British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry

Day 3


Examined by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL.

1775. Is your name Alice Lynes [sic]?
- Yes.

1776. And I think you were a nurse on board to the children of Major Warner Farrell [sic]?
- Yes.

1777. Were you on the "E" deck of the "Lusitania" when the vessel was struck?
- I was.

1778. What did you do with your two children?
- I rushed for the baby and boy, and took them up on deck as quick as possible.

1779. Which deck?
- "A" deck.

1780. Which side of the deck did you go to?
- The port side.

1781. What happened to you then?
- I had difficulty in standing. I was knocked towards the ship and had a hill to climb to get into the lifeboat.

1782. But you did it with the children, did you?
- Yes, I had the baby in my arms and a little boy of five hanging to my skirt.

1783. And you got them into the boat still on the port side?
- Yes.

1784. Did anyone help you?
- The passengers on board. Two gentlemen helped me up the stairs. One left me to get a lifebelt for me, but I saw him no more, and another passenger helped me into the boat.

1785. Were there any sailors there?
- I saw none.

1786. What happened next?
- We went down to the boat quite easily until we got to the bottom and the water splashed up. It was rather difficult to get away.

1787. But you got away safely on the port side?
- Yes.

1788. And you and both the children were all right?
- Quite all right, except a few bruises.

1789. Do you remember the number of the boat?
- I do not remember any.

The Solicitor-General:
This is the only boat, so far as I know, my Lord, which got off from the port side.

(The witness withdrew.)