S.S. “Anselm.” service of Witness on. H. Bride. 16659.

S.S. “Antillian” ( Leyland Line):


Overheard by S.S. “Titanic.” H. Bride. 16356-411, 16663-87, 16711-59.
Position and time. S. Lord. 6690-700. C. Evans. 8937-50. G. Turnbull. 16187-205.
Quotation from, evidence re. H. Pitman. 15141.

S.S. “Aquitania ” (Cunarder not yet launched):

Watertight decks in. L. Peskett. 21156-61.
Watertight divisions, longitudinal, above the level of the watertight deck. L. Peskett. 21176-82.

S.S. “Arizona.” iceberg struck by, stem on, result. E. Wilding. 20275, 20284.

S.S. “Arragon.” Royal Mail steamer, proportion of lifeboats and hands to tonnage. J. Poingdestre. 3227-53.

S.S. “ATHENIA.” ice report from:

Received by S.S. “Baltic.” J. Ranson. 24961-71.
Referred to. G. Turnbull. 16176.

S.S. “Baltic” (White Star, Line):

Ice position given by. J. Boxhall. 15731, 15742.

Acknowledgment of. J. Boxhall. 15711-8. G. Turnbull. 16171-87. H. Bride, 16540-7. J. Ranson. 24962-72.
Action of Captain Smith after receipt of, questions re. J. Ranson. 25000-6.
Handed to Witness and given back. J. B. Ismay. 18323-50, 18718-21, 18828-40, 18912­27.
Procés-verbal of. G. Turnbull. 16171-87.
Questions re. C. Lightoller. 16845-51.
Tank steamer referred to in. J. Boxhall. 16978-85.
Text of. J. B. Ismay. 18236.
Times of, and positions. G. Turnbull. 16185-7.

Marconigrams through. S.S. “Titanic” C.Q.D., times. J. Durrant. 9498-547. H. Bride. 16540-7.
Ownership. J. B. Ismay. 18928.
Passenger capacity of, by comparison. H. Sanderson. 19706-8.
Tonnage and date of building. Sir W. Howell. 22393.

S.S. “Birma”:

Marconigrams of, to S.S. “Titanic” C. Evans. 9098-100, 9151. J. Durrant. 9559-75.
Marconi system used by. C. Evans. 9156.

S.S. “Bulgaria.” ice report of, to S.S. “Canada.” read. R. Jones. 23691-4.

S.S. “Californian” ( Leyland Line):

Arrival of, on scene of disaster. A. Crawford. 18012.
Calls of, giving S.S. “Titanic” position. J. Durrant. 9577-88.
Chief Officer, remarks of, as to lights seen. H. Stone. 8017-21.
Control of. J. B. Ismay. 18594.
Icefield around, extent. E. Gill. 18138-49.
Lights carried by. E. Gill. 18206.

Bearing of. S. Lord. 6797-805. E. Gill. 18205-7.
Description, and distance estimated. E. Gill. 18136-40.
Masthead, number of. S. Lord. 6805-21.


To S.S. “Antillian”:

Time. G. Turnbull. 16187-90.
Transmission of, through S.S. “Titanic.” G. Turnbull. 16706-8, 16187-205. H. Bride. 16356-411, 16663-87, 16711-59. G. Turnbull, 16187-205.


Acknowledgment. G. Turnbull. 16255.
Delivery of, to the bridge. H. Bride. 16356-411, 16711-26.
Ice information sent by, evidence quoted re. C. Evans. 8988-9007. H. Pitman. 15125-42. J. Boxhall. 15731. G. Turnbull. 16255.
Questions, re. J. Boxhall. 15728-34. C. Lightoller. 16852-8.
Repeated. H. Bride. 16680-7, 16711-26.
Time received. H. Bride. 16663-87, 16711-59.
Time rushes. S. Lord. 7204-22, C. Evans. 8951-65.
Unknown to officers. C. Lightoller. 16866-83. J. Boxhall. 17017-7.


Communication diagram chart (current) not possessed by. G. Marconi. 24952-6.
See Evans, Cyril.

Position of, when message sent. G. Turnbull. 16202-5.
Rockets seen by. J. B. Ismay. 18943-6.
Scrap log-book, no entry in, as to rockets. G. Stewart. 8721-56.
And S.S. “Titanic.” approximate relative positions. C. Evans. 8983-96.
See also under Gibson. J., apprentice: Gill. E., second donkeyman; Groves C. V., Third Officer; Lord. S., Captain; and under Stone. H., Second Officer.

S.S. “Campania ” (Cunard Line):

Application for exemption, under Rule 12. Sir N. Hill. 24846.
Marconi installation in.. G. Marconi. 24853.
Referred to. Sir W. Howell. 22389.

S.S. “Canada ” (Dominion Line):

Ice messages sent by. J. Fairfull. 25275-7.
See also under Jones. R. O., Captain.

S.S. “Canopic” (White Star Line), deviation of, from track on account of ice reports. H. Sanderson. 19779.

S.S. “Caronia” (Cunard Line):

In communication with S.S. “Titanic.” J. Durrant: 9481-3.

Ice position given by, acknowledged. J. Boxhall. 15534, 15632, 15742, 16947-78. G. Turnbull. 16071-11.
Procés-verbal of. G. Turnbull. 16071-3, 16088-106.
Quoted. J. Boxhall. 15697.
Time and meridian. C. Lightoller. 13457-66, 16820-48.

See also under Barr, J. C., Captain.

S.S. “CARPATHIA” (Cunard Line):


Attention directed to, manner of. J. Johnson. 3535-47.
Condition of, when picked up. C. Lightoller. 14861-9. H. Sanderson. 19359.
Cut adrift, number. R. Hichens. 1264-7. C. Lightoller. 14863.
Number picked up. A. H. Rostron. 25476­85. C. Lightoller. 14863.
Time of picking up. A. Jewell. 192-4. J. Scarrott. 456-61. G. Beauchamp. 720-2. 772B, 773. R. Hichens. 1140. G. Symons. 11695, 11716.
References; C. Hendrickson. 5090, 5195, 5212. H. Cottam. 17151.

Bridge, collision of “Titanic” reported to. H. Cottam. 17104-9.

On Present of money to men. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12591.
See also Rostron. A. H.

Difficulty in boarding. C. Hendrickson. 11200.

To S.S. “Mount Temple”:

Procés-verbal H. Cottam. 17068-84.
As to rescues effected, time sent. J. Durrant. 9589.

To S.S. “Olympic.” by Mr. Ismay's orders, explanation of. H. Cottam. 17158-66. J B. Ismay. 18624.

Calls. J. Durrant. 9570-2.
Giving position. H. Cottam. 17111-7.
Overheard by S.S. “Mount Temple.” J. Durrant. 9459-62.
In reply to C.Q.D.. H. Bride. 16516-23, 16795-801.


From S.S. “Californian.” C. Evans. 9165-7.
From S.S. “TITANIC”:

Nature of. H. Bride. 16561-5. A. H. Rostron. 25382-99.
Times. H. Cottam. 17181-201.

Marconi operator, see Cottam. H. T.
Procés-verbal of marconigrams. J. Durrant. 9582. H. Cottam. 17058-84, 17146, 17173-80.
Rockets sent up by, number. C. Lightoller. 14848-55.
Semaphore signalling of, to S.S. “Californian.” C. Groves 8354-62.
Signalling of, by S.S. “Californian.” C. Groves 8323-38. A. Crawford. 18003-12, 18085-92. H. Cottam. 17151-5.
See also under Rostron. A. H., Captain.

S.S. “Celtic” (White Star Line):

Passenger capacity of, by comparison. H. Sanderson. 19706-8.
Tonnage and date of building. Sir W. Howell. 22394.

S.S. “Cedric,” referred to. E. Brown. 10500.

S.S. “Cestrian” (Leyland Line), reference to. E. Gill. 18172.

S.S. “City of New York”:

Formerly fitted with searchlights. E. Wilding. 20975.
Sailing under American flag. E. Wilding. 20892-5.

S.S. “City of Paris” (Ellerman Line), formerly fitted with searchlights. 20975.

S.S. “City of Rome” (Anchor Line), speed of. H. Young. 23229.

S.S. “Corinthian” (Allan Line), ice warnings received from, time of. J. Moore. 9226. J. Durrant. 9438-49.

S.S. “Corsair” (R. White and Co.), boat capacity, percentage provided for. A. Young. 23386.

S.S. “Deutschland.” oil-tank steamer not under control, Marconi messages re. J. Boxhall. 16980. G. Turnbull. 16176. J. B. Ismay. 18326. J. Ranson. 24967.

S.S. “Dominion,” International Navigation Company, referred to. H. Sanderson. 19605.

S.S. “Edinburgh Castle” (Castle Line), double davits fitted to, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21279.

S.S. “Empress of Britain” (Canadian Pacific Line), former captain of, see Stewart, Mr. William.

S.S. “Finland” (Red Star Line), in ice-region in April, log quoted as to temperature. G. Apfeld. 25586, 25588, 25612-4.

S.S. “Frankfurt” (Nord-Deutscher-Lloyd):


As to sinking of S.S. “Titanic.” G. Stewart. 8915. S. Evans. 9082-6, 9151.

Calls. J. Durrant. 9559-64, 9571, 9575.
Intercepted. H. Cottam. 17125-37.
Nature of. J. Durrant. 9467-70, 9495-7, 9535-7.
Reply to C.Q.D.. H. Bride. 16513-23.

Marconigram to, from S.S. “Titanic.” second message. H. Bride. 16561-3.
Wireless system used by. C. Evans. 9153.

S.S. “Haverford” (International Navigation Company), referred to. H. Sanderson. 19605.

S.S. “Imperator”:

Builders of. E. Wilding. 20909.
Longitudinal bulkheads fitted to. L. Peskett. 21199.

S.S. “Kaiser Wilhelm de Grosse” (Nord Deutscher Lloyd), Marconi system installed in, date. G. Marconi. 24851.

S.S. “Kroonland,” reference to. G. Apfeld. 25586.

S.S. “Lake Champlain,” collision of, Witness on board at time of. A. Robinson. 13306-10.

S.S. “Lapland” (Red Star Line):

Boats carried by. G. Apfeld. 25596-601.
In ice-region in April. G. Apfeld. 25586, 25588-91.

S.S. “La Touraine”:


Ice position given by, and marked on chart, J. Boxhall. 15327, 15529-34, 15630, 16946-9. G. Turnbull. 16059-70.
Procés-verbal, quoted. J. Boxhall. 15689. G. Turnbull. 16055-70.
Reply to. G. Turnbull. 16309-14.
Time received. J. Boxhall. 15681-9.

S.S. “Laurentic” (White Star Line), full speed of. B. Hayes. 21835.

S.S. “Lucania” (Cunard Line):

Marconi system installed, date. Sir A. Chalmers. 22875. G. Marconi. 24853.
Requirements as to life-saving appliances in force after completion of. Sir W. Howell. 22372-8.

S.S. “LUSITANIA” and S.S. “Mauretania” (Cunard Line):

Boats, construction, size and capacity. A. Young. 23356A, 23357. W. Archer. 24246.
Date and tonnage. Sir W. Howell. 22440-2.
Double bottom, height of. E. Wilding. 20188-208, 20703-7. L. Peskett. 21081, 21082.
Non-compliance of, with Board of Trade requirements. W. Archer. 24248. Sir N. Hill. 24697-713.
Similarity of, in plan. W. Archer. 24399-403.

Longitudinal, object of. L. Peskett. 21061-71, 21189-97.

Number and height. L. Peskett. 21044-60.
Position. L. Peskett. 21065-7.

Two-compartment system. L. Peskett. 21211-3.

Watertight decks in, position. L. Peskett. 21072-81, 21145-54, 21213-22.
Watertight doors, position and system of closing. L. Peskett. 21090-138, 21099, 21129-38, 21205-10. E. Wilding. 20943.
Watertight hatchways. L. Peskett. 21153-5, 21162-73.
See also S.S. “Mauretania” below.

S.S. “Majestic” (White Star Line):

Reports of Captains after passages, referred to. H. Sanderson. 19232.
Watertight bulkheads, longitudinal, alterations made later in. E. Wilding. 20877-81.

S.S. “Manitoba” (Canadian Pacific Line), see under Stewart, William.

S.S. “Manitou” (Red Star Line):

Route of. G. Apfeld. 25590.
Speed of, in ice region in April. G. Apfeld. 25591-5.

S.S. “Marion” (International Navigation Company), referred to. H. Sanderson. 19605.

S.S. “Mauretania” (Cunard Line):

Coal bunkers, position of. L. Peskett. 21064.
Date and tonnage. Sir W. Howell. 22440-2.
Double bottom, use of space. E. Wilding. 20708-11.
Engine room, sealing of with watertight decks. L. Peskett. 21152.
Speed of. J. Pritchard. 25177.

Combination of longitudinal and transverse. L. Peskett. 21083-91.

Calculations re, memorandum of results handed in. E. Wilding. 25297, 25298.

System of, explained. L. Peskett. 21086­91, 21202-4. E. Wilding. 20209-41.

Watertight doors, large number of, objected to. E. Wilding. 20693.
See also S.S. “Lusitania” and S.S. “Mauretania” and under Pritchard, Mr. J., formerly Captain of

S.S. “Mesaba” (Atlantic Transport Line):

Captain, ice reports given by, to Witness for transmission. S. Adams. 22023-8.

Acknowledgment of. S. Adams. 22029-88.
Importance of, and probable action of Captain in case of delivery. C. Lightoller. 16892.
Positions given and time. J. Boxhall. 15735-52.
Procès-verbal G. Turnbull. 16206-58.
Questions re. J. Boxhall. 15735-52. G. Turnbull. 16206-58. C. Lightoller. 16802-18.
Times given. G. Turnbull. 16257, 16287-90.
Witnesses unaware of. C. Lightoller. 16859. J. Boxhall. 16918-37, 17012-7.

See also under Adams, Mr. S. H., Marconi man.

S.S. “Michigan,” referred to. E. Cannons, 23806.

S.S. “Minnehaha,” Atlantic Transport Company, watch in the bows of. R. Lee. 2617-25.

S.S. “Minnewaska,” Atlantic Transport Company, List of S.S. “Titanic” crew saved, sent to. H. Cottam. 17207.

S.S. “Minomimi” (Red Star Line):

Route of. G. Apfeld. 25590.
Reference to. G. Apfeld. 25586.

S.S. “Mount Temple” (Canadian Pacific Railway Company):


Altered towards S.S. “Titanic.” J. Durrant. 9463-5.
Being south of track. J. B. Ismay. 18971.

Efforts made to reach S.S. “Titanic.” J. Durrant. 9486-9.
Information from, as to sinking of S.S. “Titanic.” C. Evans. 9072-82.
Marconigram to, from S.S. “Carpathia.” H. Cottam. 17068-84.
Position of, at time of passing by S.S. “Californian.” S. Lord. 7014-6, 7026-8, 7257, 7399. C. Groves 8342-8.
Slowing down of, after ice reports. B. Hayes. 21840.
See also under Moore, J. H., Captain.

S.S. “Nimrod.” see under Shackleton, Sir Ernest.

S.S. “Oceanic” (White Star Line):

Binoculars supplied to look-outs A. Jewell. 207-28. G. Symons. 11316-23. W. Wynn. 13377. F. Fleet. 17370-3, 17382.

Refusal of men to attend. H. Sanderson. 19657-62.
Telegram re, read. H. Sanderson. 19729.

Crew, number. H. Sanderson. 19673-8.
Firemen, refusal of, to perform boat drill. H. Sanderson. 19241-3, 19532-5. G. Bartlett. 21745. B. Steel. 21980-7.

On forecastle head. J. Poingdestre. 3155.
See also under Fleet. F.

Surgeon, see French. R. S.
Witness, service on. G. Symons. 11312, 11316-23. W. Wynn. 13376.
References. J. Poingdestre. 2766. G. Cavell. 4425.

S.S. “Olympic” (White Star Line):

Boat accommodation, increase of, question under consideration. J. B. Ismay. 18754-67. Sir W. Howell. 22776-9. Sir A. Chalmers. 23068-73. Sir N. Hill. 24665-7.

Composition of crews. H. Sanderson. 19414.
Telegram re, read. H. Sanderson. 19729.
And boat tests, reports read. H. Sanderson. 19233-8.


Additional number supplied since disaster. H. Sanderson. 19679-93.
Insufficiency of, Witness's opinion re, Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21486-97.
Plate on, indicating capacity. G. Bartlett. 21604.
Preparation of, by order. J. Durrant. 9490-4.
Weight test of. E. Wilding. 20491.


Instructions given by Witness for. J. B. Ismay. 18748-53.
Scale of boats requirements considered by Advisory Committee at time of. Sir A. Chalmers. 22930-46.

Captains, instructions to, as to time of arrival in New York H. Sanderson. 19275.
Collapsibles and rafts, where carried. E. Wilding. 20855-60.
Communication of, with S.S. “Titanic.” J. Durrant. 9478-80, 9514-6, 9527-44.

Designs intended for, as well as for S.S. “Titanic.” Rt. Hon. A. M. Carlisle. 21298.
Reason for provision of. H. Sanderson. 19383-94.

Draught, average change of, on voyage. E. Wilding. 20328, 20329.
Efforts of, to reach S.S. “Titanic.” J. Durrant. 9504-6.
Electric boat winches tested. E. Wilding. 20491.

Connection established. H. Cottam. 17136-40.
In reply to C.Q.D. message. H. Bride. 16529-32.

Marconigram to, from S.S. “Carpathia.” explanation of. H. Cottam. 17158-66. J. B. Ismay. 18624.
Marconi operators, number. H. Sanderson. 19260.

Denting in of, at launch. E. Wilding. 20003A, 20841-70.
Thickness of. E. Wilding. 20840-51.

Passengers saved from S.S. “Titanic,” list, sent to. H. Cottam. 17207.
Piping in after compartments referred to. C. Lightoller. 14544.

Fastest passage of. H. Sanderson. 19281, 19788.
Maximum. J. B. Ismay. 19048-51. H. Sanderson. 19278.

Turning circles and other tests of. E. Wilding. 23292-6.
Watertight compartment, practical test of. E. Wilding. 20950.
Watertight doors, practical test of. E. Wilding. 20447.
Reference. G. Cavell. 4425. E. Brown. 10500.

S.S. “Pannonia” (Cunard Line), see Rostron. A. H., former Captain of

S.S. “Parisian,” message from, awaited by Witness. H. Cottam. 17094-9.

S.S. “Philadelphia,” sailing under American flag. E. Wilding. 20892-5.

S.S. “President Lincoln” and S.S. “President Grant” (Hamburg-Amerika Line):

Accommodation of passengers and proportion of lifeboats. E. Wilding. 20811-14.
Boating accommodation on:

Table showing particulars of. E. Wilding. 20887-900.
Referred to. Sir W. Howell. 22495, 22496, 22527.

Gross tonnage. E. Wilding. 20895-7.
Total number of souls on board. E. Wilding. 20887, 20889.

S.S. “Republic,” loss of life in collision of, with SS. “Florida.” H. Sanderson. 19735-8.

S.S. “Royal Edward,” ice report sent by, to SS. “Canada.” read; R. Jones. 23608, 23688, 23689.

S.S. “St. Louis ” (American-Inman Line):

Rescue of shipwrecked passengers by. W. Wynn. 13364-8.
Sailing under American flag. E. Wilding. 20892-5.

S.S. “St. Paul ” (American-Inman Line):

Captain of, see Passow. F.
Collision with H.M.S. “Gladiator,” reference. J. Hart. 10298.
Sailing under American flag. E. Wilding. 20892-5.

S.S. “Teutonic” (White Star Line):

Boat drills on. J. Scarrott. 628.
Lookouts, extra. J. Poingdestre. 3155.
Searchlight fitted on, temporarily. H. Sanderson. 19353.
Watertight bulkheads, longitudinal, alterations made in. E. Wilding. 20877-81.
Reference. J. Poingdestre. 2766. E. Brown. 10500.

S.S. “Titanic,” see “Titanic.”

S.S. “Tunisian” (Allan Line):

Ice message received by, on 14th April. J. Fairfull. 25275-9.
Ice-report of, to S.S. “Canada.” read. R. Jones. 23602-9, 23688, 23689.

S.S. “Vaderland(Red Star Line), reference to. G. Apfeld. 25586.

S.S. “Veendam (Holland-America Line), wreck of, described. W. Wynn. 13364-8.

S.S. “Virginian” (Allan Line):

In communication with S.S. “Titanic.” J. Durrant. 9484, 9485.
Message from, as to sinking of S.S. “Titanic.” S. Lord. 7001-3. C. Evans. 9090-6.
Position reported by. S. Lord. 7377.
Procès-verbal , showing distress message from S.S. “Titanic.” H. Cottam. 17147, 17210-5.

S.S. “Zeeland “(Red Star Line):

Boats carried by, capacity. A. Young. 23386. G. Apfeld. 25596-601.
In ice region in April. G. Apfeld. 25586-8.
See also “Titanic.”

STEEL, Captain BENJAMIN, Royal Naval Reserve, Marine Superintendent for the White Star Line at Southampton 21943-2021:

Certificate and qualifications of Witness. 21943-5.
Experience of Witness in North Atlantic 21970, 22013-21.
Opinion of, as to searchlights and binoculars. 21971-5.
Period of duty at Southampton 21988.
S.S. “Titanic, boat drill, presence of Witness at. 21946-60.
White Star Line, firemen, difficulty with, as to boat drills. 21961-8, 21980-2008.

On utility of Engelhardt collapsible boats. J. Scarrott. 450.
Referred to. G. Bartlett. 21541.

STENGELL, Mr. (passenger in S.S. “Titanic”):

Directions given by, in Boat 1. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12861-8.
Statement of, to American enquiry as to remark on suction of ship, questions re. S. Collins. 13025-34.
References. C. Hendrickson. 11283. Lady Duff-Gordon. 12939.

STEWART, GEORGE FREDERICK, Chief Officer of the S.S. “Californian.” 8565-923:


Course steered by and positions of. 8791-38.
Instructions given to Marconi operator. 8757-69.
Log book:

Observations shown in, 8692-720.
Writing up of. 8753-6

News of S.S. “Titanic “sinking, opinion re. 8653-7.
Opinion of Witness as to vessel seen being the S.S. “Titanic.” 8840-55.
Report to, as to rockets. 8576-94, 8856-68.
Scrap log:

Destruction of, after writing up log. 8784-90.
No reference in, to rockets. 8721-33.
Practice re destruction of. 8658-91.

Steamer sighted from, questions as to identity of, with rocket-throwing steamer. 8595-652.
Time of starting engines. 3777-83.


Information of, as to rockets fired. S. Lord. 6880-5.
Information of, as to steamer seen. S. Lord. 6875-80.
Log written up by. S. Lord. 7339.
Message as to sinking of S.S. “Titanic” given to. C. Evans; 9085-90.
Orders of, to the bridge. C. Groves 8292-7.
Report of, to Captain, as to rockets. S. Lord. 7313-8.
Request of, to Marconi operator. C. Evans. 9058-64.

Stewart, Jack, in charge of Boat 15, referred to. S. Rule. 6596-9, 6642-4, 9797, 9801, 9802.

STEWART, WILLIAM, formerly Captain in the Beaver Line. 25242-68:

Commands held. 25245-7.
Canadian Pacific, commands in. 25249.
Certificate held by Witness. 25243.
Experience of Witness in North Atlantic 25242-9.
Ice reports, speed maintained after, in clear weather. 25252-7, 25260-2.
Look-out, in clear weather after ice reports. 25258.

Passengers carried, approximate number. 25263-8.
Speed of. 25251.

S.S. “Manitoba,” command of, by Witness. 25249.

Stimulants, possible saving of life by. C. Joughin. 6247-50.

STONE, HEBERT, Second Officer on the S.S. “Californian.” 7803-8110:

Certificate of Witness. 7803, 8022-4.
Distress signals, questions re. 8028-50.

Alteration in course. 7938-46.
Lights of steamer seen, description. 7814, 8008-13.
Messages sent by Witness to Captain. 7880-96, 7933-7, 7948-56, 7971, 7972.
Morse signals of, not answered. 7872-76.
Rockets seen, description and opinion of. 7829-66.


Reports given by:

As to rockets seen. J. Gibson. 7515-39, 7631-70. S. Lord. 6893-5, 7274-312, 7336, 7374-6. G. Stewart. 8576-94, 8856-68.
As to steamer seen. J. Gibson. 7552-72. S. Lord. 6842-4, 7064-75. G. Stewart. 8582, 8638-52.

Report to Witness of lights and rockets seen. J. Gibson. 7461-88, 7505-11, 7579-607. C. Groves 8304-11.

Stone-Lloyd principle of closing watertight doors. L. Peskett. 21091.

Strauss, Mrs., refusal of, to leave her husband. A. Crawford. 17837, 18019-21, 18077-9.

Suez Canal, searchlights used for vessels navigating in. E. Wilding. 20970, 20989.

Sullivan, Mr., Board of Trade, Glasgow, boat tests, reports re. A. Young. 23298.

Sunday American,” referred to, Lady Duff-Gordon. 12957.

Swan and Hunter, Messrs., ship builders, builders of the S.S. “Mauretania.” reference. L. Peskett. 21068.

SYMONS, GEORGE, lookout on the S.S. “Titanic.” 11303-12007:

Accusations against, when first heard. 11969­73.
Address of Witness, whether given or not to Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 11763-5.
Binoculars, utility of. 11829, 11986-94.

Assistance given at. 11445-8.
Condition of passengers in. 11807-9.
Condition of ship at time of leaving in. 11490-8.
Crew, adequacy of. 11792-5.
Desire for attempting rescues not exhibited by persons in. 11549-60, 11566-78, 11700, 11725-8.
Distance of, from sinking ship. 11948-11949.
Distance rowed by. 11797-806.
Emptiness of, questions re. 11768-95.
Equipment. 11827, 11828.
Firemen ordered into. 11453.
Hours elapsing before being picked up. 11695-7.
Lights seen from. 11478.
Lowering of. 11452-66.
Oars in, number. 11950, 11951.
Positions in. 11810-7.
Rescues not attempted by. 11527-48.
Rowed back to scene of disaster. 11561-3.
Rowing orders to. 11488, 11489, 11501-10, 11880, 12004-7.
Telegrams to homes promised by a passenger. 11692.
Time taken in preparing. 11923-5.
Witness ordered to take charge of. 11454.

Deposition of Witness, before British Consul in New York, correction made. 11721-4.
Evidence of, given in America, questions re. 11729-38, 11745-62.
Ice-indications noticed by Witness. 11340.
Money received by, from passengers, questions re. 11679-92, 11830-47.
Name written of Witness on lifebelt of Lady Duff-Gordon. 11869-71.
Photograph taken of Witness on S.S. “Carpathia.” 11861-8.
Previous experience of Witness at sea. 11304-9, 11312.
Statement given by Witness on behalf of Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff-Gordon, questions re. 11584-682.

Binoculars asked for by Witness. 11324-6.
Boat deck, assistance given in, by Witness. 11416-9, 11445-51.
Boat station of Witness. 11330.
Boats, handling of, in clearing and lowering. 11426.
Boatswain's orders to Boat 1. 11352-7.
Collision with berg, description of. 11347.
Danger to the ship, when first realised by Witness. 11874-6.
Deck. G, water coming up to hatchway of. 11359-416.
Lights seen from, position and distance. 11468-87.
List of, to starboard. 11440-2, 11467A.
Lookouts, ice-warning to. 11334-45.
Orders to Witness, referred to. 11742-5.
Morse-lights, working of. 11468-72.
Rocket-firing from. 11468-72.
Sinking of, description. 11502-25.

Weather conditions on night of accident. 11983-5.

Binoculars requested by. A. Jewell. 213, 321. R. Lee. 2640-8. C. Lightoller. 14485. F. Fleet. 17374.
Boat 1 in charge of. C. Hendrickson. 5010, 5037, 5059, 5150, 11166-70. S. Collins. 12986. F. Sheath. 13058, 13073-6.
Complaint of, as to lack of binoculars. F. Fleet. 17374, 17415.
Evidence of:

As to binoculars, utility of, read. F.. Fleet. 17441-5.
As to going back to save life, questions re. 12592-601.
As to haze on night of accident, quoted. C. Lightoller. 14281, 14282.
As to manner in which passengers got into Boat 1, question re. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12707-10.
On water rushing up Hatch 1, referred to. H. Pitman. 14963.
As to weather conditions at time of accident. F. Fleet. 17393-5.

Look-out watch of, relieved. F. Fleet. 17233-5, 17242.
Opinion as to duty of Witness in attempting rescues. C. Hendrickson. 11257-72.
Order passed on by, to look-outs. F. Fleet. 17437.
Position of, in Boat 1. C. Hendrickson. 11133-6.
Rowing orders to, for Boat 1. C. Hendrickson. 11109-19. J. Taylor. 12043, 12069-82. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12798-800.
Referred to. R. Lee. 2388, 2648, 2661.

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