flag: White; a represenatation of a large blue anchor and crossed keys.
Signal Letters: Q G W B
Wireless call letters: D F T
Details: Steel hull; one funnel, two masts; single screw; 2 decks, awning deck; accommodation: First class, 108; third class, 1,889


Relationship to Titanic disaster / inquiries.

April 15, 1912

Eastbound, Galveston to Bremerhaven. At 12:15 a.m., was among the first vessels to hear Titanic's distress calll as originally transmitted: 41.44N., 50.24W* Frankfurt's position at 12:38 a.m. was reckoned to be 39.47N., 52.10W., some 153 miles southwest of the distress site.



Built and engined by J[ohn] C. Tecklenborg Gessellschaft, Geestemunde, Germany, Yard no. 169.

17 December 1899


31 March 1900

Maiden voyage: Bremen - Baltimore.


Bremen - Baltimore and Bremen - Galveston.


Surrendered. Became Frankfurt (British Registry) under White Star Line management.


Sold to Oriental Navigation Co., Ltd., Hong Kong; renamed Sarvistan.


Scrapped in Japan.

* - This position was also heard by MCE (Cape Race) and DYA (Ypiranga); it was transmitted ten times before being modified (to 41.44N., 50.14W.) by fourth officer Boxhall and passed on to Titanic's wireless operators.


Courtesy: John P. Eaton. Used with permission.
Image Courtesy: Old Ship Photo Galleries (http://www.photoship.co.uk) Used with permission.