Titanic Inquiry Project - Links

There are so many Titanic links available on the net these days. We would like to share with you some sites that stand out in terms of their content. These sites offer very informative and, in cases, very unique content.

At Sea With Dave Gittins

Dave's site delves into the disaster from a navigation perspective. It includes a reassessment of the "Carpathia" legend, a possible explanation of the incorrect SOS position and lot of information on the way "Titanic" was navigated. There is also a pretty comprehensive summary of the radio side of the tale and information about the terminology and practices of the time.

Bill Wormstedt's Titanic

Bill's site encompasses several articles that detail aspects of the disaster. These include: Analysis of Bodies recovered from the wrecksite; Historical Accuracy of the James Cameron movie; and "The Lifeboats of the Titanic."

Encyclopedia Titanica

Phil Hind's site provides an extensive public resource for information on passengers and crew members. The site incorporates data that is compiled and amassed by various researchers from all overt the world.

George Behe's Titanic Tidbits

George Behe's site brings to light several little-known issues that tend to be overlooked by other historians.


Jeff Newman and Mark Baber present an excellent site detailing the histories of many ships of various shipping lines.

Marconi Calling

An interactive online project from the Marconi Company, site includes extensive Titanic related material held in the Marconi archive and tells the story of how wireless played such an important part in saving so many lives.


Parks Stephenson's website provides articles dealing with the technical aspect of Titanic and the disaster.

The Titanic and Halifax

Information on the Halifax Titanic graves, with image and information links.

Titanic Research Modeling Association

For anyone interested in modelling the Titanic, this is one of the best reference sites available.

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