Titanic in Ohio

Titanic in Ohio - again??


During the weekend of April 15th - 17th a group of Titanic friends gathered in Ohio to visit several sites related to survivors as well as to visit the Inland Seas Maritime Museum in Vermilion. The weekend turned out to be a great success with additional visits to the former farm home of Senator Theodore Burton as well as the Steamer William G. Mather..

Kneeling l to r: Erin Jones and Mike Standart
Standing l to r: Marie Jardon, Joshua Gulch, Dan Cherry, Bill Wormstedt, Dave Brown, Denise Hunyadi, John Hays, Trent Pfieffer, Robert Ottmers.


On Friday Bill, Mike, Erin and I met at the Cleveland Airport. We were pretty lucky that our flights all arrived within a 20 minute period so we didn't wait long, except for coffee ;-p From the airport we met Denise and John at the car rental and began trekking around eastern Ohio to visit the graves of several Titanic survivors.

Bedford, OH

Our first stop was at the Bedford Cemetery where we visited the grave of Mary Davison (Godwin).
A note here: One has to give John the greatest credit. He had our trip planned out in minute detail. Sad to say the plan lost out to chatter at the first place we visited. Each subsequent stop included more of the same.
Warren, OH.
Next we made our way to Warren, Ohio to visit the grave of Ellen Hakkarainen (Nummi) in Oakwood Cemetery.
Sharon, PA.
We made our way over to Pennsylvania and began the odyssey to find Shawneene George (Whabee). This visit really wiped out the carefully laid out itinerary John worked so hard on. But all of us thought it worth the effort. (Ducking).

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