What's New?


February 2019

Website added SSL security. Cleaned up some coding glitches and changed host.

May 2017

Moved website to new host. Integrating new search engine. Continuing to add new data as we obtain it.

October 2014:

Continuing to add inquiry and Limitation of Liability documents as we come across them. Stay tuned.

February 2013:

Completed and uploaded Board of Trade Index of Minutes section.

January 2012.

Happy New Year!!! Reworked the pages for Titanic related ships.

Renumbered the Senate inquiry section (numbers are sequential rather than by witness).

Corrected format and code issues.

December 2011

Happy Holidays!

Adding new bits to the Limitation section. Also working on Titanic related ships information. Hopefully will have that done before the new year. Am still trying to work up a better numbered copy of the Senate Inquiry. Stay tuned!


Over the past several months the TIP website has undergone a major change. The most noticable change is the look and format of the site, both of which were changed to give the site a neater appearance as well as utilizing sidebars and menus to help visitors better understand where they're at on site the at a given time.

However, the changes don't stop there.

It was suggested by several people that it would be ideal to have a numbered US inquiry so that researchers could reference questions by number, rather than trying to locate an unnumbered question among many. Therefore you'll notice when visiting the US Inquiry section there are now two copies present - the original unnumbered copy, and a new numbered copy.

We've also started adding portions of the Limitation of Liabilities transcripts which are another valuable source of primary information on the subject. As time and funds permit we intend to continue adding to this section.

The Lusitania inquiry has also been given it's own section as well. Before it was a subsection of the Titanic inquiries and pretty much lost in amongst them. We're also looking to adding more material to this section as we come across it.

The biographical links have now all been moved to a single web page which will make updates to links much easier to do. The link within the text will now take visitors to the links page which they can then use to follow the biographical link to another site. Note: Some names will not have links as there is no biographical information readily available for them. We hope to change that as we can.

The graphics used on this site are changing as well (please note this is still in progress - 10 January 07). Where possible, ship's involved with the Titanic and Lusitania tragedies will have pages with information about the vessels as well as images where possible. As well, when a witness refers to a particular location we'll try our best to denote that with a graphic so that visitors will have a good idea where the witness was on the ship when making the reference.

As with most sites, TIP will continue to evolve. Please drop us an email and let us know what you think. If you come across a dead link or problem on a page within this site, please let us know so we can correct it.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the site!