Elder, Dempster and Co., Messrs., agreements signed by, as to North Atlantic routes. J. B. Ismay. 18978.

Emigrant Ships:

Bulkheads of, powers of Marine Department of Board of Trade as to. Sir W. Howell. 22693-700.
Clearance of, for certificates, frequency of. Sir W. Howell. 22806.
Declaration of clearance, authority for. Sir W. Howell. 22638-46.
Engine-room staff, requirements of Board of Trade as to. Sir W. Howell. 22572-613. Sir A. Chalmers. 22978.
Manning scale of, proposed extension. A. Young. 23433-46.

Manning scale:

Discretionary powers as to. Sir A. Chalmers. 22972-3004.
No official instructions issued as to minimums. Sir W. Howell. 22547-613.

Objects and requirements. Sir W. Howell. 22191-8.

Engelhardt boats, see Boats, Collapsible (Engelhardt).

EVANS, CYRIL F., Marconi operator on the S.S. “Californian.” 8924-9218:

Evidence given by Witness at American Court of Enquiry. 9189.
Marconi Company, charts, description. 9174-88, 9207-12.

Difficulty in judging distance of ships in communication. 9189-96.
System described. 9008-34.

Marconi installation, storage batteries of, system. 9214-8.
Marconi operators, system of employment and control. 9128-47.

Change to New York time, position for. 8930-2, 8935, 8936.
Conversation with second officer of, at midnight. 9034-50.

Ice reports received. 8937-50.
Ice reports sent to S.S. “Titanic.” 8966-73, 8988-9007.
Range of instrument. 9112-8.
to the S.S. “Carpathia.” 9165.
as to Sinking of S.S. “Titanic.” 9072-96.
T.R. from the S.S. “Titanic.” 8951-65.

Marconi installation, stoppage of, at night. 9108-11.
Report to Captain as to proximity of S.S. “Titanic.” 8978-89.
Request of chief officer to Witness. 9058-64.
S.S. “Titanic,” proximity of, difficulty in estimating. 9119-27, 9189-206.
Wireless telegraphy, systems, explanation re. 9142-61.


Conversation with, as to ships in communication. C. Groves 8273-86.
As to ice report sent to S.S. “Titanic.” H. Pitman. 15141. H. Bride. 16365, 16397, 16734.
Instructions given to, to call up ship to the southward. G. Stewart. 8757-69.

EVANS, Look-out on the S.S. “TITANIC”:

Watches of, on night of accident. G. Hogg. 17525-34.
References. R. Lee. 2390, 2648. G. Symons. 11350.

Evening Herald,” article in alleged to be by Lady Duff-Gordon quoted. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12760, 12761.

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FAIRFULL, JOHN ALEXANDER, formerly commander of Allan Liners. 25269-82:

Allan liners, look-out put in stem head on receipt of ice warnings. 25272-4.
Experience of Witness at sea. 25269-70.
S.S. “Tunisian,” ice messages sent and received by, April 14th. 25275-82.

FARQUHARSON, Senior second engineer on the S.S. “TITANIC”:

Seen on deck before sinking of ship. F. Scott. 5710.
Witness's report to. C. Hendrickson. 4931, 4942.
Referred to. G. Cavell. 4439.

Ferris, leading stoker, information given by, as to lighting of main boilers. F. Barrett. 2229, 2230, 2231.

Firemen, see under Crew.

FLEET, FREDERICK, look-out man on the S.S. “Titanic.” 17216-480:

Binoculars, utility of, opinion re. 17401-8.

Icebergs seen from. 17355-70.
Men passengers in, reason. 17456-9.
Rowing orders. 17363-6.
Witness saved in. 17327.
Women in, number. 17328-46.

Certificate of Witness. 17224-8.
Conversation of Witness with C. Lightoller on the S.S. “Carpathia,” quoted. 17475-8.

As to appearance and size of iceberg, quoted. 17384-9, 17467-71.
As to change of course to port, when noticed. 17473.

Eye-tests before accident. 17420-7.

Signing on for. 17446-53.
Term of service as. 17380.

Service of Witness in White Star Line. 17221-7.
S.S. “Oceanic,” binoculars provided on, 17370-3.

Binoculars not provided on, after leaving Southampton 17377-9, 17409-10.
Blow struck on, place located. 17471.
Change of course to port, at time of striking, when noticed. 17292-9, 17472-4.
Haze at time of accident. 17250-73, 17392-9.
Iceberg causing accident, seen and described. 17274-7.
Light seen from, description. 17428-35, 17453-6.
Remark of Witness after striking. 17323-6.
Striking of, description. 17299-326.
Telephoning of Witness from crow's nest. 17281-7.
Three bells struck by Witness in crow's nest on seeing iceberg. 17275-80.
Weather conditions on night of accident. 17245-7, 17390.
Word passed to, on relieving watch. 17236-40.


Binoculars used by, in the S.S. “Oceanic.” R. Lee. 2377-9.
Conversation of, on the S.S. “Carpathia.” C. Lightoller. 14884-901.
Evidence of, in America, as to value of binoculars, quoted. C. Lightoller. 14296, 14297.
Eye-test of, questions re. C. Lightoller. 14443-7.
Iceberg seen first by. J. B. Ismay. 18712.
Telephone rung by. R. Lee. 2420-2.
Three bells struck by. R. Lee. 2420-2.
Watch of, relieved by Witness. G. Hogg. 17528, 17533, 17540.
Referred to. R. Hichens. 1135. R. Lee. 2648. G. Symons. 11345.

Flotation and Flotability, see under Ships' Construction.

Fogs, liability to, in ice regions. R. Jones. 23708-11.

FOLEY, seaman on the S.S. “TITANIC”:

In Boat 4, referred to. T. Ranger. 4075. W. Lucas. 1651-4.
Storekeeper on the S.S. “Titanic,” reference to. J. Poingdestre. 3045.

Ford, Engineer, on the S.S. “Titanic,” information brought to Witness by, as to damage done. C. Hendrickson. 4843-6, 4854.


Appearance of, in photograph in a London paper. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12852.
Form of cheques made out by. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12837-43.
Offers to, to go in boats. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12487-93, 12782.
Position of, in emergency boat 1. R. Pusey. 13101-3.
Remark of Lady Duff-Gordon to. R. Pusey. 13119-24.
References to. Sir C. Duff-Gordon. 12471-3. Lady Duff-Gordon. 12875, 12939.

FRENCH, Dr. RIVESRSDALE SAMPSON, Surgeon on the SS. “Oceanic,” evidence of, as to Engelhardt boat found containing dead bodies. 25152-67.

French Liners, practice of, on receiving ice warnings, question re. J. B. Ismay. 19068-70.

Furness Line, agreement signed by, as to North Atlantic routes. J. B. Ismay. 18978.

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