British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry

Day 25

Testimony of Alfred Peacock

Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL.

24071. Are you an engineer and ship Surveyor at the Board of Trade?
- Yes.

24072. Are you stationed at Glasgow?
- Yes.

24073. And were you stationed at Glasgow during the building of the "Titanic"?
- Yes.

24074. And was it your business to survey the four Engelhardt boats which were fitted to the ship later?
- Yes.

24075. Did you survey them?
- I did.

24076. And did you put one in the water?
- I did so.

24077. And were they good and efficient boats?
- They are good and efficient boats.

24078. How many people would the boats, in fact, carry?
- They would carry 47.

Examined by Mr. COTTER.

24079. Would you think the roof of one of those houses the right place to put an Engelhardt boat?

24080. (The Commissioner.) Do you know anything about where boats are placed on the deck?
- Not as they were placed on the "Titanic."

24081. Have you any experience of the stowing of Engelhardt boats on the deck of a steamer?
- No, these were the first Engelhardt boats, I think, that were used that I have had to do with.

The Commissioner:
I do not think it is worthwhile to ask him.

Mr. Cotter:
Very well, My Lord.

Examined by Mr. HOLMES.

24082. When you say they would carry 47, did you see that from an actual test of putting them in?
- Yes, an actual test in the water with weights equivalent to the people.

24083. How about the space?
- The space is specified in a Board of Trade circular.

(The witness withdrew.)