British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry

Day 16

Testimony of Ernest Archer

Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL.

Mr. Butler Aspinall:
This is boat 16. I told your Lordship we were going to call a man from boat 15. We have called several, and we are not going to call any more for that.

The Commissioner:
Then this is the last?

18112. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Yes, this is the last from the boats, My Lord. (To the witness.) Ernest Archer, were you serving as an A.B. on the "Titanic" on the 14th April of this year?
- Yes.

18113. And do you remember the "Titanic" hitting an iceberg?
- Yes.

18114. I think you were asleep at the time. You got up, went on deck, and helped to uncover and lower boats?
- Yes.

18115. And then later on did you go away in boat No. 16?
- Yes.

18116. Were there any of the crew in it besides yourself?
- Yes, five.

18117. Who were they?
- Another able seaman, two firemen, a steward, and a Master-at-arms.

18118. (The Commissioner.) There were seven, then, were there?

Mr. Butler Aspinall:
Yes, seven, including himself.

The Witness:
No, six.

18119. Six and yourself?
- No, six with me; one a.B. and myself, two firemen, a steward, and a Master-at-arms.

18120. (The Commissioner.) Six?
- Yes.

18121. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Who else was in the boat?
- All women and children.

18122. How many in all?
- About 50.

18123. And how many of the 50 were children?
- Five, I believe.

18124. I think you rowed away from the ship and at daybreak were picked up by the "Carpathia"?
- Yes.

Examined by Mr. SCANLAN.

18125. I think you were not stationed in this boat in which you left?
- No.

18126. The boat you were stationed to was No 7?
- Yes.

Examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY.

18127. Were you able to say what class passengers they were, the women on your boat?
- I should say second and third class.

18128. As far as you know?
- As far as I know.

(The Witness withdrew.)