Collision with iceberg-contd.

Doom of, known, lapse of time after impact. A. Crawford. 17979.
Down by the head, noticed by Witness. H. Lowe. 15823.
Dummy funnel:

Escape of Witness by. T. Ranger. 4027-33.
Falling at time of sinking. T. Dillon. 3860-9.

Electric dynamo, working of. T. Ranger. 4146-54.
Electric lights burning in alleyway. F. Barrett. 2001-6, 2079.
Emergency doors available. C. Joughin. 5961-77. J. Hart. 10056-61.

Action of, after shock. T. Dillon. 3730-806.
On Boat Deck:

And firemen, time. F. Scott. 5685-94, 5706-30.
Number of, seen. F. Scott. 5831-6.

Loss of, reason. H. Sanderson. 19474-6.
Orders to:

To draw fires. T. Dillon. 3758-67.
To go on deck, time. T. Dillon. 3807-13.
To keep steam up. T. Dillon. 3755-7.

Engine room:

Discharge. G. Beauchamp. 730-2, 744.
Escape ladders from. G. Beauchamp. 676. F. Barrett. 1991-4.
Marconi message as to flooding of, opinion re. E. Wilding. 20936-8.
Marconi power failing from. H. Bride. 16566-70.
Message from, to send stokers up. F. Barrett. 1970-9.
Message to, as to drop in temperature. C. Lightoller. 13615.
Order of events. F. Scott. 5836.
Shock felt in. T. Dillon. 3715.
Telegraph messages to:

Times of. T. Dillon. 3716-9, 3946-9. F. Scott. 5523-38, 5607-34, 5818.

Vibration felt in. J. Scarrott. 339-43.


Action of, after shock. T. Dillon. 3722-9.
Immediate effect on. J. Scarrott. 354-8.
Stopping of:

And order to stop, lapse of time between. F. Scott.. 5803-17.
Time of. A. Jewell. 203. T. Dillon. 3720. C. Lightoller. 13743-58.

Vibration from. R. Hichens. 1020. J. Poingdestre. 2792-8.
Explosions heard at time of sinking, see under Sinking.

Extraordinary circumstances contributing to. C. Lightoller. 14197-217. Sir A. Chalmers. 23074-6.

Behaviour of. R. Lee. 2472-85. H. Sanderson. 19477.
On Boat deck. F. Scott. 5685-93, 5706-30.
Lamps, brought by, to stokehold. F. Barrett. 1990, 1995-2000.
Muster of. J. Boxhall. 15623-5.
Ordered up on deck. F. Barrett. 1970-9.
Quarters of, flooded. H. Pitman. 14958-61.

Firemen's compartment, wells sounded in, result. J. Poingdestre. 2822.
Firemen's passage, water making in, damage shown by. E. Wilding. 20016-28, 20332-4.
Fires, drawing of. G. Beauchamp. 668E-72. T. Dillon. 3758-67.
First intimation. J. Boxhall. 15342-8.
Flat calm, see Weather conditions.
Flooding of third class compartment. J. Poingdestre. 3178.

Store room, examination of, for damage. S. Hemming. 17713-23.
Water entering into. J. Poingdestre. 2840-54. A. Shiers. 4586-9.

Fresh water tanks, orders re. R. Hichens. 917-9.
Funnel blower, Witness caught and held against. C. Lightoller. 14054-60.
Funnels, falling of, cause. E. Wilding. 20919-21.
Gangway doors:

Boat ordered to come to. H. Pitman. 15021-34.
Orders to fill boats from. C. Lightoller. 13894-918, 13957-70, 14777-92. H. Pitman. 15254-62. H. Lowe. 15911-5.

General order to go on deck. C. Joughin. 5936-9.

Alarm given in. J. Johnson. 3402-8, 3613-7.
Questions as to water in. J. Wheat. 13242-4.

Greaser released from after-tunnel. F. Scott. 5718-22.
Gymnasium instructor, refusal of to wear lifebelt. C. Lightoller. 14066.
Hatch (fore-scuttle), closing of. S. Hemming. 17707-9.
Haze noticed. C. Lightoller. 13641-7. F. Fleet. 17392-9.
Heading of. H. Pitman. 15227.
Help expected by crew. C. Joughin. 6285-8.
Hold 1:

Flooding of, according to evidence. E. Wilding. 20313, 20331.
Tarpaulin blown up on hatch. C. Hendrickson. 4912-24.
Water coming through hatchway. R. Lee. 2734-48. A. Shiers. 4570-6. H. Pitman. 14962-7. E. Wilding. 20380-91.

Hold 3, flooding of, according to evidence. E. Wilding. 20313, 20331.
Holds, water coming into. S. Hemming. 17736, 17745-8.
Iceberg causing disaster, see that title
Ice indications, discussion with Captain re. C. Lightoller. 13616-22.
Ice on deck. W. Lucas. 1419-27. R. Lee. 2427, 2754-8. A. Shiers. 4525-9.
Inner skin penetrated by ice. E. Wilding. 20713-31.
Injury to a fireman. A. Shiers. 4557-67.
Interpreter, action of, in directing women to boats. C. Joughin. 6176-83, 6350-6. J. Hart. 10052-5.

Fetching of, from third class cabins. F. Scott. 5700, 5732-61, 5844-91.
Life of witness saved by. E. Brown. 10563-5.
Orders to serve out, time of. R. Hichens. 1041.
Placing of, on passengers. W. Seward. 17790.
Witness not having one. G. Beauchamp. 796.

Lights of:

Burning, until sinking. R. Hichens. 1209-21. T. Ranger. 4107-22. C. Joughin. 6359-66.
Extinguishing of. A. Jewell. 175-7, 185.

Lights seen from, see that title.
List of ship:

Correction of, by moving passengers to other side. C. Lightoller. 13930, 13943. E. Wilding. 20932-5.
To port:

Amount of. C. Rowe. 17675-82.
Demonstration on model. E. Brown. 10639-44.
Explanation of. C. Lightoller. 14684-95. E. Wilding. 20246-51.
Extent of. E. Wilding. 20228.
Lowering of boats affected by. C. Joughin. 5988-90.
Seriousness of. C. Joughin. 6035-8.
When first noticed. S. Rule. 6501-5. C. Lightoller. 13852-65. H. Bride. 16551-3.
Referred to. F. Scott. 5652. A. Pearcey. 10448. J. B. Ismay. 18539-41.

To starboard:

Explanation. E. Wilding. 20242-6.
Lowering of boats assisted by. G. Symons. 11440-2, 11467A, 11877-9.
When noticed. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12458-62.
Referred to. R. Hichens. 1043, 1368.

Look-out men:

On change of course before warning given. C. Lightoller. 14394.
Instruction to, as to ice. A. Jewell. 17-9. 240-5. R. Lee. 2398. G. Symons. 11334-45. C. Lightoller. 13656-75. F. Fleet.. 17236-44.
Warning from, before striking. R. Hichens. 969, 982-4. C. Lightoller. 14257.
See also under Fleet. F.; Jewell. A.; Symons. G.;

Mail room, damage in, and water rising. H. Pitman. 14948-50. J. Boxhall. 15372-7, 15585.
Main discharge endangering boats. G. Beauchamp. 730. F. Barrett. 2168.
Marconi apparatus:

Interference with, caused by steam escaping. H. Cottam. 17116-25.
Power failing. H. Bride. 16566-70.

Marconi message first received as to. H. Cottam. 17081-103.
Marconigrams, see C.Q.D. messages under Collision, Before and After, under S.S. “Titanic.”

Duties of, in avoiding panic. J. Poingestre. 3209-11.
Women ordered below by, time of. J. Hart. 10280.

Megaphone orders from the bridge, to boats to return. J. Boxhall. 15451.
Morse lamp signalling. G. Symons. 11468-72. C. Lightoller. 14162-7. J. Boxhall. 15404-14. G. Rowe. 17660. A. Crawford. 17972. E. Wilding. 20969.
Noise caused by. W. Lucas. 1808-10. H. Pitman. 14931.
Officers' duties. C. Lightoller. 14759-65. H. Lowe. 15916-30.
Officers of the watch at time of. J. Boxhall. 15555-65.
Order of events in crow's nest. R. Lee. 2426-51. F. Fleet. 17245-327.
Order of events after striking, described. C. Lightoller. 13747-96.

Access to boat deck. J. Scarrott. 603-17. W. Lucas. 1734-9. J. Poingdestre. 3207-11, 3214-22. C. Joughin. 6170-90. E. Wilding. 20961-71.
Arrival of, on deck, time of. W. Lucas. 1499. C. Lightoller. 13822.
Discipline of. T. Dillon. 3925-30. C. Joughin. 5946-9. C. Lightoller. 13932-5, 14005-7, 14028. A. Crawford. 18022-5.
Disinclination of, to leave ship. W. Lucas. 1733, 1817. J. Poingdestre. 3303-6. J. Johnson. 3586-96, 3637-48. C. Joughin. 5952-5, 6350-7. J. Hart. 9924-6. W. Seward. 17822.
First class:

Chances of getting to boats. J. Scarrott. 490, 500.

Attendance on, of stewards and stewardesses. J. Johnson. 3400. E. Leather, 13166-9.
In officers' quarters. H. Lowe. 15791.

With lifebelts, in alleyway. G. Cavell. 4222-39.
Lost, questions re. H. Pitman. 15157-63.

Preventive measures taken with, at the lifeboats. R. Hichens. 1327-33. J. Poingdestre. 2963-73, 3109-15, 3297.

Ordered to boat deck. H. Lowe. 15932.
Ordered to starboard side to correct list. C. Lightoller. 13930, 13943.
Rousing of, system. H. Pitman. 15154-6.
Search made for women and children. S. Rule. 6507-22, 6582-6, 6625-40.
Third class:

Assurances given to, in first instance. J. Hart. 10177-200.
Chances of being saved. C. Joughin. 5956-7. C. Lightoller. 14135.
Directed up to boat deck. J. Hart. 10051, 10285-7, 10324. A. Pearcey. 10357-83.
Informed of condition of ship. J. Hart. 10097-102.
Lack of boats for. T. Dillon. 3910-2.
Lifebelts put on. T. Dillon. 3907-9. J. Hart. 9852-88, 10321-3. A. Pearcey. 10355.
Luggage carried up by. J. Hart. 10288-90. C. Hendrickson. 4947-55. 5163-76. J. Wheat. 11064-8. C. Joughin. 6176, 6193-5.

Standing back from boats. G. Cavell. 4358-65, 4458-61.
On Well deck. J. Poingdestre. 2875-904.
Where sent. S. Rule. 9771-6. J. Hart. 10231-45.

Refusal of, to go on deck. 10046-50.
Rousing of. J. Hart. 9852-88, 9915-20.
Where seen. J. Poingdestre. 3175-87.

On Boat deck, taken to A deck. C. Mackay. 10758-65.
And children, passing up of, to boats, order re. J. Hart. 9921-31, 9965-75.
Search for. W. Lucas. 1478-1503.
Sent up to last boat. T. Dillon. 3831-47.
Thrown into boats. C. Joughin. 5981-6.

Patent log, register of. G. Rowe. 17607-13.
Piping carried through watertight bulkheads, question re. C. Lightoller. 14543-7.
Poop, difficulty in gaining access to. C. Joughin. 6060-73, 6251.
Position of ship:

Sent out by Marconigram. J. Boxhall. 15389-91, 15494, 15635-80.
At Time of striking. R. Hichens. 956-1015. C. Lightoller. 13554.

Post office:

Flooding of, causing list. E. Wilding. 20242.
Mail men dragging bags out of. J. Wheat. 10910.

Proximity of S.S. “Californian.” C. Evans. 8983-96, 8978-89, 9119-27, 9189­206.
Pumping operations. F. Barrett. 1961-70. T. Dillon. 3732. F. Scott. 5714-7. E. Wilding. 20374.
Racquet court, making water. S. Hemming. 17736.
Restaurant waiters, foreigners, seen on deck. J. Johnson. 3630, 3664-7.
Revolver shots fired. R. Hichens. 1328-31. H. Lowe. 15989-92.

Breaking in two (alleged) at time of, opinions re. J. Poingdestre. 3107-19. T. Ranger. 4166, 4174. F. Scott. 5674-84. C. Joughin. 6040-51, 6224. C. Lightoller. 14074-101, 14907-10. E. Wilding. 20258-61.
Cries heard after. G. Beauchamp. 760-3. J. Taylor. 12083-108. A. Horswell. 12338-48. Sir C. Duff Gordon. 12530-2, 12755-9.
Description. A. Jewell. 162-79. J. Scarrott. 413-26. W. Lucas. 1561. T. Dillon. 3882-5. T. Ranger. 4093-102. C. Joughin. 6253-66. E. Brown. 10551-9. G. Symons. 11502-25. H. Pitman. 15071-81. H. Lowe. 16015-9.
Explosions at time of. G. Beauchamp. 757A-9A. W. Lucas. 1561. A. Jewell. 1804. R. Lee. 2562. J. Poingdestre. 2989-92, 2996-8. A. Pearcey. 10463-71. A. Horswell. 12441-7. H. Pitman. 15240, 15241. G. Rowe. 17700.
Lights burning at time of. R. Hichens. 1209-21. R. Lee. 2554-61. T. Ranger. 4107-22. C. Joughin. 6359-66. A. Pearcey. 10452-5. E. Brown. 10558.
Messages re, questions re. C. Groves 8297-311, 8354-62. C. Evans. 9072-96. J. Durrant, 9470-3, 9591.
Perpendicular position of ship at time of. C. Lightoller. 14084a, 14097.
Persons in the water after, estimated number. T. Dillon. 3878-81.
Rescues attempted after. F. Morris. 5410-26.
Rumbling sound heard, cause. C. Lightoller. 14097-101.
Stern raised, at time of. A. Jewell. 175-84.
Suction caused by. T. Dillon. 3870-4. J. Boxhall. 15458-64, 15476.
Time of. G. Beauchamp. 756. A. Pearcey. 10456-62. W. Pitman. 15096-8.

Speed at time of collision, estimates as to. R. Hichens. 990-4, 965, 1378-85. R. Lee. 2410, 2664-7. C. Hendrickson. 4834-9. C. Lightoller. 13508-11, 14355­61, 14395-425. J. Boxhall. 15643-58. G. Rowe. 17607-13.
Spiral staircase, water coming up, point of ingress. E. Wilding. 20716-28.
Steam roaring off. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12455-7. C. Lightoller. 13796-9, 14549-5.
Steering orders. R. Hichens. 937-1015. J. Boxhall. 15346-55.
Stellar observations, worked out by witness, 7.30 p.m. J. Boxhall. 15626-8.
Stewardesses, lady passengers looked after by. A. Robinson. 13285.

Access to boat decks prevented by. P. Maugé. 20128-49.
Duties of, in filling of boats. J. Wheat. 13187-204.
General order to, as to passengers. W. Seward. 17819. A. Crawford. 17980-4.
Ordered up to boat deck. A. Pearcey. 10387-9. J. Wheat. 13187-90.
Ordered to get passengers up. J. Wheat. 13229.
Passengers directed up on deck by. J. Hart. 10051.
Passengers reassured by. G. Cavell. 4442-6.
Provisioning of boats by. F. Morris. 5459-66. J. Wheat. 13251.
Rousing of, and orders to. J. Wheat. 10942-53.
Stationed to direct passengers. J. Hart. 10213-22.
Third class:

Orders of, as to lifebelts. F. Scott. 5740, 5784-6.
Rousing of passengers by. J. Hart. 9915-20.

Stewards quarters, see Glory-hole.

Orders in stokehold at time of. G. Beauchamp. 663-6.
Shock described. R. Hichens. 1045. R. Lee. 2751-61. J. Poingdestre. 2792, 2801-4. J. Johnson. 3358-63. T. Ranger. 3995-4000. A. Shiers. 4518-21. F. Scott. 5521. C. Lightoller. 13731-42. F. Fleet. 17299-326.
Time of. R. Hichens. 944-7.

Telegraph bells ringing to engine room. J. Boxhall. 15346-55.
Temperature of air, fall in. J. Poingdestre. 2782-7. C. Lightoller. 13578-615, 13589­95, 13601-15, 13702-6.
Temperature of water. R. Hichens. 898-905.
Third-class compartment, flooding of. J. Poingdestre. 3178.
Turbine engines, stopping of. T. Ranger. 3997-4002, 4178-81.
Veering of ship just before. R. Lee. 2425.
Volume of water coming into, calculation re. E. Wilding. 20422.
Warning from look-out. R. Hichens. 969, 982-4. C. Lightoller. 14287.
Watch below ordered to clear the boats. R. Lee. 2488A-92.
Watertight compartments:

Number of, flooded, opinion re. J. B. Ismay. 19071-3.
Water coming into. G. Beauchamp. 671-4.

Watertight doors:

Closing at time of striking. G. Beauchamp. 667-668D. R. Hichens. 1025­35. T. Dillon. 3801-7. G. Cavell. 4219-21. F. Scott. 5546-53. E.. Brown. 10664-72.
Left open for a, considerable time, explanation re. E. Wilding. 20686-91.
Not closed, questions re. J. Wheat. 13267-71.
Reopening of, by hand. T. Dillon. 3738-45, 3789-98, 3797-805, 3897-904, 3960-76. F. Scott. 5554-70, 5570-606. C. Lightoller. 14543-9.

Weather conditions. A. Jewell. 273-80. J. Scarrott. 650. R. Hichens. 895-907, 945-1053, 1278-80. W. Lucas. 1405-15. J. Poingdestre. 2780-3. J. Boxhall. 15338­40. C. Lightoller. 13523-9, 14193-217. J. B. Ismay. 18711-7. H. Young. 23225-8.
Wheel-house, blinds drawn in. R. Hichens. 1002-4.

Area of, and difficulty in repairing. E. Wilding. 20731-48.
Length of, in feet, and average width. E. Wilding. 20336-9, 20422-5.
Location of. S. Hemming. 17723-31.
Nature of. E. Wilding. 20313.

Compass deviation card, handed in. B. Steel. 21969.
Compliance of, with requirements. Sir W. Howell. 22191-8, 22243-7.

Bilge keel, shape of affecting height of double bottom. E. Wilding. 20188-208.
Bilge plating, double in some places. E. Wilding. 20070-3.
Bilges, protection of. E. Wilding. 20047-50.
Boiler-rooms, steam for electrical supply coming from. E. Wilding. 19822-6.
Compliance of, with regulations as to height of bulkheads in relation to freeboard. F. Carruthers. 23935-48.
Davits fitted to. Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21267, 21277-81, 21294-6, 21369.
Decks, see that title under “Titanic.”
Deficiencies in. Sir N. Hill. 24709.
Double bottom:

Extent of. E. Wilding. 20701.
Explanation of. E. Wilding. 20041-73, 20252-7.
Height of. E. Wilding. 20188-208.
Speciality of. H. Sanderson. 19103.

Efficiency of. W. Archer. 24513.
Electrical machinery, main, position and system. E. Wilding. 19820-4.
Electrical supply from boiler rooms. E. Wilding. 19822-6.
Electric elevators. C. Joughin. 6161. E. Wilding. 19832.
Electric lighting apparatus. E. Wilding. 19830.
Emergency dynamos, position and system. E. Wilding. 19821-3.
Engine-room, access to boat deck from. E. Wilding. 19921.
In excess of Lloyd's requirements, questions re. H. Sanderson. 19564-87.

Escape doors from. E. Wilding. 19954-98.
Position and use of. E. Wilding. 19919-20.

Firemen's passage:

Distance of, from skin of ship. E. Wilding. 20016-26.
Watertight compartments of. E. Wilding. 20006-15.

Framing and plating, strengthening of, to avoid certain effects. E. Wilding. 20262-5.
Funnels, engines served by. T. Ranger. 4029.
Gangway doors:

Accommodation ladders from. E. Wilding. 20478-81.
Number of. H. Pitman. 15033.
Position and utility. E. Wilding. 20473-81.

Glory-holes (stewards quarters), position of. J. Johnson. 3402-8, 3670-6, 3690-9.
Hydraulic riveting of certain parts. E. Wilding. 20257.
Inner bottom or tank top:

Extension. E. Wilding. 20029-34.
Machinery placed in. E. Wilding. 20030.

Load-draught, and displacement at. E. Wilding. 19796-800.

Alteration of disc in lieu of raising bulkheads. W. Archer. 24500-3.
Diagram of, handed in. W. Archer. 24241.

Materials used in, tested by Witness. A. Boyle. 24520-6.
Measurements, standard of strength arrived at by calculations of. W. Archer. 24345-58.
Non-compliance of, with Rule 12 of the Board of Trade. Sir N. Hill. 24697.
Pantry, third class, position of. A. Pearcey. 10331-6.
Plans of flooding, handed in. E. Wilding. 20315-84.
Provisions by, for safety of all classes. H. Sanderson. 19362-5.
Pumping system:

Approved by Board of Trade. E. Wilding. 20904.
Explanation. H. Sanderson.. 19103. E. Wilding. 20465-9, 20682-91.

Safeguards against internal damage from propeller. E. Wilding. 19996-20005.
Scotland Road alleyway:

Emergency doors, from. E. Wilding. 19945-6.
Position. C. Joughin. 6170, 6188.

Side-scuttles, question re. F. Carruthers. 23906.
Skin, outer, thickness of. E. Wilding. 20840-51.
Spiral stair case (firemen's):

Affecting strength of decks, questions re. W. Archer. 24359-67.
Impossibility of making watertight door to. E. Wilding. 20385-90.
Trunking of, higher, possible effect of, questions re. E. Wilding. 25307-18.


To Boat deck, explanation of plan. E. Wilding. 19842-961.
From Second class quarters to boat deck, width of. C. Joughin. 6196.

Submarine signalling apparatus. E. Wilding 19829, 20969.
Suggestions as to, referred by Witness to London and subsequent action taken. F. Carruthers. 23889-948.


Total capacity. E. Wilding. 20999.
Watertight roof and bulkhead. E. Wilding. 19982-6.

Position of. E. Wilding. 20252-6, 20470-2.
Utility of. E. Wilding. 20035-40.

Telephone system. E. Wilding. 19831.
Tunnel, escape from. E. Wilding. 19924-6.
Turning-circles, diagrams of, handed in. E. Wilding. 25291.
Water ballast, total. E. Wilding. 20994-9.
Watertight Bulkheads, Watertight Compartments and Watertight Decks, see under S.S. “Titanic.”

Cost of. J. B. Ismay. 18289.

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