United States Senate Inquiry

Day 17

Washington, D. C. May 14,1912.



Speed, 17 knots. (Lloyd's), 15 1/2 knots at time of hearing C.Q.D. (calculated from Marine Data Report).
Bound east for Liverpool.
Positions plotted from Marine Data Report.
April 14, noon (N. Y., 9.50 a. m.), 40º 55' N., 49º 20' W.
April 15, 1.45 a. m. (N. Y., 11.05 p. m.), 42º 02' N., 45º 02' W., changed course to go to Titanic.
April 15, noon (N. Y., 9.20 a. m.), 42º 00' N., 46º 56' W.
This last position is probably after the Baltic had turned back to the east and resumed her course toward Fastnet.


Speed, 13 knots (Lloyd's).
Bound east to Rotterdam and Libau.
Birma reported as 70 miles from Titanic's position April 14.
In plotting her position preference is given to the western of the two possible positions on the course from New York to the turning point, because she was sighted by the Mount Temple early on the morning of April 15.


Speed, 13 knots (Lloyd's.) Four-masted steamship. (Lloyd's).
11 to 13 1/2 knots.
Bound west for Boston.
9.40 a. m. 42º N., 47º W. April 14
10.30 p. m. (N. Y., 8.40), 42º 5' N., 50º 7' W.
6.30 p. m. (N. Y., 4.40), 42º 5' N., 49º 10 W.
Course, S. 16º W., 19 1/2 or 19 3/4 to position of Titanic. (Californian appears to have made complete circles while engines were stopped in 42º 5' N., 50º 7' W.)
Position from marine data report April 15, 2.30 p. m. (N. Y., 12.55 p. m.), 41º 33' N., 50º 42' W.


Speed, 15 knots. (Lloyd's.)
16 1/2 knots to Titanic; 58 miles in 3 1/2 hours.
Bound east for Gibraltar.
Heard C.Q.D. of Titanic at 12.35 a. m. April 15 (10.45 p. m. N. Y. time).
Position obtained by reversing course N 52º W., true 58 miles.
Distance from Titanic, 58 miles at time of C.Q.D.


Speed, 12 1/2 knots (Lloyd's.)
13 knots to Titanic (calculated from current report.)
Bound east for Bremerhaven from Galveston.
Position 39º 47' N., 52º 10' W., April 14, 10.25 p.m. N.Y. time.
Position 41º 44' N., 50º 24' W., April 15, 10.50 a.m. (9.40 a.m. N.Y. time.)
Position 41º 35' N., 50º 15' W., taken from current report.
Seen by Californian near this position.
Position 41º 26' N., 49º 30' W., April 15, 2.30 p.m. (12.50 N.Y.) (from current report.)
Distance from Titanic, 150 miles at time of C.Q.D.
Heard C.Q.D. at 10.40, N.Y. time.


Speed, 12 1/2 knots (Lloyd's.)
11 1/2 knots to Titanic.
Bound west to St. John, N. B.
Position at C.Q.D. of Titanic 50 miles away, 41º 25' N., 51º 14' W.
Steered N. 65 E, true at 11 1/2 knots. Stopped at 3.25 a.m. (12.55 a.m. N.Y.)
Schooner seen 2 miles on port bow of Mount Temple, plots 18 miles from Titanic's position by time, course, and speed instead of 13, as per testimony.
Tramp steamer plotted approximately in position where first seen.
Distance from Titanic, 50 miles at time of C.Q.D.


Speed, over 20 knots (Lloyd's.)
Bound east for Fastnet.
Position at 4.24 a.m. G.M.T., April 15, latitude 40º 12' N., 61º 18' W., 11.24 p.m., N.Y. time.


Speed, 18 knots (Lloyd's.)
170 knots to Titanic.
Bound east for Southampton from Halifax.
175 This position, 170 miles from Titanic at midnight, is plotted on the probable track from Halifax to turning point, 41º N., 47º W.
The Virginian is plotted west of Titanic position because she was communicating with Cape Race just after the time of the accident.


Speed, 14 knots (Lloyd's).
Speed on April 14, 12 knots (calculated from marine data blank).
Bound toward Boston via Halifax from Glasgow.
Positions plotted from marine data blank:
April 14, 4.30 p.m., (2.42 N.Y.) 41º 55' N., 49º 02' W.
April 14, 8 p.m. (6.12 N.Y.) 41º 42' N., 49º 55' W.
Position from wireless report to Titanic from Californian: April 14 (no time) 41º 55' N., 49º 14' W.
Position at 10.25 p.m., New York time, an arc of circle radius being 51 miles, for 4 1/4 hours, at 12 knots per hour.

NOTE: - In the above wherever "marine data report" is used the original of such report from the ship in question is on file in the Hydrographic Office.