United States Senate Inquiry


Passenger List
Second-Class Passengers

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- A -

Passenger's Name.


Abelson, Mrs. Hanna

Hebrew Shelter and Emigrant Aid Society, 229 East Broadway, New York City.

Abelson, Mr. Samson

Andrew, Mr. Edgar

Brother is S. Alfredo Andrew, New York Ship Building Co., Camden, N. J.

Andrew, Mr. Frank


Angle, Mr. William

14 Mill Street, Warwick, England.

Angle, Mrs. W.

With sister, 212 East Forty-sixth Street, New York City.

Ashby, Mr. John

Wife is 517 Synnes Street, West Hoboken, N. J.


- B -

Passenger's Name.


Bailey, Mr. Percy

26 Gwavas Street, Penzance, Cornwall, England, or care of Harry Luter, 1024 Jefferson Avenue, Akron, Ohio.

Baimbridge, Mr. Chas. R.


Balls, Mrs. Ada E.

227 West 125th Street, thence to Jacksonville, Fla.

Banfield, Mr.

20 Grenville Road, Plymouth, England. Brother is in Houghton, Mich.

Bateman, Mr. Robert J.


Beane, Mr. Edward


Beane, Mrs. Ethel


Beauchamp, Mr. H. J.


Becker, Mrs. Allen O.

Care of Thos. Cook & Son, Bombay, or Benton Harbor, Mich., or, until May 18, Lancaster, Ohio.

Becker, Miss Marion

Becker, Master Richard

Becker, Miss Ruth

Beesley, Mr. Lawrence

1 Tetchfield Terrace, London, N. W.; or care Cornell Club, New York City.

Bentham, Miss Lilian W.

11 Kay Terrace, Rochester, N. Y.

Berriman, Mr. William


Botsford, Mr. W. Hull

Care of Thos. Cook & Son, London, or father is William B. Botsford, 402 West Fifth Street, Elmira, N. Y.

Bowenur, Mr. Solomon

General Post Office, London.

Bracken, Mr. Jas. H.


de Brito, Mr. Jose


Brown, Miss E.


Brown, Mrs. E. C.


Brown, Miss Mildred

152 Abbey Road, London, N. W.

Brown, Mr. S.


Bryhl, Mr. Curt

Brother of Dagmar Bryhl, who survived and returns to Gothenburg, Sweden, on Baltic, May 9.

Bryhl, Miss Dagmar

Care Oscar Lustig, 511 Pearl Street, Rockford, Ill.; returned to Gothenburg, steamship Baltic, May 9.

Buss, Miss Kate

Care of Rev. Daiziel, Belmore, L. I., thence to San Diego, Cal.

Butler, Mr. Reginald


Byles, Rev. T. R. D.


Bystrom, Miss Carolina

1991 Lexington Avenue, New York, City.


- C -

Passenger's Name.


Caldwell, Mr. Albert Francis

2 Upper Montague Street, London, England.

Caldwell, Mrs. Sylvia


Caldwell, Master Alden G.


Cameron, Miss Clear

Mamaroneck, Conn. (?)

Campbell, Mr. William

Care of Harland & Wolff, Belfast, Ireland.

Carbines, Mr. W.


del Carlo, Mr. Sebastiani

Care Branchini, Lucco, Italy.

del Carlo, Mrs.Sebastiani

Returned to Italy on Cretic, May 18.

Carver, Rev. E. C.


Carver, Mrs. E. C.


Chapman, Mr. C.

McWheelers, West Droyton, England.

Chapman, Mr. D. H.

Care of George & George, Leskeard, England.

Chapman, Mrs. D. H.

Christy, Mrs. Alice

Returned to England, Megantic, May 11.

Christy, Miss Jule


Clarke, Mrs. Ada Maria

Returned to England, Celtic, April 25.

Clarke, Mr. Charles V.

Colaba-Grange Lane, Netley Abbey, England.

Coleridge, Mr. R. C.

232 Strand, London, W. C.

Collander, Mr. Erik

Finska, A. A.

Collett, Mr. Stuart

Care of M. E. Collett, Port Byron, N. Y.

Collyer, Mr. Harvey

Mount Hill, Bosingstoke, Hants, England, or Payette, Idaho.

Collyer, Mrs. Charlotte

Collyer, Miss Marjorie

Corbett, Mrs. Irene

General Lying-In Hospital, York Road, London.

Corey, Mrs. P. C.


Cotterill, Mr. Harry

26 Adelaide Street, Penzance, England, or care of Mrs. Richards, 457 Rhodes Avenue, Akron, Ohio.

Cunningham, Mr. Alf

Care of Harland & Wolff, Belfast, Ireland.


- D -

Passenger's Name.


Davis, Mrs. Agnes

Mohawk, Mich.

Davis, Master John M.

Davies, Mr. Charles


Davis, Miss M.

29 Fleet Lane, New Gate, London.

Dawson, Mr. William James


Deacon, Mr. Percy


Debsen, Mr. William


Decit, Miss Bertha


Denbury, Mr. Herbert

Dibden, Mr. William

Doling, Mrs. Ada

Canute Road, Southampton, England; returned to England, Philadelphia, May 11.

Doling, Miss Elsie

Drachstedt, Baron von (saved as first class)


Drew, Mr. James V.

Constantine, Penryn, Cornwall, England.

Drew, Mrs. James V.

Drew, Master Marshall

Durand, Miss Asuncion

Care of Monter, Barcelona, or Caile Zulinta, Habana, Cuba.

Durand, Miss Florentina


- E -

Passenger's Name.


Eitemiller, Mr. G. F.

Bonnington Hotel, Southampton Row, London, or 29 Webb Avenue, Detroit, Mich.

Enander, Mr. Ingvar



- F -

Passenger's Name.


Fahlstrom Mr. Arne J.


Fallbrook, Mr. Charles

16 Charles Streetm Truro, Cornwall, England, or care of George Fillbrook, P. O. Box 115, Houghton, Mich.

Faunthorpe, Mr. Harry


Faunthorpe, Mrs. Lizzie

Care of John Devine, 669 Brooklyn Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Fox, Mr. Stanley H.

Sister is D. B. Fox, 1250 Astor Street, Chicago, Ill.

Frost, Mr. A.

Care of Harland & Wolff, Belfast, Ireland.

Funk, Miss Annie

Care of Thos. Cook & Son, London.

Fyuncy, Mr. Jos.


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