Gatti, a chief steward on the S.S. “Titanic,” jurisdiction of, over stewards. J. Johnson. 3266-30.

Gemmell, Mr., Board of Trade, Glasgow, boat tests by, report re. A. Young. 23298.

George, Lloyd, Rt. Hon. D.. M.P., formerly President of the Board of Trade:

Authority given by, to co-opt members to the Sub-Committee on Life-saving Appliances. Sir N. Hill. 24790.
Opinion expressed by, as to unseaworthiness with regard to manning. Sir W. Howell: 22600-3, 22771.
Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee addressed by, as to scope of functions and objects. Sir N. Hill. 24596-831.

German Law as to Boat Accommodation:

Basis of. E. Wilding. 20798-803, 20887-900. Sir W. Howell. 22529.
Limited provision of. Sir W. Howell. 22528.
Opinion re. Sir A. Chalmers. 22896.
Questions re. E. Wilding. 20795-808.
Requirements of, as to flotability of ships. E. Wilding. 20815.
Table handed in. E. Wilding. 20887. Sir W. Howell. 22496.

German Liners:

Building of, with longitudinal bulkheads. L. Peskett. 21181.
Practice of, on receiving ice warnings, questions re. J. B. Ismay. 19068-70.

German Lines, agreement of, as to alteration since disaster, in North Atlantic route. H. Sanderson. 19291, 19292.

GIBSON, JAMES, apprentice on the S.S. “Californian.” 7412-802:


Description. 7424-45, 7654-66, 7702, 7716-9.
Impression of. 7544-50, 7705-7.
Masthead, number seen. 7787-91.

List of vessel to starboard noted by. 7515-39, 7631-94, 7650-90.

Description. 7483-510, 7757-66.
Opinion as to meaning of. 7696-700.
Time of. 7579-607.


Direction of. 7433-7.
Duty of Witness on night of April 14th. 7416-22.
Morse signalling by Witness. 7446-59.
Report of, to Captain as to unknown vessel. 7552-72.

References to Witness as to distress signals. S. Lord. 6859-62, 6921-4, 6888-95, 6946-54, 7077-9, 7179-86, 7275-94.

GILL, ERNEST, Second Donkeyman of the S.S. “Californian.” 18129-223:

Deposition given by Witness to the Board of Trade. 18216-20.
Ice, grinding noise of, described. 18179-85.

and Described by Witness. 18135-40.
Direction of. 18205-7.
Distance estimated. 18137-49.
Rockets seen in direction of. 18157-61, 18188-99.


Course of, direction. 18164-9.
Ice-field around, extent of. 18138-49.
Lights carried by. 18206.
Mate called to relieve Witness. 18136, 18150-3.
Watch of Witness during stoppage in ice. 18132-4.


Desertion of, at Boston S. Lord. 7058-61.
Statement of, in newspapers, referred to. S. Lord. 7396.
Referred to. S. Lord. 6957.

Greenham, Mr., Superintendent Engineer, White Star Line, referred. to. J. Taylor. 12164.

Griffith, Captain, Board of Trade, London, boat tests of, report re. A. Young. 23298.

GROVES, CHARLES VICTOR, Third Officer on the S.S. “Californian.” 8111-564, 8919-23:


Bearing and position of. 8153-66.
Conversation of Witness with Captain as to appearance of. 8195-8, 8209.
Conversation of Witness with Stone as to shutting out of lights. 8255-70.
Description. 8146-8, 8176-8, 8447-92.
Distance of when sighted. 8384.
Lights going out, time noted. 8197-203, 8217-33.
Masthead lights. 8146-8, 8395, 8396.
Opinion of Witness as to identity. 8172-8, 8211-6, 8257, 8392, 8436-97.
Report of Witness as to. 8167-82.
Side lights, range of. 8419-21.
Time of. 8134-42.


Distress rockets carried by. 8374-81.
Ice seen and passed through on morning of April 14th. 8370-3.
Lifeboats prepared on. 8319.
Lights of, described. 8387-9, 8407-12.
Log book, questions re. 8545-9.
Look-out doubled after ice report. 8118.
Morse signalling from not replied to. 8182-92.
Orders given to Witness by Captain. 8130-3.
Positions of:

at Noon, April 15. 8428-34.
When other steamer seen. 8149-51.

Scrap-log destroyed, questions re. 8503-42, 8550-64, 8919-23.
SS. “Titanic” mentioned to Witness by Captain. 8215, 8234-9.
Stopping of, on account of ice, time of. 8116, 8390, 8391.
Vessels in sight at time of going on deck on morning of April 15th. 8322-50.
Watches of officers on. 8416-8.
Weather conditions on night of April 14th. 8124-7, 8382, 8383.


Conversation of, with Marconi operator at midnight. C. Evans. 9034-50.
Morse signalling by, to steamer. 6556-8, 6852-4.
Remark of, as to extinguishing of lights of steamer. S. Lord. 6867-74.
Reference. S. Lord. 6813.

Gulf stream, ice tendency in, Boxhall. 16962.

Guy, Mr., steward on the S.S. “Titanic,” in Boat 5, referred to. H. Pitman. 15278.

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