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White Star Line

Image of ss Cedric (White Star Line)

Length: 680.9 ft.
Breadth: 75.3 ft.
Draft (or Depth): 44.1 ft. (depth)
Tonnage: 21,035 (gross); 13,520 (net)
Engines: Quadruple expansion, 8 cyl. 33" 47.5" 67.5" 98" x 63" stroke.
Speed: 16 knots
Builder: Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Belfast, Ireland. (Yard no. 377)
Launched: August 21, 1902
Maiden Voyage: February 11, 1903
Disposition: January 11, 1932 - Sold to breakers.

Port of Registry: Liverpool, England
Flag of Registry: British
Funnel color: Buff; black top
Company flag: Red swallow-tail pennant with white star
Signal Letters: T S V P
Wireless call letters: M D C
Details: Registration number: 115354; Steel hull; 2 funnels, 4 masts; Twin screws; 4 decks and shade deck; electric light; refrigeration machinery, submarine signal, wireless; Accommodation: First 365; second 160; third 2,350


Relationship to Titanic disaster / inquiries.

On 15 April, while in seclusion in the doctor's cabin on Carpathia, Bruce Ismay sent a wireless message to the White Star Line's New York office, requesting that Cedric, now at Pier 59 in New York, be held until Carpathia's arrival so it could transport Titanic's surviving officers and crew back to England.

However, Cedric departed New York at noon Thursday 18 April, some nine-and-a-half hours before Carpathia docked with the survivors.


August 21, 1902


January 31, 1903

Handed over.

February 11, 1903

Maiden voyage, Liverpool-New York and return.


Armed merchant cruiser (10th Cruiser Squadron).


In service as troop carrier.


Used by British government under Liner Requisition Scheme.

January 29, 1918

Collided at Mersey Bar with Canadian Pacific's Montreal, which sank.

December 14, 1918

First post-war voyage for White Star, Liverpool-New York and return.

September 5, 1931

Last voyage, Liverpool-New York and return.

January 11, 1932

Sold for £22,150 to Ward's, Inverkeithing, Scotland. Broken up.


Courtesy: John P. Eaton. Used with permission.