United States Senate Inquiry

Day 16

Correspondence of Benjamin Campbell

The telegrams referred to are as follows:

NEW HAVEN,CONN., April 15,1912 - 2 P.M.

Mr. G. M. Bosworth, V. P. Canadian Pacific Ry., Montreal, P. Q.Mr. E. Tiffin, G. T. M. Intercolonial Ry., Moncton, N. B.Passengers from the steamer Titanic are transferring at sea, and are due to arrive in Halifax some time Wednesday. There will be 325 first class, 285 second class, all for New York and requiring sleeper accommodations; also 710 third class, a portion of which are for Canada.

This company has at Boston, ready for immediate delivery, 23 sleeping cars with a capacity of 632 passengers; also two dining cars and as many coaches and baggage cars as may be required, and can furnish motive power if desired.

Please advise how much of this equipment we shall deliver to the Boston & Maine for delivery to you at Vanceboro, running special.

Vice President Horn has wired your manager, also the Intercolonial people, full particulars.




NEW HAVEN,CONN., April 15,1912 - 4.35 P.M.

Mr. E. Tiffin, General Traffic Manager Intercolonial Ry.
Mr. G. M. Bosworth, Vice President Canadian Pacific Ry.
Mr. W. P. Berry, Vice President Boston & Maine R. R.
Mr. G. S. Hobbs, Vice President Maine Central R. R.

Vice-President Franklin, of White Star line, advises Titanic's passengers will land at Halifax Wednesday. He authorizes that railroads furnish passengers with tickets and meals and the first and second class passengers with sleeping car accommodations, rendering bill against his company and not make collection from passengers direct.

Mr. Mitchell, agent White Star Line, Montreal, left today for Halifax, and be no doubt will have full authority.




9 Broadway, New York, April 15, 1912.

Vice President New York, New Haven & Hartford R. R. Co.,
New Haven, Conn.

DEAR SIR: Confirming our conversation over the telephone today, this is to advise you that we shall be glad if you will bill us for the transportation of all the Titanic's passengers to whom you give passage from Halifax to New York or any intermediate point and for all the meals of the passengers en route.

We understood from our conversation with you that you were providing 30 sleeping cars and 3 dining cars for the first and second class passengers, numbering approximately 610, and a sufficient number of day coaches for 710 third class passengers, and a sufficient number of baggage cars for all classes.

We take this opportunity of expressing to you our sincere appreciation of the efforts you have made to assist us in our difficulties under these very exceptional circumstances, and we ask you to accept our thanks for all that you have done in our behalf.

Yours, very truly,

Vice President.