Day 3


(1.) When the "Lusitania" left New York on the 1s t May, 1915 - (a) What was the total number of passengers on board, and how many of them were women or children? (b) Were there any troops on board? (c) What was the total number of her crew and their respective ratings? (d) What cargo had she on board, and where was it stowed?

(2.) Did the "Lusitania" before leaving New York comply with the requirements of the Merchant Shipping acts, 1894 to 1906, and the Rules and Regulations made thereunder?

(3.) Were any instructions received by the master of the "Lusitania” from the owners or the Admiralty before or during the voyage from New York as to the navigation or management of the vessel on the voyage in question? Did the master carry out such instructions?

(4.) Were any messages sent or received by the "Lusitania” with reference to enemy submarines during the voyage?

(5.) What was the state of the weather and sea on the 7th May, 1915? Was the position, course, or speed of the "Lusitania” on that day in any way affected by the weather!

(6.) Were any submarines sighted from the "Lusitania” on or before the 7th May, 1915? If so, when and where was any submarine sighted, and what was the position, course and speed of the "Lusitania” at such time?

(7.) Was the "Lusitania” attacked by a submarine on the 7th May, 1915? If so, can the submarine be identified? Did the submarine display any, and if so, what flag? Was it a German submarine?

(8.) When and how in what circumstances was the attack made by the submarine on the "Lusitania”?

(9.) Before and at the time the "Lusitania” was attacked - (a) What was her position, course and speed? (b) Was such position, course and speed proper in the circumstances? (c) Was the master in charge of her? (d) Had a proper lookout been set and was it being kept? (e) What flag was the "Lusitania” flying?

(10.) Before the submarine made the attack - (a) was any, and if so, what warning given to the "Lusitania” by the submarine of her presence or intention to attack, or was and, and if so, what signal given for communication made by the submarine to the "Lusitania”? (b) Was any, and if so, what request made by the submarine to the "Lusitania” to stop? (c) Was any, and if so, what opportunity given to any persons on hoard the "Lusitania” to leave her?

(11.) Was any, and if so, what action taken by those on board the "Lusitania” before she was attacked - (l) To escape from the submarine? (2) To resist visit or search? (3) To avoid capture? (4) Or otherwise in reference to the submarine?

(12.) Was the "Lusitania” armed? If so, how was she armed?

(13.) Was the "Lusitania” struck by one or more torpedoes? Where was she struck? What interval was there between the time the "Lusitania” sighted the submarine and the time she was struck?

(14.) What was the effect on the "Lusitania” of being struck by the torpedo or torpedoes? Did any cargo or other thing on board the "Lusitania” explode or ignite or increase the damage caused by any torpedo? Did the "Lusitania” take any and what list? If so, what caused the list? How long after the "Lusitania” was struck did she sink and what caused her to sink?

(15.) What means were taken on board the "Lusitania” after she was struck to save her or the lives of those on board of her? Were such measures reasonable and proper or otherwise? Was proper discipline maintained on board the "Lusitania” after she was struck?

(16.) How many persons on board the "Lusitania” were saved and by what means, and how many were lost? What was the number of passengers, distinguishing between men and women and adults and children, who were saved? What was the number of the crew, discriminating their ratings and sexes, who were saved?

(17.) Was any loss of life due to any neglect by the master of the "Lusitania" to take proper precautions or give proper orders with regard to swinging out of the boats, or getting them ready for use, clearing away the portable skids from the pontoon decked lifeboats, releasing the gripes of such boats, closing of watertight bulkheads or portholes, or otherwise, before or after the "Lusitania" was attacked.

(18.) Were any other vessels in sight at the time the "Lusitania” was attacked or before she sank? If so, what vessels were they and what were their relative positions to the "Lusitania”? Did they render any, and, if so, what assistance to the "Lusitania” or any of her passengers or crew?

(19.) What was the cause of the loss of the "Lusitania”? What caused the loss of life?

(20.) Was the loss of the "Lusitania” and/or the loss of life caused by the wrongful act or default of the master of the "Lusitania” or does any blame attach to him for such loss.

(21.) Does any blame attach to the Owners of the S.S. "Lusitania”?